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The interest of sycamore is in the side branch

  In the early autumn and early morning, I walked out of the community and turned to the main street. The sun was blazing all over, and I felt empty all around.
  Overnight, the lush, solitary sycamore trees on both sides of the street barely covered the mottled body and stood there dullly. The side branches that were upright yesterday and the still green leaves are now scattered all over the ground. The sawdust on the ground beside the tree shows people what happened last night, and the pruning craftsmen have been busy working overnight.
  The pruned sycamore leaves only bare branches, such as the lineup guards of the British Royal, expressionless and uniform. In the autumn, the sycamore has fewer yellow leaves drifting with the wind, and will no longer prowl the road in a mess. Even the frost hawk moth that has lived here for years will no longer fall from the branches to the pedestrian’s head or the car. The glass window is up. The cleaning of the entire street seems to be more convenient, and the appearance becomes cleaner.
  Year after year, people seem to be used to this orderly arrangement, and everything seems to be taken for granted. But when I wandered by the long street and wandered under the sycamore, I could no longer enjoy the fun of the sycamore, I could no longer enjoy the shade of the turn of the ground, I could not find the mottled time when the sunlight sprinkled through the dense foliage to the ground, I could not hear The flocks of little sparrows sang together, and they could not smell two or three twos. The ripe three-ball plane sycamore fruit sometimes crackled to the pleasant rhythm. The cool wind blew through, and the stout and stiff main branch could never sway the windy, graceful dancing posture of the side branches and leaves.
  Every now and then, my heart is as empty as this street, always thinking that the life interest of Wutong has disappeared and disappeared. Without the side branches, the sycamore is no longer intact, as if the life was incomplete and lifeless. In my opinion, the life interest of Indus lies above this branch.
  Thinking of the childhood classroom, the teacher asked us to summarize “Journey to the West” in one sentence. The students can almost come up with words such as “The five masters and disciples descended and demons all the way, and finally obtained the Xitian Zhenjing”, “The magical Sun Wukong descended from the demon, and escorted the Tang monk to successfully obtain the Jingjing”. In fact, Wu Chengen’s “Journey to the West”, in addition to the backbone of “Demon Demon” and “Acquisition”, also performed a lot of interesting people and things, which added to the boring journey of “Acquisition” Endless fun. For example: Zhu Bajie wants to make a conversation when he sees a beautiful woman, and wants to bite when he sees a good food. He mocks Chang’e and is demoted as a pig; in the Pansi Cave, he is fooled by spider spirits to die; marrying his wife is hard to please; Seeing the long-lived fruit, I can’t wait to swallow it; I often play with a little temper, and keep clamoring to go back to Gao Laozhuang and so on. Every time I read this, I can’t help but tolerate. Years later, these fragments constitute vivid memories of the work “Journey to the West”.
  Now I want to think, if Mr. Wu Chengen only summarized our childhood in class, what would be the result of writing on the white paper with a pen? It’s hard to imagine that if there are no such “side branches” like Zhu Bajie and others, then “Journey to the West” will become a boring work with its bare main body. I think, at least, it won’t be a classic that has been talked about by the descendants and has been circulating to this day.
  I have read five versions of Su Dongpo’s biography, such as Lin Yutang’s “Su Dongpo Biography”, Li Guowen’s “Approaching Su Dongpo”, Kang Zhen’s “Comment on Su Dongpo” and so on. But no matter which version, in addition to presenting a generation of literary writer Su Dongpo to the readers, it is always inseparable from the bridge section where Dongpo and Foyin play together, inevitable the fun of Su Xiaomei and Dongpo fighting mouth, and Su Xiaomei The story of falling in love with Qin Guan and the bride and groom in the Dongfang Hanzhu will not lack the interesting anecdotes of Dongpo and wine, meat, fish, vegetables, tea, especially meat, even the name “Dongpo” Played as the most approachable grassroots smell. If people have raised their faces and seriously introduced Su Dongpo’s life and poems, and listed them as official achievements, then Mr. Dong Po is at most a deceased cultural person. I am afraid that he will have long been shelved by history. However, it is precisely because of these many interesting “side branches” related to Dongpo that we cannot help but sigh that a generation of literary genius Su Dongpo is a Wenqu star that has fallen into the dust and is full of fireworks. Such a literary star can have fun, be respected by generations of literati as an outstanding representative with celebrity style, and be able to live in the hearts of Chinese literati for more than a thousand years and will continue forever. It is no wonder that Mr. Lin Yutang said that when he mentioned Su Dongpo, he always aroused a cordial and admirable smile. I think this kind of smile is what Mr. Dong Po is really interested in.
  Therefore, whether it is a sycamore tree, a story, or a person, their real interest is in “side branches”, and with the help of many “side branches”, it will appear vivid and vivid, fresh and interesting.
  When I turned around the street corner, my eyes suddenly lit up, and I saw a long row of plane trees, lush and lush. I think, maybe it is the worker master who has time to prune in the future, or maybe the guardian of this street also has a feeling similar to mine—the interest of Wutong lies in the side. My namaste prayer is the latter.

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