Magical power of a fan

  After Zuo Zongtang became the Minister of Military Affairs, because of his high weight, some of his relatives and friends wanted to ask him to write a recommendation letter in order to be promoted. However, Zuo Zongtang is upright and he never writes letters of recommendation to relatives and friends. However, there is a bad habit and bad habit in the officialdom of the Qing Dynasty, that is, relying on the backstage and walking through the back door, asking people in high positions to write recommendation letters, so that they will take shortcuts on the road to promotion.
  Zuo Zongtang has a good friend named Li Dezhong. Li Dezhong’s son Li Tianwu spent several years in the seat of Alternate County in Henan Province. At this time, Li Tianwu found that everyone else was relying on the recommendation letters written by the dignitaries and high officials. He remembered that his father Li Dezhong and Zuo Zongtang were good friends, so he wanted to ask Zuo Zongtang to write a recommendation letter.
  So, Li Tianwu ran to Beijing from Henan and asked Zuo Zongtang to help write a recommendation letter.
  Because he is the son of a good friend, Zuo Zongtang was very enthusiastic about Li Tianwu after seeing him. However, when Li Tianwu asked Zuo Zongtang to help him write a recommendation letter to the Henan governor, Zuo Zongtang raised his face at that time and said a few polite words to let Li Tianwu go.
  Li Tianwu was very annoyed that Zuo Zongtang refused to write a recommendation letter for himself. After leaving Zuo Zongtang’s mansion, Li Tianwu wandered aimlessly to a painting and calligraphy shop in Beijing Liulichang. In this painting and calligraphy shop, Li Tianwu suddenly saw the shop owner learning to write Zuo Zongtang’s handwriting, which was very realistic and brilliant. Li Tianwu suddenly moved, he secretly came up with a good way.
  Li Tianwu bought a fan in that painting and calligraphy shop at a high price, and then asked the owner of the painting and calligraphy shop to imitate Zuo Zongtang ’s handwriting and wrote a poem on this fan, and noted Zuo Zongtang ’s Name taboo. Then, Li Tianwu returned to Henan happily with this fan.
  The day after Li Tianwu returned to Henan, it happened to be the day of the Henan governor. Li Tianwu shook the fan in his hand and walked straight to the governor’s hall in Henan. Seeing this scene, the Henan governor asked Li Tianwu: “It is already late autumn, why do you still hold a fan and shake it?” Li Tianwu smiled and shook the fan in his hand in front of the Henan governor, said: ” Master, I ca n’t hide from you that the weather is really cool now, but this fan in my hand was given to me by Master Zuo Zongtang when I entered Beijing a few days ago. , So that it is worthy of
  Master Zuo Zongtang ’s intentions. ” After hearing the words of Li Tianwu, the governor of Henan secretly was surprised. He didn’t give him any real vacancies. He didn’t expect him to have such a big background as Master Zuo Zongtang.
  The Henan governor thought of this and hurriedly watched the fan in Li Tianwu’s hand to watch it carefully. I saw that the inscriptions on the fan and the handwriting on the fan were indeed Zuo Zongtang’s.
  The governor of Henan returned the fan to Li Tianwu, and came to the back hall full of thoughts, and discussed with his confidant master about this matter. The next day, Li Tianwu went to an affluent county in Henan to become a county.
  Subsequently, under the guise of this fan, Li Tianwu, under the banner of Zuo Zongtang, who was in a high position, was so powerful that he quickly rose to Sipinguan in Henan.
  Once, the Henan governor went to Beijing to report his job and met Zuo Zongtang. Upon meeting, the Henan governor said with a smile on his face: “Master Zuo, your good friend’s son Li Tianwu is now a Sipin official in our province.” Zuo Zongtang, who is not sure why, said with a smile: “Really? That time Li Tianwu came to me, I said to him: ‘A person must have real skills, as long as he has real skills, he will naturally have a place to use.’ You can give Li Tianwu a chance to be promoted, it seems You know people well. ”
  A fan can make Li Tianwu invincible in the officialdom. At the time of the Qing Dynasty, even a mediocre, with power and high officials as the backstage, could be promoted all the way in the officialdom. Such officialdom corruption is really incredible.