Return to the Field

Back in the countryside, I simply tidy up the cooking utensils in the house. In the afternoon, I want to build a chicken.

There was a chicken in the southeast corner of the old house when my mother was there. The chicken is a circle, one head tall, two steps, can live twenty or thirty chickens. Chickens have females and males. Every year, a batch will be carried out at the end of spring. At first it was a pile of fluff, the same size, the same appearance, and the ball rolled on and off on the mud, and there was no difference between them. One month long, start to divide the size. By two months, the male’s cock began to rise, the feathers began to shine, and he was a little angry. By July, it had grown up.

“July 7th, eat a chicken.” On the 7th day of July every year, according to the custom, chickens should be eaten in the sand. One person eats a whole chicken, and even drinks soup. It is said to be very filling. The mother was reluctant to kill the chicken and only gave it to my father and me. I probably felt that the men needed more. Mother only eats some chicken meat. In August, the little hen started to lay eggs, and the nickname was “head-toothed egg”, which was very petite and was also given to my father and me. After laying the eggs, they should be stored in a blue and white porcelain urn, under a layer of cotton, covered with a layer of cotton. When the urn was full, the mother carefully packed them in a bamboo basket, and carefully mentioned them in the brigade. They exchanged paper money at the brigade’s vegetable farm, and then exchanged the paper money for oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.

Eggs are not eaten on weekdays. Unless guests. When the guest came, the mother would beat two eggs and fry the chives and fried eggs. I can also eat two chopsticks. So, I always look forward to the guests, but I never look forward to coming. Sometimes they do not eat when they come. So, I look forward to the birthday again. On the birthday, I can eat one egg, steam the whole egg on the rice rack, open the wok lid, so big. Because once a year, the mother always picks a double yellow egg. Unfortunately, the birthday never comes. When there are no eggs to eat, I will pick them up.

I like picking eggs. The hen is very obedient. I lay a layer of hay in the corner of the chicken, and it squats on it to lay eggs. After returning from the school, carrying a schoolbag, he rushed to Jiyu to pick up eggs. Long time, five or six. When I was young, two or three. Touch this once, and that one again, until you put it into a blue and white porcelain urn, and you still have the look of an egg on your hand. When I didn’t go to school, when I saw the hen entering, I was waiting at the door, waiting for it to finish laying eggs, hurried away from the hen, holding the egg in my hand, warm in one hand. Now remember, the kind of temperature still stays in the middle of the finger, and when it is worn, it becomes empty and very warm. The hen was about to be robbed and yelled loudly on the side, with a grudge. I threw a handful of wheat to it, and it was busy pecking and forgot to yell.

Chickens are very good poultry. Feed it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. While feeding, the mother stood on the ground, “chirping–chirping–“, shouting long and short, good rhythm. In the shouts of their mothers, the chickens rushed from all directions from the eggplant awning, tomato field, corn stalks, edamame… from all directions to the ground, and jumped around the mother to grab food. After grabbing, the tide was dispersed again. Non-feeding Chenguang, they are scattered around, picking food from the ground, eating insects, grass seeds, meat and vegetarian food, not picky eaters. In the evening, the family had dinner on the ground, and the chickens came back. They were waiting next to them. Whoever accidentally dropped the rice grains, immediately got two three chickens. Sometimes I deliberately drop a few grains and invite the chickens to grab it. Mother said: Be careful, Grand Duke Lei is going to fight!

After eating, it gets dark and the chickens go to the chickens to sleep. They don’t have to hurry and are very obedient. At night, they stood there and slept, I was lying down and sleeping. Woke up and repeated the day before. Grilled food, grab food. Lay eggs, pick eggs. The life of the chickens is very simple. In the past, people’s lives were also very simple.

This afternoon, I’m going to take a cockroach and call back those simple days.

Cut dozens of bamboos from the bamboo garden and cut them into long sections, splitting from the middle, splitting again, and splitting a cross to get four pieces. Each piece is sharpened at the lower foot and can easily hit the sand. The bamboo knife has not been used for a long time. After cutting the bamboo slices and digging into the soil, according to the memory, it is still in the southeast corner of the hometown, forming a circle with two steps and one head higher. After the formation, the mother would use hemp rope to weave two circles to form a piece of bamboo. Sand has not grown hemp for a long time, and hemp rope is definitely gone. Go to the shop to buy a circle of glass fiber rope, one third and two thirds, each circle. Then, leave a door for chickens to enter and exit, and the main project will be fine. The scuttle was originally covered with grass toss, which can protect the wind and rain. I searched around in front of the house and did not find the hay.

In the memory, every year when Lidong is in solar terms, and the rice is cut, there will be a high stack of haystacks on the edge of the road, sometimes two stacks. When you want to use it, just grab a handful. Without hay, we can’t weave grass toes. You can’t cover the crest without weaving grass. No way, I found a blue tin tile instead. Cover it, wear the wire, tie it, and the chicken looks a bit like that.

After doing a thing that my mother did, she washed her hands, sat on a bamboo chair where her mother had sat, took a sip of tea, and watched the sky in the evening climb a little bit over the top of the sky, and returned to Xitian. Imagine that my mother has watched chickens like this, and like me, imagine that a few months later, a group of chickens will come from all directions and jump up and down to grab food. Imagine that you can pick up a warm egg in one hand. You can see the eggs floating in blue and white porcelain urns, floating up, filled with a whole urn. Now, I can not go to the brigade to sell the eggs I picked up. If I think about it, I can have one egg per day and a birthday every day. I can also fry two eggs with leek and treat myself as a guest every day.

It’s a pity that the sandy land can’t raise pigs now. Originally, you can open another pigpen. Like a mother, you can use a whole year to feed a pig. By the end of the year, you can use this pig as a savings. For mothers, eggs are pocket money, and pigs are big money for the New Year. On the sand, I was always not as capable as my mother, so I had to save some pocket money first.

It is also good to have pocket money. Without pocket money, so many years have passed.

How long does it take to straighten out

My father is away, and I want to grow my own land. It is necessary to grow half-dai green vegetables, half-dai green soybeans, corn two-dai, and leek two-step. Sugarcane is the best variety. Also on the ground, take a pumpkin, half a gourd, half a cucumber, tomato, eggplant, and pepper. It is a pity that when I go back to the countryside, the Qingming past, the spring is deep, the summer is approaching, and sugar cane must not be planted. This place knows when and what to plant. Corn grows late, the cobs will be small, and the grains will be small, but there will always be some harvest. The sugar cane is planted at this time, but it just plugs the underground bones. However, in the countryside, you should try to be as diverse as possible. If you grow up, you can eat something for yourself and give it to others. You can also exchange it with others. I like the kind of barter transaction, original, authentic, and has a good texture.

In the sand, some original things are kept. I still like to use the rake to turn the ground, or I like to call the ground “dai”. Eighty thousand years ago, my ancestors across the lake bridge started plowing a shovel and shovel. The arable posture has not changed for thousands of years, but the bone shovel in his hand has become a stone shovel, a bronze shovel, and an iron shovel. As for the one-field and two-field fields, it should be similar to the one-ridge and the other-field, and it has been used for many years. “Dai” is an earth dam above the ground. The sand is flat. In the old days, at this time, on the sandy land, the spring was over, the early rice raised the flowers, and the late rice had to be prepared. The land where rice is planted is not about Dai, but about Qiu. How big is “Yiqiu”? I don’t know. Anyway, the ridge around the piece is a hill. The big one is a mound, and the small one is a mound. As for Dai, the long one is the same as the short one. It’s not that standard. The person who speaks knows it, and the person who listens knows it. That mound field is a whole piece, except that the field is slightly higher than the ground, and there is no difference between one field and two fields.

Now, farmers in the sand do not grow rice. Planting one mu of rice can produce one thousand pounds of millet, 70% of the rice is produced. Among the money, there is money for contracting land, money for tractors to cultivate land, money for grains, fertilizers, money for pesticides, money for water release, money for harvesters, money for peeling the grains, After removing the money, there will not be much left. If you don’t plant it, ask someone to plant it. You have to pay for the entire field, the seedlings, the weeds, the weeding, the fertilizer, the potions, and the sun. of. Now, many farmers in the sandy land don’t grow rice, they just grow some vegetables, pick them on weekdays, and eat them fresh. Go to the grain and oil store to buy rice. If you want to eat northern Jiangsu, you can eat northern Jiangsu. If you want to eat the northern wilderness, you should eat the northern wilderness. If you want to eat Thai rice, there are also. Anyway, there are no pure farmers in the sand. No one really depends on one land. For dinner. What’s more, a person can’t eat up to a pound of rice a day and can afford it.

I also don’t plan to grow rice because I can’t grow it. No one can deliver water, nor can it. Long time no planting, one ditch, one ditch road, occupied by grass, barren for a long time. The ground is a mound, and I want to separate it from one to another. I don’t need a shovel, I use a rake. Turn the sand to the ground, use a sharp-toothed iron rake, five teeth, straight and pointed, lift high, and gently fall, it is easy to insert deep into the ground. However, it should not be too deep, too deep to overturn. There is another rake, called “flat shoulder iron rake”. It has four teeth and is flat. The angle with the rake handle is forty-five degrees. Standing there, it can naturally moat. Trench a ditch, turn the trench to the side, the subsidence should fall, the height should rise, and it will come out as if it were ground.

Entering his father’s farming tool room, the dusty old days of the small house came across. Iron harrow, mud harrow, scraper, hoe, bamboo shovel, pole, soil, bamboo basket, the smell of earth and rust is mixed. There are several iron rakes, flat, pointed, new, and bald, hanging on the wall. Every time I used to go to the farm, my father would wash them, wipe them with oil, hang them, and wait for the coming year. Now, there is a rust on his face. However, I still recognize them. I have to take them for a while in the water. The rust doesn’t matter. I farmed a few times on the sand and the old days will come back. The main reason is that it has not been used for a long time. Their skeletons are somewhat loose. With a little force, the wood and cowhide that hold the rake handle will fall off, and they can’t do much work. Soak once in the water, a raked spirit will wake up, and use it to take advantage.

Trench a straight ditch, straighten the ground, it could have been plowed. However, after the tractor in the sand land abandoned the cattle and the plough, the old picture of cattle farming has disappeared. I likened myself to a cow, a slow cow, and with a flat-shoulder iron harrow, slowly struck the ground, as if I were on a Qin brick and Han tile, and I drew a few strokes of farming. In the impression, my father was faster than me. He raked, raked, raked, rammed, and beat the drums on the ground. I’m used to the hand of the pen. It’s slender and pale, and I’m not used to pinching the thick rake handle of my wrist. I can only rake slowly. After slowly raking three or five rakers, I found the ditch slightly crooked. Straighten and straighten, it takes more effort. So, I went to find a Tiansi rope. I remember that during the summer heat season, when I planted rice seedlings in the evening, my father would pull me a field silk rope. There was no difference between a mound and a paddy field. My father used the field silk rope to pull out two fields. If there is a rope, the seedlings will not be crooked. Occasionally insert a little crookedly, take a look at Tian Sisheng, and be able to come back in time.

My father doesn’t need to use a silk rope to transplant rice seedlings, so he won’t be crooked. The father moored, and did not use Tian Sisheng. The moat used a silk rope and shook and shook it with the iron rake, and was not happy. But I can’t, I need a criterion. After finding Tian Sisheng, it was found that it had not been used for a few years, and was used by a rat to grind his teeth and broke several places. Finally connected, straightened, and I felt confident. However, as soon as the iron rake went down, the iron rake and the rope stumbled together, separated, without two rakes, and entangled again. Divide again, raking one by one, crooked, but always better. I know: straight and straight, not a rope problem, not a rake problem, but a human problem. Some people are able to do a good job without a guideline. Some people were pulled by the guideline, and they still didn’t know where they were. The main reason is that there is no rope in my heart. Fortunately, it is better than nothing. After a busy day, I finally came out and looked at the unrequited but still right, breathing. It will be better to continue tomorrow.

This hilly land should be able to punch out ten days. Sitting in Shidai, I want to grow anything, I feel like a landlord, I want to ask what I want, I don’t have to go to the market to buy food. It turned out that writing is like farming. What kind of farming is this? What kind of planting is there? It’s all up to you. Now think about whether corn or eggplant can be grown on paper. The feeling of touching the pen shaft is still fuller with the iron rake handle. I like this plump texture. I remember when I was young, my father asked me to lead a group of ducklings to turn the ground, use a small peanut rake to open the ground, and the soil turned over and shattered. . Ducks are yellow-haired ducklings with yellow hairs, yellow beaks, and yellow webs. They are soft to the touch and feel good. Sandy called the little girl “yellow-haired girl”. I wonder if it came from here?

The ducks don’t have Tiansi rope in their hearts. They don’t follow the rules when they eat earthworms. Whoever grabs the one is the one who grabs the head and one grabs the tail. I turned over a piece of soil and the ducks snatched it back. Turn it over again and grab it again. If I didn’t grab it, I pecked my toes with my beak and pecked tenderly, with a slight itching.

In this way, after two steps, the ducks can become fat, and the ducks are rounded to the ground, and they are swaying, so heavy that they cannot walk. Move two steps and take a break. Move two more steps. It is said that earthworms are very nutritious. They were taken out two or three days and turned around one week later. The ducks could grow a circle. It takes a month to start molting hair. When I stepped on the ground barefoot and struggling straight to the ground, I recalled the days when my toes were eaten by a group of bright yellow beaks decades ago. Think about it, and then go back and buy a few yellow-haired ducklings, and be the landlord of this hill with them.

Nighttime cultivation dream

The night in the sand is farther away from the neon, more like the night than the night in the city. If you turn off the street lights, the night will be more pure. In the old days, the night in the sand was a real night. When the curtain was pulled up at night, there were some things that belonged to the night, which would come out and appear. Such as fireflies, such as stars, such as the Milky Way.

After eating dinner on the ground, the family sat under the starry sky, received some coolness, and talked about leisure. Grandma will talk about the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. When the Cowherd puts the skin of the old cow on her body, she picks up a load of children and goes to chase the Weaver Girl. As a result, the Queen Mother took a picture of the hairpin and drew a Tianhe. We looked up and looked at the Milky Way across the night sky from south to north. It really seemed like a huge wound to the sky. This wound has beauty and pain that is difficult to heal. With the stars in the sky, the lion, the big dipper, and the big bear are all back now. The pain is back, and the beauty is back. Now, there is no Milky Way overhead, and no one remembers whether the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl could cross the Milky Way on Tanabata. There are many cowherd and weaver girls in the world, crossing the river quietly. It doesn’t matter whether there are ships or bridges on the river. At that time, there was no TV. There is no fan. You can’t even light the lights. But there are still many shiny things flying in the night.

At night, simply eat. Spread the flesh that worked during the day and place it on the bamboo circle chair. Then, spread the soul and basked in the night. Back in the countryside, I retired the group and turned my hand. Between some things and some people, I painted a hairpin. I imagined the feeling of the hairpin painted by the queen mother back then, did it hurt?

Whether it hurts or not. Only by leaving something can you get close to something. Sitting in the night, away from the phone, away from the circle of friends, away from the WeChat group, you can slowly walk back to your heart. Turn out “Dream of Red Mansions” and take another look. You can read the classic books that you have read before. After a few decades, seeing Daiyu’s burial flowers, seeing the official paintings of aging roses, seeing Qingwen tearing the fan, and seeing Sister Feng get power, you can see some different scenery. Look at the three kingdoms and see different pictures. You can also read a book that you bought but not read. “Listen to a class at Peking University”, a good set of books. I am really lucky to be able to read the lessons of Peking University one by one without the ability to study at Peking University.

Sitting in the night and thinking about it, there are indeed many lucky things. We have spent dozens of dollars in a book written by others for decades and ten years, and we can finish it in a week. People are far away in Beijing, far away in Japan, far away in the United States, your life could not have crossed him, but now, I can sit under the lamp and slowly visit his or her heart. So, in the darkness of the sand, I also went to Peking University, Japan, and the United States. My life began to expand infinitely. Think of grandma, grandma’s grandma, with her feet tangled and taking small steps, like patching the road. All the way, all my life. Walked all his life, did not walk out of the sand within a few ten miles. I sat in the night, and once I went, it was thousands of miles, thousands of years. This is a very lucky thing. I like to travel through time and space to visit some interesting souls and interesting texts.

I don’t want to say more about the material luck, because I know it all. Even if I live in the country, the conditions are better than the previous emperor. There are electric lights, air conditioners, TVs that the emperor does not have; refrigerators, running water, toilets that the emperor does not have; telephones, WeChat, circle of friends that the emperor does not have… Those past kings who lie deep in the earth, if they see these words, they want to Crawled out in anger. It is not as good as a mortal to fight for the throne with so many bones.

Fortunately, I can read the past, but the past cannot read the present. A writer friend said, “If you haven’t read Havel, why talk about reading. Why talk about books.” From his standpoint, you must read some in-depth books. Only then can you call reading. I admit, I haven’t read Havel, I admit my shallow. I treat all books as reading. I only read my favorite books. I only call reading my favorite book “Reading”. Like me, I still read “Dream of Red Mansions” and “Three Kingdoms” repeatedly. Fortunately, I don’t have any eyes on it. I regard him as a friend because he has depth. It doesn’t matter whether he takes my shallow eyes and whether he treats me as a friend. Compared with the past, compared to those emperors, grandma, grandma’s grandma, I am lucky enough. Now, although I only plant a mound of land less than one acre, I can worry about eating, clothing, and clothing. After planting, there is still time to read some books and write braille. Or, for a while, let the soul fly through the orbit of time and space.

If you don’t want anything, you can squat in front of the ground, watch a seed sticking out of the sand, watch a vegetable grow up bit by bit, watch a flower and petal and walk back to your heart , Slowly forming a tomato. Or just sit under the dripping eaves and drink a cup of tea slowly, from strong to light. Look at a cloud, slowly get together, and slowly spread out. One of my “new prose” friends said he quit. He resigned at the age of fifty. After resigning, he did nothing. Because nothing is done, life seems to be widened at once.

I returned to the sand, not doing nothing. At least, I need to plant a piece of land, enough vegetables for myself and my family, and a group of chickens for the family to eat eggs. If I can, I will dig a pond on the ground and raise a few snails, Several koi carps are impressive and edible. You can also receive a few friends with similar soul smells, go to the field to pick vegetables, and turn these vegetables into a part of the body and soul. For some people, I will not entertain. When dreaming, I’m not prepared to dream. Now, in the night, I only meet the people I want to meet, like planting a hill, and what kind of planting is this, what kind of planting is up to me.

Ok. It seems that there are many things that can be done in the dark. However, don’t worry, you can take your time and do whatever you want first. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. So, busy but not chaotic. Life seems to be constantly widening.