A Pingshui meeting in Nianhuali gave me growth

  At the end of the month, the wisdom tooth, which had been disturbing for two years, was gloriously “resigned” from my mouth after experiencing the tearing of separation of flesh and flesh. It was a young female doctor who extracted my teeth. She treated her patients more kindly, and changed the image of a terrible doctor who was often fearful. During the entire tooth extraction process, she used a pair of small hands to cut through the mess, and skillfully cleaned the wound in my mouth And asked me every time whether it was painful.
  A person’s dream is probably very simple. After a busy life, he will continue to write a new wonderful life with a busy life. After the tooth extraction, out of a sense of responsibility, the female doctor simply left a series of mobile phone numbers to prevent me from having a different condition and can contact her in time.
  Three days later, the toothache caused a headache, and it was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at night. I stumbled to dial the string of numbers, and the female doctor patiently answered the changes in my condition. With the first intersection, there was a familiar exchange between the city, the chaos, and the female doctor who had no intersection. The simple WeChat interface, the flashing text, telling her her hardships in studying medicine , Immersed himself in hard work, and spilled his dreams on the deep blueprint of this medical career.
  After a long illness, I began to slowly put down the pain caused by the pain, tried to review the book, and continued the road of postgraduate entrance examination. Before that, I had faced someone with a red book in my hand and headed to the place where the sea and the sky were wide; I tried to wipe away the tears from the corners of my eyes, and firmly put myself into the arms of the book mountain and the sea; Encountered by ambushes of strong soldiers, he was helpless and covered with bunches of thorns, gently cleaned the wound, and continued to look back.
  After picking up the book after illness, my rather calm heart began to produce restless emotions after an infinite interval of time. The undulating emotions are like wild grass growing in endless wilderness. At night, I want to write an essay to inspire myself. I was once unable to find the right words in my mind to comfort this turbulent heart.
  Stopping the pen, eyes staring at the dark night sky, the sky and the moon in the sky, suddenly swaying into the eye socket, reflecting a long string of tears. I gently opened the phone, the touch screen was set on the head of that front tooth, and a toothbrush stood upright, showing a smile. My confused heart suddenly found solace on this tooth, subconsciously looking for a doctor like a patient, I pressed a long row of questions, sent it, and waited for the female doctor’s reply.
  After half an hour, the female doctor asked me how to overcome the learning bottleneck. In the words of the female doctor: “Idea, wholly depends on the idea, and perseverance is victory.” The bold words of the female doctor are as natural as the frankness revealed during tooth extraction. I seem to be able to copy her smile with a slight smile, a timeless and confident look of beauty, and apply a fresh remedy to my scarred heart.
  The moon was starry, and a round moon followed the track of the night and climbed up to my window sill. I picked up the translation book at hand and opened a page at random. Like a painter preparing for a grand painting exhibition, I took out white paper and black pen, and swayed freehand, waving freehand. In the quiet atmosphere of the night, I translated to the moon’s halo. There is a potion called Mind that quickly encroaches on the mind and kills countless negative factors. At a certain moment, I secretly silly, feeling that the invisible medicine is so wonderful.
  I am struggling to write a book, galloping in the vast literary field, and doing the most tenacious resistance with thousands of English letters. The beeping sound of the WeChat interface has driven my attention to a paragraph of text. The female doctor confided to me her long-standing backlog of unfulfilled wishes: “I didn’t have a postgraduate entrance exam. This is the most regrettable thing in my life. Now I really don’t want to go to school to work. After working, I really don’t have so much time to read and study. Going to school is the happiest thing. ”I immediately ridiculed:“ Then do n’t work, come to school, let ’s go to graduate school. ”The laughter that suddenly jumped up on the gray screen made this journey through the vicissitudes of the world no longer have a chance to realize The desire becomes soft and powerful.
  The thirty-year-old female doctor, when she was standing, was slowly squeezed into the role of the mainstay of her life. The easiest learning in her childhood turned into a dream that could not be expected. She stood on the ground with her feet. With multiple choice opportunities, it is unrealistic to start a new life pursuit abruptly. It is like a turbulent life in a calm life. The only dream that can be held in the palm of hand for six years will accompany her for life and become persistent. It seems that in my young age, I have found the outline of the incomplete dream. I often receive constant encouragement from female doctors to strive for the chance of success for the little dreams incubated in my heart in the youngest years.
  This summer, for a period of coincidence, I met a female doctor among the millions of people in the city. She treats me carefully, relieves my temporary pain, and gives me the motivation to join in the traumatic period of learning.
  When I extracted my teeth, I lifted my eyes slightly, and then I could see the serious and flawless eyes. In the world of black and white pupils, it seemed that a pure whiteness was precipitated, reflecting the infinite love for medical dreams.
  I saw the future of myself in the female doctor, and she saw the younger self in me. In Zhaoliu Huali, I will continue to write our common dream with youthful tension.
  In the life of walking on the road, we often see ourselves in the shadow of others. The best encounter this summer, I regained my confidence in studying in the warm words of the female doctor, and also found the future self who cares for my dreams in the form of her dedicated work. Every wonderful encounter in life must be a precious lesson that will teach you to move forward more courageously.