“Hidden Village” Furore

  In the province of Salerno in Campania in southern Italy, there is a place known as the “paradise on earth” like the Greek islands. It has beautiful scenery and unique architecture, but it is not well known. It turned out that because of its “incognito” performance is so good, it is not easy to be discovered, so I also got the nickname of “non-existent village”, this place is built on the Amalfi coastline by many mountains Furore Village, one of the towns.
  Furore Village is located on a slope of a fjord 300 meters above the water surface, where the mighty tributary of seawater turns a corner and flows into the depths of a narrow canyon. Entering the village of Furore along the gorge, there is only a steep winding mountain road built between the cliffs, and tourists walk carefully along the wall, walking on thin ice. Underneath is a dazzling azure blue Mediterranean sea, above which are cliffs soaring into the clouds, occasionally stopping as if hanging in mid-air, it is chilling.
  Passing through the narrow fjords, you will see an exquisite little beach. There are several small white sailboats floating on the clear sea. The beaches on the shore are lined with orange and orange parasols, beach chairs and yacht. Leisurely people lie or lie on the beach, fishing, chatting, watching the sea, and sunbathing. Time seems to be stalled here, making people feel the existence of the world outside.
  If a visitor accidentally breaks in here, you might think that this is just an ordinary beach. You will find it only when you reach the end of the beach. There are no caves here. I saw that on the cliffs on both sides, there were hidden rows of small arched houses with colorful colors and colorful murals painted on the walls. A beautiful, dreamlike fairy-tale little house is nestled among the brown cliffs. The oleander, the moss and the indescribable green trees against the wind are in harmony and blend into one.
  Compared to the crowdedness of other famous beach towns, there are no bustling city commercial streets, no noisy central squares, or rich cultural and artistic life, but have majestic cliffs, pure and clear sea water and natural fresh air. Standing in this mountain village with blue sky and blue sea, watching the sunset glowing the red sky, the seagulls sing back and sing softly, making people feel a different kind of tranquility. Therefore, this small village with a total area of ​​only 1.73 square kilometers and a population of less than 1,000 people, together with the towns along the Amalfi coastline, has been evaluated by UNESCO as one of the few world cultural and natural heritages in the world. It is rated as one of the 50 places in the world that people must see once in a lifetime by the National Geographic magazine.
  Furore Village has a long history, and people have settled here since the 4th century. In the Middle Ages, Saracen pirates from the Middle East and North Africa ran rampant in the Mediterranean, they burned and looted, and they did everything. In order to avoid the invasion of pirates, more residents came here to build their own “safe havens” between the narrow and steep mountain walls. Because of its remoteness and tranquility, the pirates did not find this place.
  At the end of the 19th century, the small towns of Surinto, Positano, and Lavino on the Amalfi coastline attracted many tourists because of the magical and beautiful scenery. . In order to allow tourists to discover the village, the municipal administrator ordered that the villagers must paint their houses in color so that vehicles passing along the coastal road can see the “invisible” village.
  Nowadays, Flourish, a “hidden village” is no longer a beautiful girl who is “raised in a deep girl’s unknow”. Its tortuous and interesting “hidden” history, unique geographical location and beautiful landscapes are becoming more and more popular. Many people know and love. People come here admiringly, enjoying the enthusiasm of the Mediterranean sun, listening to the soft whispers of the waves, feeling the gentle touch of the sea breeze, and experiencing the peace and happiness away from the hustle and bustle of the city.