Knife in the cypress

The afternoon my father called me, I chose the urn for him in Wanfutang. It was my father who heard the call from the woman who promoted the urn, and said, do the last filial piety to make the elderly decent. This remark is a bit like what you mean when you go out. I don’t take this for granted. My eyes have been walking on the boxes on the shelves, mainly aiming at the price tags on the boxes. Those boxes have different modalities, those with landscape gardens and those with pavilions are expensive. I am a pragmatist, and Milan has defined me that way. I slid down from her like a slime, back to the side to prepare for a sound sleep, Milan kicked me and said, only for myself, exquisite pragmatist. Sometimes I really don’t understand Milan. I’m a middle-aged person. It’s said that after a long time, I always think of Schwarzenegger. This is not my fault. This is a bit like the woman in front of me, always thinking that I can buy tens of thousands of boxes, this is not my fault.

When the woman saw me, she kept staring at the Kashiwagi box, pouting her lips, and made a phone call.

The father said on the phone that the cypress tree was stolen, you have to go back and see. My father’s voice was too loud, the old machine’s voice was already loud, and with my father’s loud voice, I quickly detached the microphone from my ear. He was in the same room with an old man with ears behind his ears. He laughed every time he watched his father yell at his mobile phone with his mouth open, like watching a call to the headquarters in a war movie. The father laughed, scolded with a smile, a hammer. When the old man saw someone talking to him, he called a few more haha.

Father has been confused from time to time, it’s been almost a year. When he woke up, he said to his roommate or nursing home staff that the cypress was stolen. The roommate behind the ear was haha, and the staff didn’t understand his father and thought he was sick. But my father’s anxious situation made them recognize the truth and told me that I must go to see the cypress trees. When I arrived at the nursing home, my father fell asleep again and I had to wait for him to wake up.

The father was lying on his side, by the window. Sunshine fell from the crevices of the osmanthus tree, and his father seemed to be covered with a layer of gold coins. This is a Siji Gui, with long and narrow leaves covering most of the window, because it is on the ground floor, it dare not open the screen window, and there are many flying insects. There is a scent of dark fragrance mixed in the breath of Lai Sushui, a bit like a certain perfume used in Milan.

One year ago, Dad went to the city to visit his father. He expressed no understanding of our children’s approach. My father was still awake at that time and said, I don’t have any thoughts about my baby, the old house. Cypress must help me, and I still count on it. Our father’s younger brother calls us fine dad. The little dad contained dry smoke, which did not catch fire. He coughed empty for a while, his chest ruffled like waves, and he nodded vaguely, saying that no one could hug him when he grew up behind the house. I said fine dad, you can cut the tree girl smoked bacon, Bai Ya smoked meat incense, Bai Ya in the city a few dollars a catty. Dad’s face pulled a little, and it was a smile. He pointed to a piece of meat at his feet, which was smoked with Bai Ya. The father instructed his mother to go home and stew the meat, at that time his father recovered better. I sent Xiao Da to the station, and Xiao Da coughed all the way. I said, would Dad go to the hospital for a check? Dad’s whole face was black and purple, and he shook his head. I explained to him, fine father, that the nursing home eats and sleeps on time, which is more regular. The fine dad coughed violently again. I shut up.

I remember the day my father first said that cypress was stolen, I just came back from a business trip. After waiting for my son to sleep at night, I hinted that Milan would take a bath. Your cypress tree was stolen. Milan said.


Your father called. Let you go home and see.

Lao Yuan saw the cypress tree.

Xiao Da once said that it was stupid and stupid, but the straightness still struck me. The wire-like line hangs from the sky, hard and simple, like crossing the glass. The canopy is like a cloud, the fluffy luxuriant, the trunk is inserted straight down, and the root is hidden behind the tile house. I remember once I went to Huangshan and saw Yanbai, swaying hard, withered and frustrated. Want to come to them are two temperaments. Cypress gave me the initial and final impression of the thickness of the two grips that year when I graduated from high school. That year my father came back empty-handed. In order to raise the cost of my college, he burned his eyes red, looked at anything in the room like hatred, grabbed the millet in the bucket, and fell. Pinch the pig’s neck and slap. His eyes finally fell on the cypress behind the house. Cypress has two thick grips and her chest is like a groom. In the afternoon, a few people came to see the tree, and they all said that it was too small. My father knew that he could make a purlin before selling the price. At present, he can only make a hoe. If it is a hoe, it is no different from other kinds of wood such as camphor and pear wood. It is worthless.

Finally, his father spoke to a distant relative and asked him to cut the tree three years later, and the money must be paid in cash. Our whole family had to admire his father’s mind. I held the money and looked at the cypress behind the house. Now it grows there, and every branch is full of strength, pushing upward. The canopy is fluffy and covered in bright tiles, which looks shady and cool to the heart. But three years later it was a purlin on the roof of the house. Thinking of my nose sore. Even so, Cypress replaced my future with the future.

I like to smell Baiya’s burning aroma. As soon as Baiya is dry, it burns on fire. The crackling flames jump up to the old high. The tar in the branch fuels the fire, and the cheerful smell overflows the room.

Father said that he planted this seedling to commemorate my birth. My father held out his little finger and shook it in front of me, saying it was so thin. I said that Dad Cypress was still there, and no one had stolen. I’m telling the truth, the cypress is now several times thicker than two grips. Who is okay to steal things that can’t be taken away? I was still going to say something, and the words came to my mouth, suddenly like a scented bun, and I swallowed it back again. I looked at my father carefully, and I realized that I had never looked at this face in such detail. When did this face begin to vicissitudes, the memory is blurred. The senile spots under the temples are like shadows of light, which seem to be removed at any time. The flesh between the bones and the skin is pitiful, and the disease deprives the skin of the skin with the hands of time; the blood vessels no longer run straight along the meridians, but they meander meandering disorderly, and some places bulge like earthworms. , Some places are twisted like twine. The skin is dark, like a layer of moss covering the mountain rocks. The hands dare not touch them, for fear of waking the skin. He dared to squeeze his father’s right hand, so that he was soaked in cold bone, as hard as a grape stem. The hair is gray and inadvertently scattered on the scalp. It was the eyes. When I saw me, the look of surprise, helplessness, and inquiry came.

I repeat, without stealing, good. I don’t know who I’m talking to.

He looked at me and suddenly his eyes dimmed. There was a trace of boredom. These eyes gathered up the storms and vicissitudes of a lifetime. It’s very tiring now, and the picture of life shown to him by the creator has come to an end, as if the rain and the rain have dispersed. Father used these eyes to signal me to sit down. I sat down beside my father’s bed and looked at my father closely. Looking at my father, I can’t believe that a fleshy body will be made like this by years of fireworks.

I also photographed myself in the mirror. One day I found a few white hairs stupefied. After shocking, I accepted the traces of time, but removed all the lenses and glass that could see the shadow. Will my father also have this idea? It’s just that the body is fixed on the wheelchair and cannot be implemented. So is everything I do fulfilling my father’s wishes? Once I said Milan, you also have white hair. Milan said, take your own picture. I took a picture at the barber shop and was startled. Who is in the mirror? The temples turned pale.

As we grew older, the cypress trees were so thick that no one could hold them. But I clearly realized that my father was not just getting old. So I didn’t go down. Does it make sense?

An aunt was invited at home to serve his father. When the weather was better, I pushed my father to the community, and then practiced walking by holding the iron railing. After the mother finished the meal, the aunt pushed her father back and went out again in the afternoon. My father recovered quickly, and the doctor told him not to fall for a second time, so my father repeatedly asked to get rid of the wheelchair, but we all agreed that flat areas can be used, and uneven areas have to be wheelchair-bound. One day my father said I would go back to the Ruihe field to see the cypress trees. Milan said you can go My father’s eyes were flushed with grievances. I said wait a little better to take him back to walk around.

Dad is too sensitive? Milan said.

I did not answer, Milan grew up in the city from an early age. It is difficult for her to understand the subtle changes in psychology after a person falls. Even me, sometimes I intentionally or unintentionally say something that makes my father sensitive, such as eating a little dry, avoiding going to the bathroom frequently, paying attention to turning my head at any time, so that the carotid artery is smooth… After hearing my father’s sigh, I think, what are we Can you talk like this?

I remember the first time my father said that the cypress tree had been stolen. My father took my hand and said that the cypress tree would make a coffin for him and his mother and could not be used for other purposes. He said it was more than enough to fight two coffins. That tone just asked me to sign the bet. Father was confused. The osmanthus tree outside the window swayed, and the bed of gold coins fell to the ground. Father said, you have to nod, you must have Luo Mazi’s craftsmanship. The osmanthus tree stopped shaking, and the gold coins ran to the bed again. You nod. I nodded and said, Luo Mazi’s craftsmanship. Buried back to Ruihechang. The father added.

At first, I really worried about my father’s coffin. It is said that Luo Muzi’s Muhuoer can be regarded as the boss’s bench in the Ruihe field, and the coffin he made cannot even penetrate the wind. When my father said this, he looked like he had eaten a dumpling of coins in the Chinese New Year. I asked Xiao Da to ask Luo Mazi. In front of his brother, Xiao Dazi said, where is Luo Mazi in Ruihechang? With the children, they went to Guangdong for several years. The father’s face was decadent. I quickly said, I asked the fellow in Guangdong to inquire. My father gave me a squint and whispered, “Where are you from?” It didn’t take long for Xiao Da to send a letter saying that Luo Mazi had been found, and he was as old as an iron hook. He heard that his father had ordered him to hit the coffin, but he cried in public. After crying, he must return to Ruihechang. Old Nie hit the deputy coffin. I transferred the original words to my father. My father asked in surprise, that the cypress tree was not stolen? Luo Mazi is a good person. It turned out that Luo Mazi opened a coffin shop in Ruihechang. His father’s father passed away, and he had no money to buy a coffin. Luo Mazi actually credited his father with a coffin. It was a taboo thing at the time. Luo Mazi said that he would not be dismissed. If I had to pay the bill, I cut down the cypress tree in his house.

I don’t know how many bets my father had placed on Cypress. According to my logic, it seems that as soon as my father met Kaner, Cypress appeared. Only in the matter of the sister’s marriage was lost. Sometimes when I think about it, I sighed. How could my father associate a cypress tree with a love? This should not be my sister’s fault. Remember when your father was able to speak, he asked the first sentence, your sister did not come back? Did your father figure this out during the coma? I dare not tell the truth to the old man who just came back from the death line. I said that my sister had been there and could not cry.

I dare not tell my sister’s father about cerebral hemorrhage. I hope she can live far away. Milan said that it wouldn’t be too late to tell her when Dad recovered. I mean that too.

Luo Mazi did not return after all, nor did he beat his father’s cedar coffin. This is something.

Son went to high school. I dared to discuss it with my father and told him to go to the nursing home for a year. After Tao Tao finished the exam, he took him back. His father was also informed and went to the nursing home. But Xiao Da has another saying about it. As long as people enter a nursing home, they will do one thing and wait for death. I quickly sent a letter to my dad and invited him to be a guest at home, the purpose is to let him know the conditions of the nursing home now. Lest I fall into the reputation of an unfilial son in Ruihechang. When my parents entered the city with me, the whole Ruihe Field spread all over, saying that Nie Laohan relied on his son to enter the city to enjoy the blessings. Sure enough, my dad went back to Ruihechang, and was full of praise for the nursing home. Distribute the paper cigarettes I gave him to my neighbors and say aloud that my nephew is filial. When Dad picks up the red cloth strip again, he will light a piece of cigarette and worship under the cypress tree.

The father said on the phone and took him back to Ruihechang. Afraid of my refusal, he said one after another, just glanced at it and immediately returned. I said that I had to say to my dad. My father pleaded, don’t bother others, after the busy field, how could you be free? I have a hunch that this should be the last time he returned to Ruihe. I said, go back in the afternoon. I took a half-day leave and asked the staff of the nursing home to carry my father in the car.

Afterwards, the mother said that everyone had a hunch, and they had to gather their feet when they died.

My father seldom talked since he came back from Ruihechang. All the words were uttered by the gods, which made the living people feel erotic.

I took my father to see the cypress trees that day, but I was dumbfounded when the car stopped at the base of our old house. What about trees?

Father turned his head around and confirmed that it was his old house foundation, and asked me, what about trees?

There was only a huge stump standing behind the old house. The upper part of the stump was black as carbon, and the black edge was hanging from the bark. The bark was huge and gray, like a solidified cloth, which could cover a big dog. Bai Lala’s mouth was exposed in the uncoverable place.

I get off, my father can only be in the car. A year ago, there should be a cypress in the sky. After I walked around the house, the wire railings had spread out, and the ochre rust covered the wire. Underneath the tree are gray and black charcoal, scattered with cypress seeds. Not far away, the upper body of the cypress lay horizontally. When the trunk descended from the sky, he panicked down to the bamboo forest in the back. The bamboo was interrupted by a large piece. The crown of the cloud was still a bit blue, and the air was filled with cypress trees. The aroma of grease.

Only a three or four meter high tree stump was left standing.

My father and I went to the small dad’s house, and my father couldn’t get off. Fine dad was lying in bed, trying to struggle, and tried it, but failed. There was another breath after lying down. The thin dad is as thin as a picture. There was a smell in the room. Finally, I picked up my dad, and the mom put a chair beside the car, the father was in the car, and the dad was outside the car. My dad said that the tree was struck by lightning. Xiao Da said that a month ago, it rained and thundered. The sky was angry towards the ground, and the whole ground shivered with fear. He just looked back at the old house and hurried back. There was a loud thunder in his ear. Xiao Da’s ear was buzzing and he couldn’t hear the sound. Lightning ripped for four or five times. Xiao Da turned around and saw the cypress The waist was broken and a flame flashed. The tree fell backwards like a slow motion, a bit like the stump pushed the tree out, and then the tree stood unsteady and fell. The little dad crawled home with a roll. The next day, he had a high fever. He was as soft as noodles, and he ate in bed. The thin mother wiped her tears and pulled me aside, saying that the small father estimated that it was the last two months, and all the children were notified. Father said, why did Lei cut the tree? Split into fine trees? It’s like asking yourself and the people around you. When no one answered, he said to me, the tree was stolen and your sister came back.

The father’s face was calm, as if some load was off. Back in the city, the younger sister was really at home, and her brother-in-law was busy in the kitchen. I am a little apprehensive. My father never mentioned returning to his hometown, nor did he mention Luo Mazi playing the coffin. When I was carrying my dad back to the house, I told the dad that Luo Mazi had to return the letter. Xiao Da said, Luo Mazi died, almost a month ago. Died in Guangdong. It was the two days when the tree was thundered. Xiao Da added.

My father still said from time to time that the cypress tree was stolen, sometimes waking up the staff in the middle of the night and saying that the cypress tree was stolen. The staff ignored his father and later turned off his father’s pager. My father called me on the elderly machine. I often wake me up in the middle of the night. The next day I saw my mother’s eyes red and swollen. She said that it was time to prepare your dad for something. I looked at my mother in surprise, and the mother cried loudly.

The next day I went to buy a cedar box for my father.

It didn’t take long for the fine mom to call and say that the fine dad couldn’t do it. With a thin voice, she said that the remaining stumps wanted to make a coffin for your little dad.

The day Dad sat on the big night, I rushed to Ruihechang. The father’s shed was placed on the residential square, and the coffin stopped in the middle. The little dad in the photo laughed chubbyly. As soon as I saw that the coffin was not cypress wood, I asked the fine mother. She said that the carpenter looked straight at the remaining pile and said that it was useless. The villagers are unclear. The carpenter said you look carefully. The carpenter took off the bark of the cypress, and the smooth trunk appeared, white and glaring. The villagers dared to get closer, and the stump descended from the break, covered with spider silk-like webs, like blue and white porcelain cracked lines. The carpenter used a small knife to insert a crack, and the trunk crackled like a plaster module.

I took a breath. Before he died, Cypress dismembered himself from the inside. The fine mother pointed to the corner of the wall, where the yard was filled with bright white blocks of wood, like a swaying knife, staggering the tall stacks. I know that soon they will all become ashes.