When you have difficulty going forward

  In the past, an old woman had been eager to see the outside world, but she had never taken a small step on the road to realize this dream, and had never left the small town where she lived.
  On the morning of the old woman’s 65th birthday, she finally made up her mind to prepare for action. She sold all the items, leaving only the most important ones, put them in a backpack, and began to see the world. The first few days on the road were wonderful, and she felt that she was fulfilling her dream every time she took a step forward.
  However, after just a few weeks, the hard work of the road gradually made the old woman unable to eat, her legs and feet began to become more and more painful, and she felt uncomfortable every time she took a step, and her mood became very bad.
  The old woman began to miss the comfortable life of the past. She took off her backpack, threw it heavily on the ground, and sat next to the backpack, tears streaming down. She stared hopelessly at the long and winding road ahead and shouted with the loudest voice: “I have nothing and nothing left.”
  A famous life consultant is resting under a large pine tree nearby, listening When the old lady shouted, she felt responsible for helping her. He immediately came out from behind the tree, grabbed her backpack, and ran into the woods by the road. The old woman watched this happening incredulously and shouted loudly: “That’s all my property, I have nothing.”
  After ten minutes, the old woman slowly calmed down and stood up. Continue to stagger forward. At the same time, the life consultant took a short cut and walked in front of her, putting the backpack in the middle of the road she must pass, only a short distance from her.
  The old woman with tears on her eyes saw the backpack in the middle of the road and couldn’t believe it. She thought everything was gone, but she saw nothing in the bag. She couldn’t help laughing, and said happily: “I finally have the necessary things to go on.”
  Remember … I
  will inevitably encounter setbacks and disappointments on the road to life and work, but like an old woman Like a life consultant, an email, a text message from a person we respect, a blog, a book full of wisdom, a group of helpful neighbors, a community that helps you grow, etc. are possible Helpful to us.
  When we feel very emotionally and helpless, please remember:
  1. Accept what life is like, let go of the past, and work hard in front of you.
  2. Look for the blessings hidden behind each difficulty, and open your arms to meet.
  3. Recognize the importance of our “backpack”, this is the external source of our hope and motivation-before being taken away, realize that it is good, don’t always take it for granted.
  4. Live in the moment and enter our hearts. This is the internal source of our hope and motivation-it will give us the strength to continue to move forward. When we think that we have nothing, we will go through and regain our hope.
  5. Laughing confused, living soberly now, cherishing the truth learned at every turning point in life.
  6. Don’t compare our progress with others, we need time to walk the distance we should.
  7. See how many things are never expected or wanted, but in the end it becomes what we want.
  8. No matter what your environment is, you always have the opportunity to take the tiniest step.
  9. Or, as Epicurus said: “Don’t destroy what you already have for you, remember, what you have now was what you expected.”
  10. Be careful and keep moving.