There is no “rule”, naive

My child’s primary school has performance electives. He is now in the fifth grade and celebrated two days ago. The teacher invited him to perform a piece of “Don Quixote’s Time Box”. The script was written by the teacher. It is a very good story. The children are also familiar with this character. There is nothing strange or unfamiliar. My third son plays Don Quixote, and the script requires him to be on the stage within 5 seconds, and the young samurai will take a few steps to become a “older and better” samurai. For this little drama, for a young kid who just started to learn the language during the performance, most of the play was carried out with the ingredients of the game and making up the house wine. However, as long as the lights are on the stage, the “play” will be staged, and the parents and children under the stage will see back and forth and laughter.

Simple and effective performances like this have been happening in various corners of different nations, societies, and times since ancient times. The children have just started to contact about the performance. In fact, they don’t understand the theory and rules of the performance. It is out of a game mood, for the purpose of fun, through the logic of the teachers, they are interlocked. Looked at it.

What makes this untrained performance so pleasing? It is because they do not yet understand what is called “rules”, there is no “comparison”, there are not too many constraints, it is fun, the more you can experience the fun of “playing”! Because they haven’t been locked by too many rules, the effects of “naive” and “violating normality” may be revealed everywhere. In the future, if these children are learning some performances, they may not be performing well now. .

Sooner or later you still have to learn the rules. Without rules, nothing can be done; with rules, everything is “like, like, three-point”. However, when I see the natural behavior of children crying, crying, laughing, and talking, sometimes they are really reluctant to teach them some rules, for example, “You have a louder voice on stage”. Don’t turn your backs to the audience, “rehearsal is very important, don’t be serious”. I always feel that telling them too early will ruin the mood of their performance. If he only wants to “graffiti”, you can’t rush to teach him how to “face”, but he also has a good heart! I also know that this is in front of people! In his little heart, if it’s really exciting, you have to tell him what to do!

Difficult! I have acted all my life and still carry a lot of “rules” on my body. I often don’t know where to put my hands and where to look! “Rules” for me, come sooner or later. At the age of 21, he began to come into contact with theatrical performances. He dived into it and worked extremely hard. He was bound by his whole body and his head with some “rules” that appeared in the book, pointed by others, and worked out with classmates. But the play is not good-looking, and the best compliment is nothing more than “Well! You are acting very seriously”, or “You are acting carefully, you can see it”. Can’t I act a little carelessly? Can’t I just throw away the “be careful” thing?

Yes, of course, but you have to learn the rules first. If you learn the wrong rules, you may act for a lifetime, and you will only stay on “feeling good about yourself” or “losing your arms.” However, the performances of “feeling good about oneself” and “missing one’s arms” are often praised by many people, and even talk about it. Are you curious? Is it because the audience is in a good mood, seeing everything is good, not in a good mood, and watching nothing?

Life is like a play, play is like a life, what is life, what is a play? The things inside are annoying, but you can’t be bothered. Every “broken drama” has its sweet talk; every good drama must have its unfinished. It’s the rules and regulations that took a lot of time to accumulate. When will you wait for you or me to be internalized in your heart, externalized in your behavior, perform freely, and do what you want without exceeding your limits?