In 244 AD (seven years after Yanxi, the master of Shu), the central government of Shuhan received an urgent report from the Hanzhong defending army, saying that General Wei Cao Shuang and Xia Houxuan led the army to besiege Hanzhong. After receiving the report, the late master Liu Chan immediately considered sending people to the rescue. But who will be sent? Thinking about it, he thought of General Fei Yi. Fei Yi was the supreme commander of the Shu Kingdom at the time, but Fei Yi was a very good literary minister. He and Zhu Geliang, Jiang Wan, and Dong Yun also called the “four prime ministers of Shu Han”. Easy to say. The reason why he became the supreme commander is also because “there is no general in Shu”. Now let him take the soldiers to rescue Hanzhong. If it fails, the loss of soldiers will not be said, and Hanzhong will also be lost. Therefore, Liu Chan was hesitant and did not know whether he should send Fei Yi to go on an expedition. Hesitating, he finally decided to send Fei Yi to rescue, and gave Fei Yi an order to lead all the troops. After receiving the order, Fei Yi immediately summoned all the troops and prepared to leave for Hanzhong to rescue the army trapped there.
  Liu Chan was indecisive and had no idea. After the order was given for a long time, he began to doubt whether his decision was correct, and began to think about whether Fei should be replaced and let other generals go to Hanzhong to rescue… But if other General is not as good as Fei? Liu Chan thought twice and finally came up with an idea: He called Dr. Guanglu to Min, and ordered him to immediately find Fei Yi and play a game with Fei Yi. Lai Min didn’t understand what Liu Chan meant, the army was about to be drafted, and what kind of chess did he want to find the commander in chief? Liu Chan told Lai Min about his thoughts. He came to Fei Yi’s house immediately and said to Fei Yi: “The general is about to take the soldiers to the front. I want to play a game with you…” Fei Yi listened Lai Min said this without asking too much, and ordered someone to take the chess, and the two began to play. Lai Min played against Fei Yi unhurriedly, and Fei Yi calmed down, not at all like taking a soldier to the front to fight. The two played a game of chess calmly, and Fei Yi smiled and said, “How about the next game?” Lai Min said, “No, no! The general will go out!” Lai Min returned to Liu Chan, and passed the game right Liu Chan said it again, “The protagonist is at ease, Fei Yi is very determined, and is not panic-stricken, so calm, he can definitely break the Wei Jun!” Liu Zen felt relieved and stopped thinking about changing things. Fei Yi led the soldiers according to the original plan, and really repelled Cao Wei’s horses, freeing Hanzhong.
  Those who become major events need to have a big pattern in mind. It is a rare temperament and a meteorological phenomenon that can cope with crisis and calmly. Su Xun, one of the eight major members of the Tang and Song Dynasties, said in the article “Heart Technique” that “Taishan collapsed in front and remained unchanged, and the elk thrived in the left without blinking.”