Luxurious “No”

  It is boundaries, not freedom, that can truly shape a person. What you do n’t do is what finally defines you.
  There is a proverb in Europe that says: “Cough and poverty cannot be concealed.” Vanity Fair’s rules are never about what you want to do, but what you don’t want to do. Don’t belittle the flattery of those businessmen. They say that when you buy, you become what you are. Obviously, this is a typical “painter’s theory”, thinking that a layer of paint can change the inner essence.
  Luxury, not a few new shoes, a few custom-made suits. Luxury is upbringing and taste. It is the temperament and daily actions of a person after striving to win social wealth. Dignity is a luxury that can only be mentioned when there is enough survival.
  The surface meaning of luxury goods is: the most useless things are the most important. Therefore, luxury is more than just obtaining an item, no matter how perfect the item is in aesthetic design. Luxury is a combination of a set of lifestyles, a high-end aesthetic and polished details, a seamless combination. Any single item is just a pierced building block. The more proud the wearer is, the more dazzling the onlookers.
  High-end luxury products belong to luxury features not only in its design and matching, but also in what kind of weather and appointments it is suitable for, the frequency of replacement, the maintenance of dry humidity in the shoe cabinet, daily maintenance, and regular repair. After a period of time, the owner should be familiar with each other to the nearest thousandth of a millimeter.
  Luxury is not only able to keep up with the trend of the rhythm, but also has enough depth of the wardrobe, can always match the atmosphere of the dress, but the match itself is related to the experience of time. Luxury is wearing leather shoes for ten years and suits for twenty years, still spotless and straight.
  I have worked hard for a long time to buy a few luxury items that are not in line with my daily habits. Although it is also a way to actively cultivate luxury seedlings, bamboo shoots and bamboo are not the same thing after all. Like many upstarts believe that struggling to spend money is luxury, as long as they are rich enough, they can cross the original class gap. As everyone knows, they have only crossed the material threshold, but what they lack is attitude and polishing of details. After all, the antonym of luxury is not poverty, but grandiose pretentiousness.
  The greatness of Rome does not lie in luxury, but in every gesture of urban architecture has been carefully designed by art masters. Each design makes time and space look at each other peacefully, and every time it looks back, it makes other cities feel ashamed.
  Luxury seeks victory outward, and education seeks safety inward. Compete with others and admire luxury, and talk to yourself to improve your cultivation. Self-discipline must stand loneliness, and by competing with others to balance the mind, taste loses to luxury.
  Luxury is not what you have, but to remember what not to do. The subtle scale sometimes needs to be verified based on the ridicule of others.
  It can be luxurious, but it cannot be wasted. This is a general rule. You can drink 50,000 yuan a bottle of red wine, you do n’t have a drop of red wine, but if you want a full table, you can only eat three sips per plate. Luxury is never price, but value.
  Luxury is not just a dress party after 9pm, luxury is a walk alone in the park at 2pm, wearing leather shoes for many years, the plate type is still standard. The strong heart makes people look natural and decent.
  Luxury is hard to come by, like aged wine that has gone through vicissitudes. After all, even if many people own luxury goods, they are just like a salesman of luxury goods.