Why Asians like to wear masks, Europeans like to wear sunglasses

If you have to cover part of your face, Asians prefer masks, while Europeans cannot do without sunglasses. Why?

Mask method for avoiding shortcomings

A Japanese variety show had random interviews on the street. Of the 100 women, only 45 were willing to take off their masks in front of the camera. These girls either have confidence in their face value, or happily cheer for themselves with full makeup.

Compared to the appearance of Europeans, the non-stereoscopic facial features of Asians really do not have the advantage. The distinctive nose collapse, sausage mouth, and Chinese character faces are all tools to lower the face value, but these are not fatal points. Asians Yan value’s fatal bug is irregular dentition. Therefore, the mask is also a “clean face artifact”.

Observer’s Beauty Brain Tonic

Let me tell a small story first: there was a prince who saw a pair of beautiful eyes in the flowers and fell in love with the owner of these eyes. Later, when the master of these eyes really stood in front of the prince, the prince could not recognize it.

Japanese scholars mentioned in the program of removing masks that people’s behavior of automatically filling the next half of the face of others’ brows and brains is called “gestalt psychology” in psychology. When people see a pair of beautiful big eyes, they will automatically supplement their eyes with a strong nose and beautiful lips. However, the real facial features of human beings are particularly “random”, and the second half of the expected face is usually not based on your script. Masks give this kind of people a lifeline.

Of course, there are thresholds for driving masks: 1. The face cannot overflow the mask; 2. The eyebrow and eye coordination should be coordinated. Because Europeans and Americans have less dentistry than Asians, and they attach great importance to teeth, they have had the habit of correcting teeth since childhood, with a generally high nose, and wearing masks has also masked their advantages.

Sunglasses to enhance attractiveness

Just as Asians find that wearing masks has a “beauty” effect, Europeans have also discovered the secret of wearing sunglasses.

First of all, regardless of sunglasses and eyes, they are only friendly to “small face stars”. The Caucasians in Europe happen to be small-faced stars. A French study showed that under the same facial proportions, the Chinese face is relatively wider and their heads are larger.

The face is small and I am very happy. The Caucasians have a three-dimensional facial contour and a high brow nose bridge, so that their deep eyes are always hidden in the shadows. They are also very satisfied with the deep eyes. The shadows also block the Caucasian eyes. Weekly fine lines and spots, after all, they are also not very anti-aging race.

The attractiveness of humans is not only from the appearance. If a person’s eyes reveal confidence, sincerity, and wisdom, they will also have a strong attraction, but this kind of eyes may be more rare than beautiful. At this time, wearing sunglasses can be a second Hide ordinary eyes and add a bit of mystery.

Of course, the main purpose of Caucasians wearing sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging their eyes, and to obtain a “beauty” effect while protecting the eyes.