Emotional regulation is the first immunity

On the day of the hoe, I slept so hard. I slept all morning and afternoon. I would rather grow fat instead of floating outside. Long fat is a “rich state” and floating is a scourge. Thousands of villages closed roads and Wancheng broke off. Inside and outside of China, the hustle and bustle was lost… This epidemic, in addition to bringing unexpectedly long holidays to everyone, has also changed the lifestyle of many people. Forced to stay at home, some people are restless and always worry about getting sick for themselves and their families; some people spend a lot of time paying attention to the epidemic every day and can’t stop brushing their phones at all; others have symptoms of decreased appetite, insomnia, psychological chest tightness and low fever.

Generally speaking, this is the stress response that occurs when medical personnel, social workers, and other personnel who are close to the patient. However, due to the current network development, the spread of information is too fast, especially the widespread use of WeChat. Once people pick up their mobile phones, they will be surrounded by the epidemic information. As the epidemic spreads, anxiety and depression also spread. Therefore, we must not only pay attention to the mask, but also pay attention to the people behind the mask.

According to a survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than 90% of the people are very concerned about this new coronary pneumonia epidemic. 40% of people spend more than 3 hours on WeChat and various epidemic information every day. In the search terms related to “mental counseling”, “throat pain”, one of the new coronavirus symptoms of pneumonia, is on the rise, and concerns about related symptoms that have occurred to oneself leave people’s nerves tight.

Faced with this sudden outbreak, what should we do? Experts tell us: emotion regulation is the first immunity. To put it simply, what should you do? Maintain a regular life and reduce the time spent doing nothing. The more you can live a regular life as usual, the more stable your mental and physical state will be. Secondly, if you have an idea, you should communicate and talk with your family in time. Finally, it is important to reduce information input, especially the kind of unproven rumors that induce anxiety.

On the front line, doctors and nurses declare war on the virus. As ordinary people, we also have to declare war on psychological barriers. On the vibrato recently, the square dance of the square cabin hospital “burned” and cried countless netizens. In order to relieve tension, some mild patients danced with passion and square dance with the permission and escort of medical staff. With the rhythm, more and more patients joined the dancing team. They said: “Confidence is as important as the sun. Even wearing a mask can’t stop our love for life.”

And for us at home, how can we carry this outbreak scientifically and healthily? The deputy director of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences summarized the “five ones”: 1. Make a plan; 2. Study one thing; 3. Find a support; 4. Do an exercise; 5. Think about some experiences.

The epidemic is not terrible, the defense is at the right time. Early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment are the fastest and most effective ways to control the spread of the epidemic and overcome the epidemic at an early date. All we have to do is to scientifically understand, actively support and cooperate with various prevention and control measures. Because there are so many people who choose to go retrograde to protect you, we must have great hope to welcome such a good return.