Walking on the post

  I was fascinated by the heavyness and depth brought by history, and being in it seemed to walk between the lines of the characters, walking on the beautiful silk-like post. At that time, Lingnan was still far away from the Central Plains. The water in the ancient port of Huangpu could withstand the impact of the vessels, and it could allow life to meet in the north and south fortresses, surrounded by tears and laughter, and hold destiny tightly.
  But now, I see the fallen leaves of the post road cover up the footprints of the ancestors. Prosperity brings us openness and speed. Who cares about “slowness”? Time rushes and efficiency has become an important part of our lives. So, from dawn to dawn, every time the power switch is full of power. This is what I want to tell you, walking on the post road, recalling and talking.
  So, what can I tell you? In Nanxiong Meiguan Ancient Post Road, blending is its basic theme, and the extended business brigades and military struggles become a kind of testimony in the writings of literati Mo Ke. Of course, I will follow the map to the end of the post, to the depth of the soul of history. If these historical materials can be confirmed, then I am the one who read sentences verbatim. There is no need to chase anything more, but in the face of vicissitudes of ancient buildings, withered courtyards, walls and shops, it should be said that we are all descendants of the ancient post road. Bathed in the sun, the sea and the turmoil, the shouting echoed in the distance, and only the inner peace could find the direction of the post.
  That day, I was bathing in the soft sunshine in Zhuji Ancient Alley, the bricks on both sides were permeated with the smell of earth, the eaves were slowly protruding from the top of the head, and the red lanterns were swaying in the breeze, without being anxious. The stone road is a bit smooth and warm, away from the indifference that has been enveloped by loneliness. Therefore, I continue to walk forward, continue to walk along the street, let go of my feelings. But dreams are uplifting hills, and people, horses, silk, and tea on the post road run on their own tracks, and of course, even war is no exception. As a continuation, order and culture have indelible power.
  This is not only a heritage of roots, but also a carrier on which the south-north traders open the door to Lingnan and fate reaches the other shore. But I only thought of this-not far away, a gray-haired old man was stroking the outer wall. Although the antique wall tiles fascinated me, the few lines of small seals that suddenly appeared made me fight a cold war. At this time, it seems that many distant stories are in sight.
  Or you can open yourself in March, on a spring day. is not that right? You can see how bright the kapok smiles are, and there are Bauhinia flowers. On both sides of the post road, it seems that there are countless flowering branches, and the flowers are blooming and dreaming. Is it the expectation of the walker, the inevitable history, or the ultimate pursuit of life?
  I have long been accustomed to walking on the post road alone. In Nanxiong, in Guangfu, in Chaoshan, in the setting sun of Huangpu ancient port, walking slowly, the fragrance of the book comes across, refreshing, there is a historical tranquility and hustle and bustle-a group of merchants are drinking big bowls Tea, Ma Qun snort, seems to have jumped on the paper. Because at this moment, even distant stories can be clearly reproduced through the post road.
  This means that in the culture of the post road, we must be loyal subjects of cultural protection.
  But now, time is moving with its own tension, brick and tile, grass and tree, and the post road insists on dignity in silence. We must do something! You see, the Nanyue ancient post road sign system has fallen into a conspicuous place. Volunteers are vigorously interpreting it. The ancient post road leaps out of the barren section… in their own territory, they are clear and serene.
  I respect the post road, and respect all the ancestors who traveled through the road through the post road-because in this world, their indomitable spirit has long been spread through every post road in every corner of the world, and the essence and gods given by the post road will never disappear. . This has clearly surpassed the development of science and technology, and beyond the complexity and excitement of this world.

I respect the post road, and respect all the ancestors who trekked through the post road.