Don’t let others decide who you are

The British actress Emma Watson, who starred in the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast”, can be regarded as a model that has grown up in the eyes of the world. She was selected to star in “Harry Potter” at the age of nine. In the past 10 years, she has successively filmed eight films of the Harry Potter series and has become popular all over the world with the role of “Hermione”. From the age of 9 to 19, she delivered her entire childhood and adolescence in the role.

The biggest sacrifice of Tong Xing is the loss of childhood. Xiulan Dengboer, the curly head who provided all Americans with happiness during the Great Depression recalled: “I only lived a lazy baby life for two years, and I have been working since then.” She had met with Michael Jackson once and said: “We don’t say anything when we meet, we just cry together.” Because they are both child stars, they can best understand this “painful loss of childhood”.

Emma’s childhood was also spent on set. She worked 12 hours a day and had to go to the studio to prepare at 6:30 every day, every year. She also spends 3 hours a day receiving tutoring and make-up lessons, and seizes any gaps in time to review her homework, even when she is doing her hairstyle.

It is easy for celebrities to screw up because they can’t be themselves. They want to destroy their personalities, stay bright and bright at all times, and continue acting outside of acting. The time is long. If you don’t go crazy, you have to find another sustenance. Emma is trying to be an exception. She said, “All I can do is follow my instincts, because I will never please anyone.”

She is simply alien among young movie stars. She is not rebellious, neither is in the cloud, nor is she following the wave, is not pursuing luxury, nor admiring vanity, a new favorite in the fashion world, wearing simple and casual in private, if she encounters special occasions, she usually borrows a dress- This means that the same night must be returned, “like Cinderella.” At the peak of her career, she entered the campus of Brown of the American Ivy League school with straight A results. “Just like Judy Foster went to Yale University.” She said, “I also want to temporarily put Hair style and makeup are left behind.”

At the same time, she is actively committed to equality between men and women, and is passionate about environmental protection and public welfare. After becoming a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women, Emma gave a touching speech for the HeForShe movement, attracting thousands of people. A website threatened to expose her nude photos. She said: “They want to beat me, but make me stand upright.” Now people began to call her a “feminist”. It was people like Emma who gave New meaning of young Hollywood movie stars.

Western gossip media reported that Emma was dating Prince Harry in the UK, and her response was: “It is not only to marry a prince to become a princess!” Where will she go in the future, whether to continue to be a star or to be in politics, Everything is unknown. She said: “But there is no need to worry that I don’t want others to decide who I am, I just want to make decisions for myself.”

Beauty meets wisdom, and it is the double beauty that best complements each other. It is the origin of the rainbow that raindrops hit the light. The most important thing in the entertainment industry is beauty, but the most lacking is wisdom. This industry is so advocating primitive beauty, it is simply regarded as a spiritual totem, but only beauty, it is more likely to be the source of anxiety-every day a large number of fresh and handsome men and women are pouring into this circle, not time to urge people, but you Being younger and more beautiful reflects your old age. Only the combination of beauty and wisdom may retreat in the rapids of time.

At the age of 21, Emma was criticized for wearing a dress with lake blue straps, saying that she was wrong to wear. But the stubborn Emma said, “I like it.” She decided to look at what others thought of herself and refused to apologize for being such a person.

Everyone should do this, and have the right to refuse to apologize for being themselves. Be yourself, you may be in a dangerous situation at the beginning. Everyone in the world speaks irresponsibly, struggling hard, and in the end, the world will eventually recognize you and give you extra privileges for survival. Fate will only extend the butcher knife to those who are dazed and timid, trying to please it, but willing to open the net to the strong.