Earlier, there was a painting on the Pearl River, which was not only for people to take a tour, but also used as a means of transportation to take passengers to other countries. The boat house is often a family of men, women and children, and the girl’s house is also beautifully dressed, learning silk and bamboo, singing and dancing from an early age, and at the age of fifteen or sixteen, they received passengers. When the wealthy merchants first boarded the ship, they knew that Qiu Bo’s secret delivery was just fortune, so they watched everywhere; but for a long time, they eventually fell into their fascination, and they were already empty when they landed. Over time, people changed the name of “Painting Fang” to “Fang Fang”.

However, he said that there was a Shen Lingbai in Yixing, Jiangsu, who was a curtain clerk in the Yamen of Guangdong. In his early fifties, he never married a wife, always cleansing himself, never looking for flowers and asking Liu. He worked diligently, and his family’s remuneration was quite generous. Over the years, he also accumulated a lot of wealth. Suddenly one day, Shen Lingbo sighed: “I am so old that I might as well go back to my hometown to buy a good land, build a secluded room, and be a hermit of the world. Hurry up and pass this second half of my life!” He quit his club, packed up his clothes, and prepared to return to Yixing.

It is necessary to take a boat when returning home. Shen Lingbai has long heard of the “Pearl River Fang”. Therefore, when he hired the boat, he repeatedly warned the boatman: there must be no women on board! To this end, he deliberately boarded the ship and inspected it carefully, only after confirming that nothing was wrong, he was allowed to release the ship.

Anyway, Shen Lingbai saw a beautiful woman on the ship not long after she had just sailed. Although she had a light make-up, she was moving. He was furious and scolded the boatman: “Why is there no room for women to be allowed on the boat? Why is it unbelievable? Stop the boat! Let me go ashore!” The boatman knelt on the ground and did not dare to raise his head. The woman came over quickly and said to Shen Lingbo: “Please ask Mr. Rongnu’s family to explain everything. If you are close to reason, please ask him to stay; if it doesn’t make sense, let Mr. Ren be expelled.”

Shen Lingbai sniffed in his nose, and said with a strong pressure, “You can just listen to it.” The woman said: “The slave family is Yixing, whose surname is Liu and his name is Xiaoyu. Since childhood, he came to Guangdong with his parents. Unfortunately, the parents died one after another, and the slave family was lonely and helpless. They just wanted to return to their hometown and enter the Buddhist temple of Ni’an. However, they wanted to hire a boat to go back to their hometown, and they had insufficient entanglement; For example, Luohan King Kong is a rare man in the world. If he can pity the slave family and help the slave family to return home, it is really a great merit! The neighbor’s aunt, the slave family, is very familiar with the boatman, so she introduced the slave family to this boat. Answer, the slave family has only jumped over the river for a hundred.” Speaking of this, the woman had already burst into tears.

After listening, Shen Lingbai couldn’t bear it, and said, “You want to go with the boat, you can do it, but you must not enter the mid cabin!” Xiaoyu promised and immediately got up and went to the rear cabin. After a while, she left the rear cabin There was a sound of her chanting “buzzing”. The boatman also came to Shen Lingbai to say thanks again and again: “Mr. compassionate, really a living Bodhisattva!” Shen Lingbai took a long breath, believing that what Xiaoyu said was the truth.

After a few days, Shen Lingbai discovered that the food she ate and the tea soup she drank were particularly good; the towels and socks she had replaced were also washed extremely clean. He asked the boatman, and the boatman said: “Mr. Xiao’s diet and life are all picked up by Xiaoyu girl.” Not only that, Xiaoyu often got up in the morning and bought delicious snacks for Shen Lingbai, which caused Shen Lingbai to be surprised.

One morning, when Shen Lingbai heard a “Goodong” outside, he only heard the boatman shouting, “No, Xiaoyu bought snacks for his master, and fell into the river!” The boatman was rescuing Xiaoyu on board. Xiao Yu’s dress was wet and trembling with cold. Shen Lingbai quickly shouted: “Come and help her into the mid cabin!” The boatman froze and asked: “Mr. didn’t tell me that Xiao Yu was not allowed to enter the mid cabin…” Shen Lingbai Anxious: “Don’t nag, help her into the middle cabin!”

In this way, Xiaoyu replaced the wet dress and got into Shen Lingbai’s bed. Shen Lingbo burned a pot of fire and dried the dress for Xiaoyu himself. Since then, Shen Lingbai has expressed gratitude to Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu has taken great care of Shen Lingbai, but the two still get along very well.

One day, Shen Lingbai suddenly suffered from dysentery, and his servants covered their noses far away, but Xiaoyu, served tea for him, decoction and medicine, and washed all the clothes he had changed, Very attentive. For three or four days in a row, Shen Lingbai’s illness got better. When he woke up that night, he saw that Xiaoyu was holding on to the bedside. He was so moved that he gently held Xiaoyu’s arm and said, “Your clothes are too thin, and you have suffered so much for the old. , How to be patient with old age? Do you lie down on old feet for a while?” Xiaoyu bowed her head and did not answer.

Shen Lingbai thought for a while and said, “The girl is only in her early twenties, and old age is fifty years old. You can be my daughter as long as you are old. As long as you don’t dislike, old age will accept you as a dry daughter. Such a cold night, What’s the tightness of the dry daughter sleeping on the feet of his uncle?” Xiao Yu finally nodded, got into the bed, and slept under Shen Lingbai’s feet. Shen Lingbo only felt that his feet were warm, and Xiaoyu had a more fragrant body, which penetrated into his nose, making him unable to help. For another moment, he couldn’t hold it anymore, and finally got to the end of the bed, sharing the pillow with Xiaoyu, embracing her, and whispering in her ear: “If the girl accomplishes good things with me, my money will be yours… …”Xiaoyu didn’t say anything, Shen Lingbai knew she had tacitly agreed, and hugged her tightly.

Since then, the two get along like a couple, and Shen Lingbai hands Xiaoyu over the affairs of big and small, and gives her the silver box keys.

After a few days, Xiaoyu told Shen Lingbai that his two servants had escaped; soon afterwards, she said that a book boy had also escaped. At that time, Shen Lingbai’s heart was on Xiaoyu, and he didn’t care much. Until one day, Shen Lingbai found that her silver box was empty, and asked Xiaoyu in surprise.

Xiaoyu said, “Well, have you forgotten? How much silver did your servant steal, how much silver did your book stolen, and how much silver did we spend every day on the rice, oil, and salt? How much money did you pay, and how much did you pay for the boatman’s expenses. How much money do you have left after you have calculated carefully?”

After a few days, Shen Lingbai found out that the suitcase was empty, and asked Xiaoyu, and Xiaoyu replied, “Since the silver is used up, how can I maintain the expenses if I don’t take the clothes for a few dollars?” Not quite right, but he was fascinated by the beauty, and did not question carefully.

Suddenly one day, the boatman said: “Yixing is here!” Shen Lingbai wanted to go ashore, but Xiaoyu dissuaded him: “Where are you going? The home has been left intact, where are you going to stay? Let’s talk about the neighbors in your hometown Everyone knows that you have made a fortune outside, but now that you don’t have much money, how can you see your fellow folks?” Shen Lingbai asked bitterly, “Why not go ashore?” Xiaoyu said: “Let the boat go forward. In seven or eight miles, there was an old house left by my aunt who was still clean, as if there would be some time there.” Shen Lingbai thought about it and had to rely on Xiaoyu.

Since then, Xiaoyu often went out busy and did not return for many days. Although Shen Lingbai had a lot of doubts in her mind, she dared not question half a word, nor dared to leave her home.

One day, several old friends came to visit Shen Lingbai-all his screen friends in Guangdong. Shen Lingbai said in surprise: “Why did you all come here?” An old friend smiled and said: “We happened to hear that Brother Shen is here, the road is near, so we came together to visit…”

At this time, Shen Lingbai understood: he had been on a boat for several months, facing a wonderful person like flowers and jade every day, why did he pay attention to the scenery of mountains and rivers? Why have you asked about the itinerary? But the boatman set a plan to hide from the sky, sailing for dozens of miles every day, then turning around to retreat for dozens of miles, not to mention Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and never left the boundary of Guangdong! When Shen Lingbai learned Xiaoyu’s real name, she was even more shocked: This is a famous prostitute who is famous for the Pearl River Flower Fang! No wonder there is such “kung fu” to play around with Mr. Dao Xue who is known as “Vajra Luohan body”. Alas, needless to say, those boatmen and steeringmen must be Xiaoyu’s people. And their own servants and book boys must have been bought by them. They have gradually fallen into their carefully set traps! Nowadays, I have already had a grievance with others, and have been so embarrassed in the end, only to sigh myself!

Shen Lingbai left the “Xiaoyu’s house” with several friends in frustration, and asked someone to help him. He had an errand in the Yamen and re-started his career as a bartender. The difference is that a rich man had become a poor man!