It turns out that we can love each other

Two major events happened last year, which turned the relationship between my mother and my grandma.

First, my grandfather Parkinson’s disease worsened and accidentally lost. Fortunately, after a night of searching, we found him in a tree pit in a park. Grandpa’s situation has worsened since then. He used to be able to walk on his own, but now he needs people to help him. Then my mother had a sudden coronary heart disease and the situation was critical. Although he escaped successfully, the process worried the whole family.

The night when my grandfather went missing, the whole family was in a mess. I have found relatives and friends from all walks of life, motorcycles with motorcycles, cars with cars, walks without cars and motorcycles. Everyone took a flashlight to search the neighborhood and the surrounding area. It was already the next morning when my grandfather was brought back, and my grandma cried “wow”, and the old and noisy old couple suddenly paid attention to each other.

After my mother had a sudden coronary heart disease, she stayed in the hospital for half a month. Grandma accompanied my mother for half a month. After being discharged from the hospital, everyone went to the grandma’s house to gather and when they were leaving, the grandma insisted on sending us.

There was heavy snow just the day before, and the snow on the ground was thick, and we squeaked on it, and we were speechless to each other. In the past ten years or so, my mother and I have often been embarrassed and speechless with grandma, and we are used to it.

Grandma took us outside the community.

“Go back, go back. It’s weird outside.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I watched you go.”

We can’t stop her.

My mother and I went for a while, and looking back, my grandma was still there. Going for a while, looking back, my grandmother is still there. Going for a while, I will turn to another road, and Grandma is still there. She was wearing a red jacket, and her thin body stood in the snow. Because of the distance, we could discern there was a touch of red.

Grandma is old, and her eyesight is not good enough. Maybe we can no longer recognize the corner of the street, but he stands still. At a corner, we disappeared from each other’s vision.

In the past, the relationship between me, my mother and my grandma was not like it is now.


Because of my mother, I don’t have a relationship with grandma.

When my parents first got married, my mother’s family was too poor, and my grandmother always felt that marrying such a daughter-in-law was a big disadvantage. Not only do you lose money, but also beware everywhere.

My mother just got married and went to my grandma’s house to eat several times. Every time it was very unpleasant.

Once was grandpa’s asthma and needed hospitalization. However, the hospital is too expensive and lacks care, so sometimes I come to my house. Just come sometimes, but it always attracts grandma’s blame. A family held a family dinner at the grandmother’s house, and the grandmother seized the opportunity to sneer at the dinner table. “You poor people like you will take advantage of it.”

In fact, grandpa’s medical expenses are all his savings. My mother also made money and worked in a rural factory.

Another time when the farm was busy, my mother helped my aunt’s family grow seeds. Every time this season, young and middle-aged people go to the fields to work collectively, and lunch and dinner are mostly done by the elderly at home. So my aunt took my mother to my grandma’s house for lunch to deal with.

My grandmother saw my mother and hurled my mother out with cursed teeth and scolding. The reason is that my mother came here once, with a precedent, she will come to her house for dinner no matter how busy she is. He also said that the poorer the more lazy. Neighbors came out to watch this farce.

In the first ten years or so, between grandma and my mother were copies of these things. In recent years, each other has become “mature”. The so-called maturity is nothing but a sneer from meeting to a cold war or blame.

Grandma didn’t like my mother, so she refused to help her with her children. Therefore, my grandma and I are also quite alive. Grandma has two sons and two daughters, as well as a group of grandchildren who were raised by herself, except me.

Grandma’s bowl of water didn’t get even, and it was me who spilled it out. I am always like a guest at grandma’s house, watching cousins ​​and sisters cheering under her knees.


Grandma moved back from the town and returned to the rural home.

Going home in the summer to visit relatives, my mother said that my grandma often came to see me. I went back a few days and had to go again. The day before the trip, I asked my cousin to see grandpa and grandma together at night and do some courtesy. Not wanting Grandma to come first, Grandpa was sitting in a wheelchair and pushed by Grandma. Grandma said that she came to admire the flowers.

In the countryside, our family has a large yard, surrounded by a simple flower pond in front of the door, planting some flowers every year. In the yard, all kinds of fruits and vegetables are planted.

I remembered my mother telling me that those days when she was hospitalized, her grandmother waited and no one said to her, “I’m sorry for you in those years.” After a while, I suddenly said, “It’s harder to live a lifetime.” You are still young and take good care of yourself. My grandfather and I are really old and the days will not last.”

The grandpa and my mom suddenly made everyone wake up, and grandma thought about it.

We will eventually lose each other. Speaking of them, they are all passengers on a time ship, and they will walk a distance and get the next batch of passengers. Everyone who has just boarded a ship feels that the days are infinite and the future is infinitely far away. We randomly suspect, use emotions, grudge each other, argue with each other, and always feel that something is worth hurting each other. However, the time is late. In the face of an eternal farewell, the things to be disputed suddenly looked like wind and dust.

Centuries of life, want to say auspicious words, who can really a century? Losing is a very easy thing after all. Before the time is too late, say a good deal and say sorry, don’t leave regrets forever, and don’t let the knot never be untied.

My mother used to be a tangled person, and after seeing a sudden coronary heart disease, she suddenly saw a lot. How precious human life is, endless hatred is just a form of wasting life.

They reconciled.

Grandma came to see me and my mother.

It turned out that we can love each other.


Everyone sat in the yard watching the roses.

Grandpa suddenly had a high interest in a wheelchair and wanted me to help him walk around. I helped him go for a while, his legs were soft in circles. As a last resort, I helped him back to the wheelchair to sit down. After a while, he quarreled and said to help him walk around again.

Grandma ridiculed grandpa to my mom. Grandpa ignored it. He recently felt better than before. He used to be unable to go to the ground. He said: “This disease is about to exercise more miles.”

We sat before the rose. The rose is very full, layer upon layer. There was a strong wind blowing the night before, the petals fell on the ground, and only half of the remaining flowers were left on the branches, but they looked more delicate.

Recalling the old things, it seems to see the wild goose sliding across the sky, so high, so far.

There is a line in the “Fantasy Drift of the Young School” that has always kept me in my mind: “I guess that life is always letting go at the end, but the most sad thing forever is that there is no goodbye.”

In fact, we can say goodbye, and every moment of our life is an opportunity to say goodbye. However, we don’t cherish it. Sometimes we find it only after a long time in the past, and sometimes we can never find it. In fact, we can simply fall in love with many people around us.

Everyone’s ending is written clearly, all the hustle and bustle always belongs to silence, and no amount of unnecessary quarrels will just pass away with the wind. “What are you fighting for?” Yeah, what are you fighting for. Moreover, are those daily quarrels really necessary? People always realize that when they are lost, there are so many regrets left in the past, there are so many pimples that have not been solved, there are so many people who could have been kind enough to treat them without patience.

How precious life is, I hope that long-term affection, in everyone’s memory, always remember those beautiful fragments, and always have a generous heart. We should leave a warm mark in the lives of others, even in the life of a stranger.

Me, my mother, grandma and grandpa are all in front of the stage. I don’t know when the sky swarmed a swarm of swallows. They flew very low, as low as the low jujube tree in the courtyard. They circle around, fly above our heads, chase each other, and when they are tired, they will stop on the jujube tree, on the vine, and next to a rose.