A hot pot eight hundred years ago

  After a series of rainy days, I couldn’t get a swim. I read “Mountain Clear Confession” at home, and it was very interesting. A friend Song Qing who happened to live in a tea garden in Fujian called. She said the weather was cold. If I went to Wuyi Mountain, she would definitely ask me to eat rabbit meat hot pot. I was taken aback, and asked her, “Chong’an still has rabbit meat hot pot?” Song Qing was a little puzzled: “It’s very common! In the past, the transportation was inconvenient. I used to rely on mountains to eat mountains, and there were hunters in the village. When I was a kid, I called wild game in winter. The fire was eaten, it was warm and fresh. ”
  I sighed:” Your hot pot is probably a living fossil for
  800 years ! ” Lin Hong, a bureaucrat of the Southern Song Dynasty, visited Wuyi Mountain in a snowy day more than 800 years ago. division. The Taoist lived on Xianzhang Peak, the sixth of Wuyi’s nine songs. The snow-covered rocks were slippery and greasy. Just as Lin Hong braved the wind and snow to climb to the top of the peak, a hare ran into the cave in a panic and fell, falling and falling for Lin Hong.
  At that time, the bureaucrats pursued the “Gentleman’s Kitchen”, even though the delicacy was heaven-sent, the chef did not follow him, Lin Hong must also be at a loss, so he had to bring the rabbit to see the teacher. Zhizhi Shi said, “We in the mountain, cut the rabbit meat into thin slices, marinate it with wine, sauce, and pepper sauce, then take a small windproof charcoal stove, sit in a half pot of water, wait for the water to boil, each clip Taking the sliced ​​meat, I went to the soup and swayed it, and cooked it. “The
  two sat by the charcoal stove, boiled the water with a fire, pushed the cups to change the cups, and they ate sweaty after a while. Meat red cabbage green, wind and snow, quite interesting. The waves rumbling in the kettle, the charcoal at the bottom of the kettle is as red as glow, and it can be a poem up and down.
  Five or six years later, Lin Hong came to the capital and accidentally saw rabbit meat hot pot at Yang Yongzhai’s banquet. He was in the magnificent official residence of Linan, but his heart flew back to the mausoleum on the top of Wuyi Mountain. The white mist in front of him and the taste of his tongue tipped over, but it was like a dream in the past. Therefore, he named the dish “Xia Xia Confession”, and wrote a poem to commemorate: “Surge Qingjiang snow, wind turned evening glow Xia. Drunk memories of mountain flavor, all forget the guests.”

  Lin Hong may be the first to record shabu-shabu. Compared to the bulky tripods of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wendi gave Zhong Yuan’s mandarin duck pot “five cooked kettles”. This small shabu-shabu that is ready to eat is extremely convenient.
  At the end of the article “Shanjia Qingxie · Piaoxiaxue”, Lin Hong also said that rabbit meat should not be eaten with chickens; “pigs and sheeps are acceptable.” However, since Lin Hong, the way of eating rabbit meat “self-into the soup and cooked, lick it” seems to disappear from the Jiangnan literati.
  In 1984, a mural in the early Liao Dynasty was unearthed in Aohan Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. In the picture, three Qidan people sit around and eat lamb. According to legend, Kublai suddenly wanted to eat lamb when he was fighting. The chef was eager to eat mutton in boiling water. This story has spread widely, but it has never been seen in Zhengshi or Barnyard. In the “Barnyard Barnyard”, there is: “Beijing Teachers’ Winter, the restaurant sells drinks, there is a small cauldron in the case, the soup is hot, the fire is below, and the meat slices of chicken, fish and sheep are placed on the plate. And eating. Those who are mixed with chrysanthemum petals, say chrysanthemum hot pot, it is suitable to drink. Taking everything as raw and cut into silk, so it is said to be hot pot. The record of using “wild pot” in the “Thousand Feast”.
  We can’t judge accurately whether the lamb in the north has borrowed Lin Hong’s “pick-up”. Nowadays, “Piaoxia Confession” is still circulating in Wuyi Mountain where Zhizhi has lived in seclusion. This anecdote is more memorable than the appetite.