Addiction is a nostalgia and passion for the world

  My friend took an annual vacation in advance and went to her dream city alone. But as night fell, I saw her new development in the circle of friends: “Travel is to change the place to play mobile phones, try the speed of other cities.” In life, there are often friends who vow to prepare to develop a certain A hobby, but under the blade of time and economy, he bowed down to life and loyally surrendered all his feelings, followed by drifting into a walking “model play.”
  It should be the age of “wonderful beauty”, some people have already overdrawn their ability to love in advance. The poet Mo Xian said: “The only thing in the world that can fight against time, for me, is probably only poetry.” The river of life is ups and downs, and what boring piece of wood can we hold against the torrent of time?
  In my colorful youth, I have nostalgia for oil painting, ballet, calligraphy … My world has come and gone, and every time, I am extremely serious and devoted all my short-term enthusiasm, they are like the white moonlight in front of the window, Deeply and shallowly decorated my dreams, they all quietly retreated from my life when the dawn fell the next day. I am a passionate person, but I have fallen in love with writing for years.
  On a fine day, I used to spend all day in the library. Find a corner closest to the sun. In the slightly trembling green shade, I use the pen as the horse and the paper as the border to be a wrangler. Sometimes, half of the rivers and hills are covered with seedlings like a borderline, and more often, nothing is left on the paper except for the fragrance of sunlight. I wrote for a while, chased the fleeting light on the glass with my fingers for a while, and looked at the clouds and clouds outside the window, and the flowers blossomed. It wasn’t until the crisp sound of the floor lock of the library sounded behind me that I woke up from another country and slowly walked back to the bedroom.
  Waiting for me is countless silent nights. At this time, the spring was only half ripe, the moonlight and the surging waves of the green forest kissed affectionately, and the sweet fragrance lightened the shadow of the gentle dance in the wind. I walked alone on the unmanned path, I did not expect to meet anyone, and I never prayed that the seeds that were dropped would bloom in the next year with a white and lush bouquet. Beside me, the endless dim yellow lights flooded into an ocean, and the cold and moist autumn wind hit my skin. I seemed to be a fish, and I was free to swim deeper into the deep sea. The moon is a beautiful seven-month moon, but I feel extremely happy.
  I am obsessed with the calmness and freedom that the words give me. Maybe it seems to others that it is “out-of-date” and “wave time”, but it is the best talent I have ever had. I like the urge to write something when my heart meets with every landscape, and I like to listen to the sound of the blood flowing in the body during writing. This attachment to the text is undoubtedly the best cool post in my life. It allows me to be in front of Fangfei, which is a pile of willows, without the confusing sense of chaotic flowers gradually becoming charming eyes.
  Indulgence is a nostalgia and passion for the world. Only by impressing yourself first can you warm others. Weixing’s life needs to be infused with emotions. In fireworks and customs, if you don’t have lubricity for your hobbies, people can easily become an idle sickle, which is full of dust and rust. Therefore, please don’t let the destination be your reason for departure. There should always be some memorable moments in the life of a person. He shed tears in pursuit of something, regardless of gains and losses.
  There is a kind of bird that will hold a branch when flying over the Pacific Ocean. When tired, put the branch on the water to rest. After enough rest, the branch will continue to fly toward the place where the sun rises. I am lucky to find this little branch in my life. The sea of ​​people is vast, and I would like to move in a branch, linger in it all my life, until Qiu Shuang smoothes the wrinkles of the soul, and in the posture of first learning to fly, I slept at the end of the years.