Singleness Myth

  In a novel by American writer Plum Sykes, Daphne wants to host an engagement party for the heroine, but the heroine ’s fiance is in a bad mood. She has been working, watching TV news, and sending and receiving emails before the party. Left out the heroine. The heroine cried to Daphne and wanted to cancel the engagement party. Daphne said: “Can’t cancel! I always announce that Ledley has let the company’s plane airlift the food from the Cherk restaurant! Don’t worry about him ignoring you! Bradley almost never talks to me, Men are the sexiest when they are concise and contemplative! “When the party was held in Daphne’s large Spanish-style house in Beverly Hills, the actress wept again and told Daphne that her fiance did not buy her an engagement ring. At this point, Daphne told her: “Listen, Bradley went to Neil Lane to buy me an engagement ring, but in Hollywood, everyone went there to buy it, which doesn’t mean anything. Julia Roberts has about 15 from The ring I bought there, but look, where did her fiancés go. Do you know how Bradley expressed love for me? When I was sick in bed, he brought me tea and water, even if it was sick It ’s as easy to spread as SARS. To look at a man is to look at the details. ”
  Although Daphne is not the main character in the novel, she really impressed me because she has a“ strong singleness in marriage ”. Daphne was not overly emotionally dependent on Bradley. Even if Bradley hardly spoke to her, it seemed to Daphne nothing. She takes a subjective look at the details she cares about and understands Bradley’s way of expressing love: Even if Daphne suffers from a highly contagious disease and is bedridden, Bradley still serves her tea.
  Not long ago, I watched a movie where the heroine engaged in housekeeping services to support herself and thought that as long as she had whiskey, cigarettes and boyfriend in her life, it was enough. Her boyfriend is also very poor, in order to watch a movie, the two went to donate blood to collect tickets. After the landlord increased the rent, the heroine refused to give up whiskey and cigarettes, but just packed the luggage, returned the house, and went to find an old friend who had formed a band together. After the request to live together was ruthlessly crushed by reality, and the boyfriend was going to work abroad, the heroine still insisted on self, and after drinking a glass of whiskey in the bar, the price of which also rose relentlessly, returned to her residence: one under the overpass Red tent. The heroine’s self-life ability and persistence can be regarded as a powerful core in singleness.
  In love or marriage, both men and women, if they feel not happy enough, most of the reasons can be summarized as: lack of singleness. Repeatedly verify that the other party loves you and over-relies on the other party’s external expression, which is a manifestation of emotional lack of self-confidence; expecting the other party to give you more money in the economy, which is mostly your own economic strength and your desire to buy Not proportional; when the other party splits the leg or proposes to break up, indulging in pain and unable to extricate themselves, it is because you lack the power to say goodbye and the courage to start a new relationship … You know, even if we are in love or married, each of us is For independent individuals, we must continue to have the ability to live single, take care of ourselves and make ourselves happy.