A piece of oracle bone

  This is a piece of scattered oracle bone that has been buried deep in the ground for more than 3000 years. The writing on it shows the marks of the knife, which records the past, present and afterlife of Wu Ding and his wife.
  Once, King Wu Ding of Shang Dynasty went out to fight, and met the subordinate tribe girl wife, seeing her beautiful and imposing, and at first sight she decided to marry him.
  Fuhao enjoys her family life very much. Soon, foreign enemies entered the commercial realm, and the woman ordered to fight. Wu Ding hesitated and decided on who to fight against with divination.
  The woman is brave and brave, she became famous in one battle and shocked the government and the public. Afterwards, Fuhao led the commercial army to defeat the Northern Turkine, Nanyi, Nanba and Ghost. The drums of victory contend, and the boundaries of commerce are getting farther and farther away. The Oracle Bone Inscription recorded one of the largest wars: “Xin Si Bu, Zhen Deng’s wife is three thousand, boarding brigade is ten thousand, and Hu Fa (Qiang.)” .
  Wu Ding greeted him out of the city, drove together with his wife, and chased the gallop towards the wilderness … This was a real and dreamy dusty time.

  Oracle oracle bone inscriptions show that Wu Hing is favored by Wu Ding, and Wu Ding has succeeded him. At the same time, Fuhao also presided over various festivals, and often met with the tribe leaders together with Wu Ding, as if she could do everything.
  Too much hard work and years of battle have made a tired woman so overworked. While huddling and asking for warmth, Wu Ding ordered the warlock to keep divination and pray to the gods for blessing. As she passed away, Fuhao was nestled in Wu Ding’s arms, her breath was weak and she was unable to speak.
  Wu Ding, who lost his wife, held a grand funeral for him. The unforgettable affection always stays in the deepest part of Shang Wang’s emotional world. According to the Oracle Bone Diary: Wu Ding frequently sacrificed women, and asked the gods again and again, praying that the gods would protect the women.
  How is she in that world? Had Dajia married a woman? Is it good for Weiqi to marry a woman?
  Perhaps worrying that the woman would be left unattended in heaven, Wu Ding entrusted the woman to the deceased prince to take care of it, and used this strange way to remember the past. He gave the woman a good name “Xin” and let her descendants respectfully call her “Mother Xin”.
  I do not know how many years I have been sleeping in the loess, the old past is getting more and more blurred. Without the unearthed pieces of oracle bones engraved with mysterious words, we would not know the appearance of love in the Bronze Age, because there are oracle bones in the world, and the ancient city of Anyang in the Central Plains makes the world stunned.
  Xiaotun Village on the south bank is the palace where King Yin lived, and in the north is the tomb of King Yin. Pieces of oracle bones are left in the wilderness soil, like a letter to us, waiting for us to read.
  On May 17, 1976, the archaeologist Ms. Zheng Zhenxiang presided over the excavation of Fuhao’s tomb. Among the 190 ceremonial inscriptions unearthed with inscriptions, a total of 109 were inscribed with the inscription “Fuhao”. The tomb was opened, and the time seemed to go back 3000 years ago.
  Perhaps, Fuhao is only a bright color of Yin Shang, and 33 years of life hastily flashed through the sky of the Central Plains; while Fuhao ’s tenacious and loyal virtue is like a seed rooting and sprouting here, and the fire has passed on 3000 for many years.
  Words are a form of communication. Isn’t love the same? When we read text, we also understand history and life. Later in the night and Ming dynasty, Wu Ding carved both thoughts and acacia into the strange texture of the oracle bones, hiding the endless echoes of women and women, letting us know that the source of culture is a living, loving warmth. Our respect for life itself is actually a respect for love.