“Pseudo-delicate” ritual sense

  Not long ago, several graduate students became popular on the Internet for creating “exquisite fairy dormitory”. In order to pursue the so-called sense of ritual, he spent a lot of money to transform the dormitory, but was checked and dealt with by the school for not meeting the safety regulations. A sense of “delicate” ritual became a joke.
  Is “delicate” that doesn’t meet the safety regulations still valid?
  When I came home during the Spring Festival, I met two female college students on the train. They kept holding small mirrors to make up their makeup, and there was no lack of international big names in their entire bodies. Just to take photos posted on social networks, they took half an hour and used multiple retouching software, and then added text: like this exquisite life, and then carefully sent a circle of friends. The girl in the flower season, pursuing exquisiteness, is understandable, but the next thing is shocking. The two populations are talking on the phone, throwing nutshells everywhere, and brushing the current popular entertainment programs with mobile phones. Later, they talked about the credit card debts caused by buying brand-name bags and skin care products, and discussed how to open installments in the future to keep their swollen faces to be fat.
  I was really surprised that pseudo-delicacy allowed more young girls to work hard on material abundance, but they did not pay attention to daily life habits, manners and connotations, and were kidnapped by wrong consumption and world views.
  Mopossang’s short story “Necklace” once described: A woman borrowed an exquisite diamond necklace from a friend for a party because of vanity. She wears a necklace and shows off at the ball. Later, the necklace was lost, and the woman paid ten years of hard work to compensate the necklace. Ten years later, she learned that the so-called diamond necklace is fake. To support vanity, women paid a painful price.
  There are still many such people in modern society. They do not reasonably evaluate their spending power, but just blindly follow the trend to pursue a refined life. Their understanding of exquisiteness is still on the surface, such as eating French food, traveling, buying limited-name brands, and even flying to Paris to feed pigeons. However, these can only represent a good life, but not really exquisite.
  Some people think that exquisite is living in a big house, using the most expensive skin care products, mentioning the latest handbags, it doesn’t matter if there is money in the card, you can overdraw first. Some people think that exquisiteness is more reflected in self-discipline in life. They will go to the market to buy food, make a delicious meal, take a walk after dinner, go home to read a book, go to bed early and get up early.
  Li Yinhe, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that exquisite life is first sober, not ignorant, that is, aware of its own existence; secondly, it is peaceful, not uneasy; again it is joyous, not painful.
  Zheng Nian, the author of “Shanghai Life and Death Tribulation”, was reported to have been suspected of major espionage for studying abroad for a long time, so he was imprisoned in the detention center for more than 6 years. The staff who guarded her discovered that the old lady had lived a life of “bourgeois” in prison. She borrowed a broom to clean the prison, cleaned the cover of the washbasin to prevent dust, and even compiled a set of exercise exercises to keep herself awake. Whenever the caretaker mumbled trouble, she would recite the quotation eloquently: “It is glorious to talk about hygiene, and it is shameful not to talk about hygiene.” Let the guard be speechless. For a while, her hands were handcuffed behind her back for a long time, resulting in hand disabilities. Even so, she insisted on zippering her trousers every time she went to the toilet, simply because the trouser chain was “too disrespectful”.
  Zheng Nian’s exquisiteness is self-discipline at all times, and is decent to maintain, which is to treat yourself well.
  In any case, true exquisiteness does not float on the surface, does not rely on expensive items to embody yourself, but truly recognizes your own value and existence from the heart, and has strict requirements for life and a never-ending attitude. So even a trivial life will not lack decent refinement.