Friends forever

  On Monday, the middle school in town started as usual. Teacher Rhodes Mary walked into the classroom. She is a middle-aged lady who teaches fifth to eighth grades. Her teaching method is very unique. She always gives some lively examples during the lectures. The students are looking forward to her class very much.
  ”Good morning, teacher!” The children greeted in unison.
  ”Good morning everyone!” Rhodes greeted everyone.
  ”How are you doing on the weekend?” The
  children were very enthusiastic about answering this question. Everyone talked about how they and their family spend the weekend. Rhodes patiently listened to them. The interest she showed in the children made her their favorite teacher.
  What she will talk about today is the Babylonian poem “Epic of Gilgamesh”, the oldest known narrative poem. It tells the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enchi.
  After a student recited a quarter of the whole poem, she began to explain the main ideas that the poet wanted to express to the world through her work. Before she finished speaking, she saw someone in the corner raised her hand.
  ”Okay, Rivish, can I know if you have any questions?” Rhodes asked.
  ”If I am wrong, please forgive me, teacher. I just wanted to ask, do you think there is really sincere friendship in the world?”
  This question surprised her. This meant that she had to tell a story, a past that had been buried in her heart for a long time.
  After a pause, she said, “Yes. I have seen it.”
  ”Please tell us.” The students asked.
  She looked out the window for a moment, and then turned her head to look at the students’ earnest eyes. Then Rhodes spoke in a soft voice. She said: “Children, this is a real thing, and I have personally experienced it.” At
  that time, I taught in Bolivia in South America, teaching grades 3 to 5. The students are full of energy, just like you.
  One day, a family moved to town. Their family looks very rich. They have a son named John, who is about seven years old. The child is rude and impolite. His parents moved to town because of work. Both were doctors in a famous hospital in the town. John followed along and enrolled in the school I taught.
  On the first day he came, he broke the glass of the classroom window. He also fights with other children, tears other people’s shirts, shoving others, and smashing other people’s belongings. This situation lasted for a week. We, the teacher, thought he would get better in a few days, so every time he fools around, we always warn him not to do this again. However, to no avail, his evil deeds have not changed a bit.
  Later we went home to visit, but his parents seemed to be very busy and ignored our request.
  This makes me think that John’s reason for this should be attributed to the lack of parental care. This is how he grew up. I thought of a way to help John. I let him sit next to the best boy in the class-Martin not only learns well, but also in other respects. Moreover, he is particularly polite and humble.
  On the first day of the two of them sitting together, John ate the lunch in Martin’s lunch box. He used to do this in the past, and he would be especially happy when others were angry or crying about it. Martin smiled and said, “Can I eat yours? I am hungry.” John was taken aback. Like he was taken by the delightful request, he opened the lunch box and handed it to Martin.
  The next day, John ripped a page of Martin’s book. He believed that Martin would definitely yell and fight him. But Martin just went to the teacher and asked for tape, and then glued the book together, without saying a bad word. John was dumbfounded again.
  John lost patience with Martin’s gentle temperament, and he used various methods to anger Martin. He destroys Martin’s items every day, but Martin just silently restores everything as it is.
  A month later, John stopped nonsense and asked Martin: “Where did you come with such patience, why don’t you fight back?”
  Martin smiled and said to John: “I don’t fight with friends. If I know I can fix things There are other ways to solve the problem, why should I hurt others? ”
  ”Some things you know, John.” Martin continued. “My mother often said that if you hurt someone’s feelings, you will be retaliated twice.”
  Martin’s words had a magical effect on John He sat down and stared at Martin quietly.
  Martin said: “Now I should ask you questions. Tell me, John, why do you always damage other people’s belongings? You turned them into your own enemies, not friends. What made you do this?”
  This question hit John’s heart. He was so ashamed that tears burst into his eyes for the first time. He covered his face with his hands and then said in a low, depressed voice: “My parents never pay attention to me, they never greet me, no matter in the morning or at night. I have a babysitter who takes care of me, but I want to My parents stayed together. Once, I broke an expensive statue in my house, and my dad finally stood in front of me. He taught me, but I was happy because he was at least closer to me. Another day, I I broke the TV at home, and my mother slapped me hard that day, but at least, she touched me. I think, as long as I do something bad, I can have time with my parents. It all started like this I think, if you want to attract the attention of others you have to destroy things, then I ’d better do that. Martin, you do n’t understand how it feels if no one cares. ”Tears flowed down his cheeks. .
  ”John, please forgive me, I don’t want to hurt you.” Martin felt sorry, he thought it was his problem that made John cry. “Okay, John, can you assure me one thing?” Martin asked with concern.
  ”What’s the matter?” John asked, covering his face.
  ”If I have been with you all my life, whether it is difficult or smooth; if I promise to be able to follow you, whether you need me or not, will you stop fooling around? I can guarantee that I will support you at any time.” Martin clenched tightly John’s hand said.
  ”Yes, I will stop all my bad behavior.” He smiled embarrassedly, wiped his tears, and hugged Martin.
  The next day, beyond everyone’s expectations, John walked in front of his classmates, apologized for his wrong behavior, and promised everyone that he would prove himself a qualified good friend. He came to me again, thanking me for letting him sit next to Martin. I am very pleased to see such a reformed and well-behaved John.
  A few years later, their friendship is getting stronger and stronger. From studying to playing basketball, Martin is helping John in every way, and John really needs his help. Martin keeps his promise and always learns by himself first, and then tells John to let him learn the culture lesson. With Martin’s encouragement and guidance, John also joined the school’s basketball team.

  Time flies, and I am very happy to see their friendship deepening. Martin always protects John from all possible threats. But somehow, deep down, I always feel that John is not as selfless as Martin. John’s manners are polite, but it is difficult to understand that his heart still hides the feeling of envy or jealousy.
  It was in winter, and the date was June 9, 1994 (the southern hemisphere is now in winter-translator’s note). In the early morning, we felt the earth shaking and our bed shaking. No one cares about this. At eight o’clock in the morning, the school is running normally. At ten o’clock, the school building began to shake violently. This is a strong earthquake. We called the children to evacuate. In view of the ability of the upper grade students to take care of themselves, we will first take the lower grade children out of the classroom.
  Aftershocks strike from time to time. After the vast majority of students were taken out of school, several of us ran back to the classroom to ensure that no one was left in the teaching building. When I reached the third floor, I saw John, who was lying on the ground, leaning on the pillar to support himself, and reached out who was pulling. To my surprise, Martin was actually hanging underneath. The side wall was destroyed by a strong earthquake, and Martin slipped from there. I also reached out and tried to pull Martin up with John.
  Martin cried and said, “No, both of you, save yourself quickly, and run.” I said, “I am your teacher, and I can’t watch you die.”
  John had sobbed, and he twitched. Say: “If I let go of your hand today, I will not be able to spend the rest of my life. It is you who have brought me the feelings of being born, and giving me the experience of love and being loved. You give me every moment of my life Support, whether it was sadness or joy at that time, so how can you now expect me to run away and throw you in such a desperate situation regardless of it. And you promised me that you will be with me in this life and this life. I will not let you Breaking promises, my friend. ”
  Listening to them saying this, my heart will be broken. My previous view of John was completely wrong. John and I tried to pull Martin upward, and Martin grabbed an iron rod to hang himself. Both of them are already older children. For John and me, it is impossible to pull an older child like Martin. I let John hold Martin’s hand tightly, and let Martin hold on to the iron rod, and at the same time call more people to help. I hurried down the stairs and found some teachers. We have just arrived at the end of the third floor, from where we can already see John lying on the ground. As we quickly approached their juncture, aftershocks struck again. We grabbed the doors and windows of the classroom to maintain our balance. By the time we stand firm, John is no longer visible on the floor. Looking over from the side wall, we saw them and both of them fell to the ground. Their heads were resting in the pool of blood, but their hands were still tightly held together. They kept their promises, and until the end, they did not leave each other.
  The principal and teachers rushed them to the hospital, but the doctor said that they had stopped breathing tens of minutes ago, perhaps, the moment they fell on the hard ground.
  Rhodes stopped talking. Tears filled her eyes, as if she had experienced the disaster again. She said nothing more and left the classroom.