Master’s secret

A long time ago, there was an old coppersmith in the city of Mizhou. He had the unique ability to build a copper horn.

People in the past who have a little craftsmanship, it is not rumored. Not to mention the apprentices, that is, their own flesh and blood are still passed on from child to child. The old coppersmith is no exception. He has no children and no daughters, and he is not willing to pass on his craft.

On this day, a ragged boy walked into the coppersmith’s shop to drink. The boy was thirteen years old and called Ouda. The family suffered a change and both parents died, and they were orphans. The old coppersmith looked at the pitiful child, and thought that he was over half a year old, and he was gradually unable to work, so he made an exception and took Ouda as a disciple, leaving him to help in the shop. It was a joy to fall from the sky, Ouda immediately knelt down towards the old coppersmith, and kowtowed.

At first, the old coppersmith only let Ouda do some heavy and rough work. Later, when the old coppersmith saw Ouda was diligent and clever, he began to teach him the most critical process of copper horn: quenching.

As the saying goes: I have taught the apprentices and starved to death. Therefore, the old coppersmith still left a hand when apprenticeship: there are two kinds of handmade copper horns: “single number” and “check number”. The so-called check mark refers to the copper horn that has almost the same shape and sound quality. Ouda is ingenious and clever, and each process can be learned almost in one go. He soon mastered the technique of single quenching and could do it well with his eyes closed. And every time when he did the quenching of the check mark, the old coppersmith would not allow Ouda to do it, and he was expelled under various pretexts.

This has been going on for several years. One day, the master and apprentice went to the market to sell the copper horn. As soon as they arrived at the market, there was a troupe passing by. The troupe masters picked up the brass horn and blew it. They felt good and decided to buy a few.

The old coppersmiths were very proud, but the copper horns that everyone had to match, the number brought out by the master and apprentice was not enough. Thinking that there were still some hardened finished products at home, the old coppersmith sent Ouda back to get it quickly.

Ouda trot all the way back to the shop, but did not find the brass horn that the master said. He was anxious and went to the inner hall to ask the lady.

The lady listened to the situation and pondered for a moment, then said in embarrassment: “Sometimes after you leave, someone will come to buy the copper horn. I will sell those in the shop!”

Ouda sighed and said, “What can I do? The masters of the troupe are still waiting on the set. It seems that this business cannot be done…” Oda said that he planned to go out and give the master a reply.

The maid quickly stopped him and said, “Wait, there are not many people buying copper horns. It’s easy to encounter a big business. How can you let it go easily?”

“What if I don’t let go?”

“Understand how people let a urine suffocate? Hurry up and burn the furnace, how many of you will be quenched now?”

Ouda was in trouble and said, “What people want is the right sign. I am afraid I can’t do well…”

The master said: “If you don’t try, how do you know that you can’t do it well? You just have to do it according to the method taught by the master. If you quench the check into a single number, it will be sold as a single number after the big deal. If you do it , Let’s make it! Rest assured, your master blamed, you just push on me…”

Ouda thought and thought the words of the maid and the lady were reasonable. He quickly burned the furnace and just burned one, and quenched the other. The maid came to the furnace and said to him, “Time is pressing. Burning one by one, quenching one by one, how much trouble? It is better to steal a lazy, put several copper horns together in the furnace fire, and quench them together after burning, which saves much trouble and avoids your master in Focus on the finest…”

“This… the master hasn’t asked me to do this, can it?”

The sister-in-law is also anxious: “Oh, boy, you look at this sky, do you still have time to spend?”

When the lady was the master, Ouda carefully put a few paired copper horns into the fire carefully, burned to a certain temperature, and took them out to quench together. After quenching, he picked it up and tried it, and immediately stunned with surprise: the sound quality of the few brass horns was not bad, just like the master did. Ouda suddenly realized: the original “quench quenching” mystery is to heat them at the same time and quench at the same time, so that the sound can be consistent!

Ou Daxing hurriedly took the counter brass horn to the set. When the master saw him, he scorned and reproached: “On this way, I climbed back and forth a few times. Why did I come?”

Ouda told the master about the things in the shop, and then couldn’t help saying happily: “Master, I will finally quench the check mark…”

The old coppersmith “giggled” in his heart and couldn’t help complaining about his wife: How could this so much happen to this prostitute? I’m very defenseless, but I can’t prevent it!

The old coppersmith returned home with sulking, only to feel that his chest was panic. He wanted to have a quarrel with his wife. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even speak before, and he was so angry.

Ouda and the wife of the old coppersmith were terrified.

Ouda lifted the master to his arms and rubbed his chest with his hands while crying: “Master, wake up, I just learned craftsmanship, and I haven’t had time to repay your elderly! You are getting better soon In the future, I will listen to you and your sister more carefully and make our business bigger, so that you and your sister will have a comfortable life in their later years…”

The old coppersmith suddenly took a sigh of relief, opened his eyes, and rolled a teardrop in the corner of his eyes…

At a critical moment, Ouda’s sincere words made the master “return to life”, and also made the teacher feel that she did not look away.

It turned out that the old lady had persuaded the old coppersmith to teach the art to Ouda, but the old coppersmith was very careful and did not agree.

Today, the sister-in-law felt that the opportunity came, so she deliberately sold all the copper horns in the shop, so that she could push the boat along and let Ouda learn the technique of quenching the number.