Me, kapok tree and article

  In the middle of March, I lived in Guangzhou with my parents. One day, I walked past Provincial Road and saw the row of trees two feet high on the riverside, which was bursting with fiery red flowers, beautiful and noble. Although Zhiya does not have a leaf, it has endless vitality. Ask a passerby and say this is kapok.
  I am surprised by the kapok branch, which does not pierce the sky like a gun, but stretches out or hangs flat. I walked underneath the tree and found that the lower end of the tree was even stranger, like the surface of a pineapple, covered with tight sarcoma, and each tumor had a sharp thorn. If I shoot with a palm, it will definitely be bloody. But why should I shoot it? Is n’t it light to stroke?
  A few days later, when I ran through the provincial road during the morning run, I saw many aunts and girls picking up kapok, and they used flowers to string the flowers into rings. The girl said that the garland can be used for viewing or giving away. The aunt said that kapok is treasured after being dried, and you can cook porridge and soup to clear away heat and detoxification. However, it also has deficiencies. Although the trunk is thick, the texture is too soft to be useful. But if the wood is excellent, shouldn’t it be cut down to make building materials?
  I have been searching in nature for many years, trying to find something that can confirm each other’s ways, and finally found it. You do n’t have to be too useful to be a human being, but you have to use it a little bit and stay alive for yourself. I do n’t want people to feel proud and arrogant, and they have developed five points of humility, but I do n’t need anyone to be too close to me. alert. People come with needlepoints, and I resist them with wheatgrass.
  It is not difficult to find something that can be tasted and enlightened, but it is very difficult to find something that can reflect the true nature of the human heart. Wenruqiru! I have always refused to admit this, the article is “made”, and people can “do”. Two years ago, I realized that writing lacks height, dimension, depth, breadth and thickness. After that, the author will focus on this “five degrees” efforts, but the results are not very effective. Perhaps writing an essay really requires not only practicing essay techniques, but also working hard in life.
  Indeed, I also lack the “five degrees”: I have no ambitions, but I care about the national sports and people’s livelihood, and the rest is my small life; I am too anxious to deal with the problem, and often start before I have chosen a breakthrough point. My eyes always stay in the appearance, and I don’t grasp the essence; the knowledge and vision are shallow and need to be broadened; the whole person is also not stable, and lacks a sense of weight. It is also a level and luck to be able to recognize your own shortcomings, so that you can make targeted corrections and improvements.