Family portrait

The family portrait of a family of five is a picture.

Dad stood in the middle, and mom and daughter were around. The family portrait was painted by the daughter who just went to elementary school. After painting a family of three, she added two people on both sides, her brother and sister.

The elder brother had big eyes and a smile like an angel; the younger sister wore a crown and two thin and curly tresses, like a little fairy.

There is a butterfly, a sun, and a big heart on the painting. Five words are written: “Our family portrait”.

Others read it and said it was well painted. My father saw it and felt the pain.

My father’s name is Hu Wenchuan, a national moral model.

More than ten years ago, his son fell into the water with other children in the village. When he arrived, his son was farthest from the shore, showing half of his head and shouting “Dad save me.”

He went into the water and was caught by a few children. He noticed that there was a person under the water, and quickly got it up, and sent it ashore with the others. Looking back, the water was calm and the son was gone.

It wasn’t until 7 o’clock in the evening that his son was found. He sank to the bottom of the pond not far from the shore, face down, holding the mud in his hands.

His bravery for his spirit was commended at all levels for his spirit, but his loved ones were scolding him, blaming him, his wife was in a mental breakdown, his sister beat him with a stick, his uncle did not talk to him for several years, and even the dead father and mother were all cruel in their dreams. To him.

The reporter came to the interview and stood by the pond where the accident occurred. He wished to stick his head down for the rest of his life.

This is the elder brother of the family’s family, and there is a younger sister, Hu Wenchuan’s youngest daughter. He died on the operating table on the 47th day of birth due to congenital heart disease. Dad loves her daughter too much and doesn’t want her to be like her brother, leaving nothing behind. She wants to donate her daughter’s organs so that part of her body can continue to live in this world.

The child was too young, and in the end, only the cornea was donated, so that the two regained their light. The younger sister is the youngest cornea donor in Anhui Province, and Anhui Province has established the “Boai in Jianghuai Sunshine Angel Foundation”.

My dad signed a corneal donation agreement with the hospital and became a volunteer in the organ donation agency of Anhui Province to do the persuasion of organ donation.

This tragic dad is a good man of great size, so in such a dilemma, such a good man encounters a real disaster. Imagine that if he resolutely shook off those hands in the water, if there were other children who suffered unexpectedly, his life would not be too good.

But Hu Wenchuan is not like the kind of heroes admired in our time. Heroes will use magnificence to overcome the love of their children and sublimate their own realm. Hu Wenchuan cannot do this. For him, he will not be able to live a lifetime, and he will not be filled with great honors. Vacancy in my heart.

Only the family portrait painted by his daughter gives him a little comfort.

Recently, as the multi-country anti-racial discrimination march is in full swing, some far-right groups have been questioned and incited hatred again causing media attention. In recent years, the influence of far-right forces such as populism, white supremacism, and national chauvinism among European and American young people has increased significantly. It is particularly noteworthy that in the extreme attacks against non-white groups in European and American countries, the perpetrators are often young people. On the 9th, a young woman and three young men who participated in the “Miss Hitler” beauty contest were sentenced for participating in an extreme right-wing neo-Nazi organization that violated the anti-terrorism law, which caused heated discussion in British society.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the 9th, four young people convicted-Alice Carter, 24, former partner Mark Jones, 25, Gary Jack, 24, and Connor, 19 · Skerthern is a member of the British national right-wing group “National Action”. The report said that “National Action” was established in 2013 and became the first far-right organization in the UK to be banned because of anti-terrorism laws at the end of 2016. The British authorities accused the organization of “extreme racism and opposition to Jews and homosexuality.”

The British police said that these four people meet regularly to share their extreme ideologies and participate in demonstrations. They have great racist ambitions and continue to recruit young people to participate. They laugh at the Holocaust and sing Hitler. The behavior is quite strange. According to the British “Guardian”, Carter was notorious in the UK for having participated in the “Miss Hitler” beauty contest, and her contestant name “Princess Buchenwald” was even more offensive (Buchenwald refers to A concentration camp built by Nazi Germany during World War II, where nearly 60,000 people were starved to death, executed or died of disease).

In an investigation of Carter in March this year, the prosecutor said that Carter has always been a “core spokesperson” for the “national action” hardcore. She participated in the beauty contest to promote recruitment. Although Carter has repeatedly denied being a member of the organization, the police found that she participated in the 2016 meeting of the leaders of the organization and made a Nazi salute on the steps of Leeds City Hall. In 2016, the day after the British “Remaining Europe” MP Joe Cox was assassinated on the street, Carter and another member of the “National Action” chatted about Cox: “Rotten in hell, bastard.” “Carter also repeatedly made very insulting jokes, attacking the synagogue with poison gas and playing the Jewish head as a football.”

Judge Paul Farrell of the Birmingham Criminal Court told Carter on Tuesday: “Although you have never held an organization or leadership role, you are the trustworthy confidant of the leader of the organization, and he has a loyal relationship with him. .”

According to the British “Daily Mirror”, compared with Carter’s extreme ideology, the other three are better than others. Carter’s ex-boyfriend Jones was a member of the youth team of the British far-right political party, the National Party, and a railway engineer. During the trial, Jones was described as “the leader and strategist of national action” and was the leader of the organization in London. He admitted that during his visit to Germany in 2016, he had performed a Nazi salute in the execution room at the former site of the Buchenwald concentration camp and took a photo with the flag of “National Action”. When he appeared in court, he told jurors that he “has an admiration for Hitler” and has a special edition of “My Struggle”.

Another member, Jack, is also an active member of the organization. In July 2016, he was sentenced to probation for posting a “National Action” sticker with racial discrimination on the Aston University campus in Birmingham. The sticker reads: ” Britain is ours, and others must leave.” He also repeatedly said that he would “knock black people on road teeth” and that Asian men were “damn mice.” Nineteen-year-old Skothern is considered the organization’s “future leader”. He has distributed nearly 1,500 stickers calling for a “final solution”-the Nazi genocide of Jews.

In the sentencing, Judge Paul Farrell said to four people that the “National Action” organization is “the most extreme neo-Nazi organization in Britain in decades”, “after the organization was banned, you were not prepared to deal with this The evil ideology of the organization draws a line, so you openly defy the ban and continue to be members.” In the end, Carter, Jones, Jack and Scorsern were sentenced to 3 years, 5 and a half years, 4 and a half years and 18 months respectively Imprisonment.

Bell, head of the counter-terrorism department in West Midlands, UK, issued a statement saying that terrorists and extremists are using ideology to create disharmony, mistrust and panic among communities, encouraging people to notify the government if they find relevant organizations The government will absolutely handle all hate and crime related information.

The BBC quoted Max Hill, the legal counsel of the prosecution, as saying that the organization “is a diehard in thinking.” “They are not only reminiscent of anti-Semitism, they are also reminiscent of the Nazi Holocaust and the German Third Reich. They draw ideas from those extreme Nazi organizations and later German neo-Nazi organizations.” “They have a special purpose in doing this , Is to intimidate the people around them. That’s why it’s so important to label terrorist groups with specific groups.” When talking about the relatively young members of the organization, he said: “The website they created was deliberately aimed at young people. Attractive, so we saw those young people who were only teenagers radicalized, formed a mentality, and began to engage in terrorist activities.”