Flying hen

When spring comes every year, there will be undulating cries of chicks in the streets of the village, with chirping chicks in the middle. The mother carried a small carton and followed the sound. After a while, she brought back more than ten chicks, and the yard immediately became lively. A few months later, eggs were everywhere under the firewood stack and in the henhouse. My younger brother shouted with joy when he saw an egg.

That year, the chickens bought by the mother somehow became sick one by one, and finally there was only one left, which was a hen. Its little companions left one by one, but it jumped and played happily all day. Mother said that feeding a chicken will not have enough eggs in the future. So when the hen was half-old, the mother bought a dozen more chicks.

The hen had no mates in the flock, and it ate and groped alone.

It is a flying hen. That was what I discovered later. When it grows up, it often runs out of the yard and wanders around the village. My mother was afraid that it would be lost, or afraid that it would be rushed into her henhouse by others. So where is the big village? I was anxious, so I shouted, “Where did you go? Come out quickly!” I thought at that time, it would surely hide in a corner and snicker when he heard my cry.

I held a cane and shouted to break its leg. But it often ran across the road inadvertently and ran towards the house. It flapped its wings, and its two thin legs ran faster than me. I scolded in anger, but it kicked to the ground, fluttering with wings. It stepped on a wire, like walking a tightrope. It landed wisely on the courtyard wall, then jumped lightly, jumped to the tall chicken stand, stood there and yelled cheerfully, mocking me.

Later I knew that it was not only a flying hen, but also a hen. On that day, after the mother received an egg from the henhouse, she said, “The chicken will lay eggs. What about the eggs it laid? Did she run in the field all day and lost the eggs?” The mother saw that she was not in the yard. I went out to find it, and by the way, looked for it and dropped all the eggs.

I called in the street alley for a long time, but I can’t see it. Later, it ran out of a pile of ruined houses behind my yard and screamed. I know it must have just laid eggs. I ran to the ruins for a long time, and found no egg skin.

The mother beat the hen with wooden sticks that day, scolding: “The useless egg-throwing chicken! Where have all the eggs been thrown?” The hen exclaimed and flew everywhere. I said, “Mom, don’t hit it! Tomorrow I will follow it to see where it dropped the egg!” The mother just threw the stick. The next day, I still did not keep up with it. It jumped right and left between a wall of broken houses, and threw me away in two or three clicks. I only heard a few clicks easily after it finished laying eggs.

After spring in the coming year, the feathers on its whole body were fluffy, as if it had begun to hatch chicks. The mother scolded it for being lazy: “What eggs did you still hatch when you lost the eggs? Really pretend to be!” During that time, I didn’t know where it hid itself, and I didn’t see its shadow all day.

My father was very helpless: “What’s the use of raising such a layer of laying hens? Even an egg can’t fall! Just kill and cook for Xiao San’er.” The third brother was very happy and shouted for his father to kill the chicken. At that time, the hen did not know where to eat the worms! Father started to sharpen the knife and told me to get the hen back.

When I walked out of the hospital, somehow, I suddenly felt heavy. As soon as I went out, I saw the hen looking at me under a dirt wall on the street. I stared at it and was at a loss. A chirping chick sounded in my ear. I saw the hen suddenly running towards the distance, and I rushed over to drive it home. It ran, flapped its wings, and flew again. It was still along the wire and finally fell on the courtyard wall. I saw my mother grab it down. It screamed in a “giggling”… I stood on the street, listening to its cry and stopped abruptly. I know that his father’s knife fell on its neck. In those years, for the family, it was a delicious meal. At that time, the feeling that I chewed the chicken was long forgotten. What I remember clearly is: a few days after the hen was killed, when the morning sun was spreading on the ground, the ruins behind my house were full of chirping chirps. They drilled out of the depth of a pile of haystacks, and there were twenty or so.

Their small mouths fit together, making the whole spring noisy.

US President Trump signed a memorandum on the safety of the Arctic and Antarctic on the 9th, calling on the US Coast Guard to study the possibility of developing a nuclear-powered icebreaker. The document also requires an assessment of what defensive weapons the icebreaker will carry in the future, especially In order to resist the threat from “competitive opponents”. Chinese experts say that this sends a dangerous signal to the outside world. The United States seems to be considering the exclusive use of force to develop Arctic resources, which also increases the possibility of conflict in the Arctic.

Trump signing memo raises concerns

The Drive website on the 9th entitled “Trump orders the Coast Guard to research and construct a’Russian-style nuclear-powered icebreaker'” article, although the name of the “Memorandum for the Protection of the National Interests of the United States in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions” sounds very general, but it is almost It is entirely focused on issues related to the purchase of icebreakers. The memorandum requires that the US Department of Homeland Security, through the Coast Guard Command, and in cooperation with the Secretary of Defense, Navy, and Energy, “research the benefits and risks of a polar icebreaker fleet combination… to make its configuration sufficient to meet the requirements of this memo aims.”

The memo said that the US Coast Guard’s research will include “an assessment of the expanded operational capabilities and related costs of heavy and medium polar safety vessels (PSCs) that have not yet been contracted.” This assessment should also evaluate the defensive weapons and equipment that are “enough to withstand a strong opponent (the American media article believes that it is Russia or China)” and the potential of using nuclear power for propulsion. The report said that the requirements for studying nuclear-powered icebreakers are unprecedented, and it is almost certainly the reason why the US Energy Secretary will participate in this research. In order to ensure their own safety, icebreakers may also install anti-ship cruise missiles and other weapons.

Most of the rest of the memo covers what the Coast Guard has been doing or has already done. This includes assessing the collocation of the fleet. The department has always stated that it hopes to purchase three medium-sized icebreakers after acquiring three heavy icebreakers. The memorandum also requires that at least two best U.S. base locations and at least two international bases be determined and evaluated based on the determined fleet size and composition.

Is the United States capable of building nuclear-powered icebreakers?

US media reported that neither the US Coast Guard nor the US Navy have equipped nuclear-powered icebreakers of any kind. In fact, to date, the only country that has done so is Russia, which has four nuclear-powered icebreakers, including the “Tymel” with a displacement of 21,000 tons, and plans to use dozens of other conventionally powered icebreakers and icebreakers. On the basis of capable ships, at least 5 nuclear-powered icebreakers will be built. The article also stated that China is also developing its own nuclear-powered heavy icebreaker (sic)-Editor’s Note.

According to the Russian “Opinion” report, at present, Russia has the world’s largest icebreaker fleet, a total of more than 40 icebreakers of various types. The “Baltic Factory” of the United Shipbuilding Corporation of Russia announced that it will lay the keel for the fourth “Arctic” nuclear-powered icebreaker “Yakut” on May 26. It belongs to the 22220 nuclear-powered series of icebreakers and is the world’s current There are icebreakers with the largest displacement and the highest power. With a length of 173.3 meters, a width of 34 meters, a displacement of 33,500 tons, and an ice-breaking thickness of up to 3 meters, it can escort the fleet through the Arctic and transport the raw materials for hydrocarbon fields in the Yamal Peninsula, Geda Peninsula, and Kara Sea Continental Shelf. To create conditions for national markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The first LK-60Ya Arctic nuclear-powered icebreaker for the project began trial trials at the end of last year. The plant is building two mass-produced nuclear-powered icebreakers “Siberia” and “Ural”. Russia’s major nuclear-powered icebreakers currently include “Yamal”, “50th Anniversary of Victory”, “Temmel”, and “Vigac”.

TheDrive website states that there are currently only two icebreakers in the US Coast Guard. One heavy icebreaker in operation, Polar Star (also translated as “North Star”), has aged and is prone to major failures, while the other medium-sized icebreaker ” The Healey has a history of decades. The article said that over the years, the US Coast Guard’s extremely small icebreaker fleet urgently needs to be updated, and after decades of efforts, the department finally signed the first new conventional power heavy icebreaker contract last year.

The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 10th that Russian reserve naval captain and chairman of the All-Russian Fleet Movement Mikhail Nenasev said that the US resources in principle allow them to build an icebreaker fleet within 10 years, but face many Challenges, such as the US shipbuilding company does not have enough experience. In addition, the United States also needs to train the fleet of icebreakers, and Russia has decades of experience.

Or a fierce confrontation with Russia

The memorandum signed by Trump mentions assessing the possibility of installing defensive weapons. The Drive website said that the future US Coast Guard nuclear-powered icebreaker may face fierce confrontation with ships from Russia or other countries, especially in the Arctic. This undoubtedly promoted the need to explore the potential defensive weapons of the next US icebreaker. Trump’s memorandum does not mention any specific armament plan to be considered by the Coast Guard, but its requirements for the latest heavy-duty icebreakers leave room for possible weapons in the future. In 2017, Admiral Paul Zukuft, then commander of the US Coast Guard, also told members of Congress that the Coast Guard is considering adding defensive and offensive weapons, including anti-ship cruise missiles, to future icebreakers. Chinese experts believe that the United States has sent a dangerous signal to consider installing weapons for icebreakers, which may force more countries to install weapons for icebreakers.

According to previous reports from Russia’s “News”, Russia plans to build a new type 10510 “Leader” class nuclear-powered icebreaker, whose tonnage will become the world’s largest in the future, and reserves space for the installation of missiles, artillery and anti-submarine equipment modules during design. It can be quickly converted into a nuclear-powered missile icebreaker. Due to the use of new technologies, the thickness of the icebreaker can exceed 4 meters.