The fragrance of earth

A handful of loess, a drop of rain, can make a fresh life take off. A hot desert, infused with a refreshing sweet spring, can turn this grassy land without grass into an oasis of fragrant grass. A drop of diligent sweat drips down into this barren loess, and the loess becomes fertile soil with flowers blooming, trees shaded, and hundreds of birds contending.

When spring comes, everything recovers. A year of farming has just begun. When I was a child, most of the farming depended on cattle and horses. When the farming season came, we pulled out the cattle and horses, set up the carts, installed all the agricultural tools on the carts, and ran straight along the road to the fields.

The spring air is fresh and the wind blows gently. In the blue sky, white clouds slowly fluttered. Breeding cattle and horses for a winter, this time, one head and one horse are fat and shiny. The cows were already full of ambition at this time, and could not bear loneliness. The horses were even more struggling to run forward.

The land that has been idle for a winter has been eager to wait for. It is waiting for people to plowing and planting sooner. Soon after, this endless field became a lush green acreage. After the autumn, the corn is golden and the cotton flowers are blooming. The rice buckled down, the sorghum blushed, and the harvest was everywhere.

Tie Li was stuck in the depths of the soil all at once, only to hear the sound of “Wow, Wow”, he turned the deep soil out. The dark cow dung and farm manure were covered up, and the mud incense in the depths of the earth was turned out at once.

In the other field, the horses saw the oxen who walked slowly when they were walking slowly. So the unwilling horses stood up, raised their heads, raised their heads, their front legs were stronger, and their hind legs pressed hard. All four horses ran hard and ran forward quickly. I could only hear the “squeak, squeak” of the iron wheel behind. The plow blades “swing, swish” soar. The loess was quickly flipped. I saw the plowman behind him, deep and shallow, and he didn’t care about top-heavy, like a drunk man, staggering, jogging to keep up.

Rake the ground, and tidy up the fields. People hold hoes, carry seeds, and bury the seeds one by one with hope. Within days, the seeds germinated. A group of three or five peanuts and a group of four or five beans. The little guys put their heads on their feet, tilting their heads and working together to push the soil covered on them together. Every green sprout sprung out of the ground.

A string of snow-white locust blossoms bloomed. In the yard, on the river embankment, there was snow everywhere. The greedy children climbed up the branch, raised their heads, stretched out their hands, and threw a handful of white locust flowers into their mouths. As soon as the Huaihua came into the mouth, the fragrance was overflowing, and when chewed on, it was delicious, and the thick floral fragrance was swallowed into the stomach at once.

Xing’er in May gradually turned yellow. At this time, looking at the branches, among the green leaves, one by one, one by one, Huang Chengcheng’s apricot, the yellow is red, and the red exudes an attractive luster, like apricot yellow agate, and It looks like yellow jade, which is dripping round and round, as big as a walnut, and is falling heavily on the branches, waiting for people to come to pick it.

The sun is strong and the wheat field is golden. The hot wind was blowing, Mai Lang was like rolling waves, the wheat was ripe. A scythe was sharpened. People were bowing their heads, bending over, holding the wheat in their left hands, and scythes in their right. “Oh, shah,” the time is not big, piles of golden wheat ears, like hills, neatly arranged in the field.

The wheat piles in the field are more like mountains, looking at the harvested wheat piles, people smile on their faces and rejoice in their hearts. The venomous sun is exerting its power over the head. People hold the wooden branches and spread the wheat stacks one after another. The cows pulled the stone tongs round by round and rolled them up, and the grains of wheat fell off the ears obediently.

Pick up the empty wheat stalks and put them in a corner of the field. After finishing the first stubble wheat, come back to clean them one by one. People picked up wooden spades and brooms and collected a thick layer of wheat. The grains of wheat became ridges, and they became mountains across the field. The children ran wild and played in the field, climbed over that ridge, and crossed over again. The deep footprints were left on the ridge, and the deep footprints were full of laughter, full of sunshine, and full of happiness. The children were pedaling and pedaling on that mountain. As he pedaled, he made a “chuckle, chuckle” laughter. This joyful laughter spread to the distance and into the clouds.

People work hard on this yellow land, they get up early in the morning and return late in the spring to plant the autumn harvest. Stepping out in the first ray of sunshine in the morning, and stepping home in the evening with the last rays of the glow. Day after day, year after year. With more effort, there will be more gains. Sprinkle more sweat, you will get more joy. People are looking forward to spring, looking forward to summer, and looking forward to the early arrival of autumn. Because in autumn, the earth smells everywhere, and the heavy fruits cover the entire branch. The mud incense in the depths of the earth is also released as the crops mature…

Early Spring Rhapsody

The ice and snow melted, the earth gradually thawed, the river became clearer and more transparent, and the wind became gentler and softer. Without the original trickiness, it became generous and tolerant, making people feel comfortable and even warm. At this time, the branches began to sprout, they saved the energy of the winter, they were already prepared, and they were ready to go. The wicker became soft and charming, and the magpie could not bear loneliness on the branch anymore. In the warm sunlight, after combing his feathers, he happily let go of his throat and cried out “chattering” because it had silenced one. In winter, this time can’t help it anymore.

After imprisoning a winter of loneliness, a seed is about to explode. The grass that first appeared out of the ground was the grass. The snow on the ground had just melted a few days ago. It took a few days for the grass to grow out of the ground. Although the wind was still a little cold in the morning and evening, even It’s a little cold, but it can’t stand loneliness anymore, like a bored child, not taking the cold, and curiously peeked out the little heads outside the door curiously, because everyone wants to see the magical outside first world. So the earth was green, and no longer lonely and lonely anymore. The yellow land was embellished with little grass and dressed in green clothes.

The willow branches become tender yellow and green, and the tender leaves hang between the branches. The little swallow had already made an appointment with spring, and when the spring breeze blew, he took the family and flew over from the south. They have meals and nights and nights and nights, and all the way to make appointments for spring and spring. The spring flowers bloomed throughout the night, and the apricot tree saw the golden fragrance of the spring flowers, and it was about to move. It no longer covered up its own mind, and the joyful mood turned into a blossoming red flower bud, that blossoming The bulged flower buds, standing in line in the branches, waiting for the sun to be brighter, it will bloom immediately, and the spring flower’s delicate and beautiful.

The little swallow tweeted happily, and it flew under the weeping willow by the pond, and walked away with the cheerful mouth piece by piece of mud to build its new nest, because it was in love, it wanted to build its own new family, it Be with the people you like, then have a whole bunch of children, and tell one story after another to your children. So when it flew over the surface of the water, it lightly tapped the water in the pond with its wings. The water moved, the water smiled, and the water gently gave a bright smile. The laugh became a vortex, and the vortex became a wave again, and then slowly spread out around, shaking the whole pond, so that the fish in the pond probed one by one to watch. Because the fish was very curious and wanted to find out, as soon as the fish showed its head, it saw a large cloud floating in the sky, so scared that it hurried back into the water, and thought that the cloud would After falling down and hitting it, a hurried roll over immediately snapped the water in the pond.

There is nothing sharper than the smell of a bee, even if it is separated by a mountain or a river, no matter how far the road is, as long as there are any flowers blooming, the bees will know immediately, they will immediately About a few little friends, two or three dozens of them came together to sniff the fragrance, they sang and danced among the flowers. Speaking of dancers, butterflies are not willing to be lonely. When the flowers are open or when the flowers are competing for beauty, they can’t live without it. They dance gracefully and show their beautiful dance postures in the flowers. West, up or down, flying freely.

Children like spring more, because in the spring everyone takes off the heavy and restrained cotton clothes, puts on the light and bright spring clothes, relaxes in the warm sunshine, sings songs, smiles, runs Go to school together or play in the wild. When he was in the wild, he released his child’s nature, so he ran freely,

The village was also lively, and people went to the fields in twos and threes to cultivate. At this time, the earth had already recovered and was waiting for people to turn it over. The tractor, with its shaky ploughshares, smoking and roaring, ran from one end of the land to the other. The earth flew happily under the iron plow, and the iron plow so gently stroked, and every inch of the land happily turned over. It finally waited for a good opportunity for Da Shiquan, because it was already prepared, it I hope people will sow every seed on themselves, and hope that every seed will germinate and bloom on themselves. It must make the harvest of this year’s crops better than in previous years, so that it will be satisfied and comfortable.

The land was quickly ploughed by people, and the hot land lay there. It waited quietly for the opportunity. When the time was right, people would smile and sow every seed in the bright sun. Go on.

Come on, come on, you see, the apricot blossoms are blooming, and the peach blossoms have buds. Wait a little while, and it’s time for people to sow…