Date yourself

  In elementary school and junior high school, a classmate’s birthday is often a holiday for the entire class.

  At that time, the teacher in charge of the class was in strict control and felt that spending a birthday was a waste of money and an impact on learning. We quietly celebrated: hiding the greeting card in a school bag, running three or four streets to buy colorful flowers, and raising money for the whole class to order a big cake Rotating performances… If planning a grand Spring Festival Gala, everyone will work together and enjoy it.
  The willow green in front of the window wave after wave, and when he was twenty, he had no expectation of his birthday. The original significance of the day has already become a “friend birthday reminder” on QQ, and I became the head teacher of that year, so I will not talk about it.
  Forgetting when to start, life is no longer just a multiple choice question to fill in “ABCD”, it is closer to the last question of the math test paper, we wrote a big “solution” with confidence, but can not continue to solve Go on. Inadvertently, days were handcuffed with many rules and regulations, and signs of “no traffic” were everywhere. While our youth train was making sharp turns, many things had quietly changed in the light.
  At the age when I just know how to love beauty, I like to wear a puffy princess dress, paired with a pair of crystal sandals, and a tall ponytail tied with a flying bow. On the way to school, my back was straighter than the telephone pole, and I walked with the wind. From time to time, I looked around quietly, always feeling that other people’s eyes were turning around me. Later, when I visited the mall, my eyes automatically shielded the colorful clothes, and I fell in love with the simple and simple styles, lest it would become a different kind of noisy crowd. After a few years, my wardrobe is all white and black, stacked and piled like tetris.
  I was a “little star” when I was eight years old, so I have to take pictures when I travel. In front of the camera, I like to make a “V” gesture every time, like a beaver on a toothpaste advertisement, showing two rows of brand-new teeth calling “aubergine”, or deliberately making a funny grimace. After going to college, slowly, this enthusiasm receded. At classmate gatherings, whenever someone happily proposes to take a photo as a souvenir, I will try my best to find excuses. Even if I am forcibly caught in front of the camera, I am embarrassed to continue to be more than “V” and feel particularly silly. Some time ago, my mother did not know where to turn out a photo album, and looked at it with emotion: “You laughed a lot when you took pictures in the past, and now you will only stretch your face. The dozens of photos in the circle of friends seem to be all photos. Copied out.”
  When I was young, I was full of sweetness. Every time I visit the supermarket, I feel like a guerrilla. While my parents are unprepared, I endured a toothache. I threw a few more bags of Wangzi QQ candy, lotus seed moon cakes, and red bean mochi in the trolley. . After graduating from university, my taste buds once kept a safe distance from sweets. First, saccharin caused obesity, and secondly, it felt that the sweet and greasy taste belongs to children, and it is incompatible with the light-colored adult world.
  In order to become an imaginary adult, in these years, I have desperately given myself a ripening agent, quit a lot of habits and hobbies, but the substitutes have not been found for a long time, and my life is gradually compressed into a flat surface, which cannot be installed. The past cannot hold the future.
  However, in the summer when it smells of strawberry ice cream, I will gently look at every child playing barefoot on the end of the street, and the corners of my mouth will rise unconsciously; while watching the sky full of kites, I feel free and good; at some point , The heart is like a thaw, flowing out of candy color… It turns out that the habits I want to throw away still live tenaciously in my body, flowing endlessly in the blood. I didn’t walk in the fireworks for too long to feel tired and confused, I just forgot to meet with myself occasionally.
  We will eventually sink into the sea like a drop of water, but on your way to the other side of the shore, you should never be mean to let yourself rise to the surface to breathe. In the hustle and bustle of the ordinary years, upstream, embracing ourselves abandoned by us behind us.
  The age is like a fairy tale, and we are as affectionate as a teenager in white in the wind yesterday.