Plant a dream

  My mother will expand two acres of parsley field next year.
  On the phone, my mother told me excitedly that next year, the two acres of land must be planted with coriander. I laughed, how much money can I make even if all the fields in the family are planted with coriander? The market for coriander is good this year, but it may not be the next year. Mom is really naive and lovely. But since my mother was happy, I was not good at splashing her cold water, so I cheerfully asked her what she wanted to do to get rich.
  Mother began to imagine and depict as much as she could. First of all, I set up farming tools for farming, and then hoard some fertilizers. I can buy some tofu and blinds with more money. People who pass by the buns can also buy two from him … She is talking about small things in daily life, not really. What a big wish is very satisfying in our eyes.
  But I don’t like cilantro, I don’t like to eat or touch. When I was a kid, I often helped my mother do farm work, but because I couldn’t bear the smell of coriander, I would avoid it every time my mother picked coriander. In the impression, coriander was not valuable at that time, and no one in the village planted it. However, things will always change, and now coriander has actually doubled in value, and everyone treasures it.
  My mother was also looking at other races in the village, and it happened that she sold a good price this year, only to realize that this was a good opportunity, and she started to grow. The growth cycle of coriander is very short, sometimes it can be harvested in half a month. When it is expensive, four or five dollars a catty. My mother only started planting in the second half of 2018, and even saved a thousand dollars. In the words of my mother, the big slaps can be so “prosperous”, thanks to the cultivation of coriander, there will be a lot of plots next year, and the wallet will definitely be bulging.
  I suddenly envy my mother. Throughout the year, spring and autumn harvest, busy, her heart never fails. Planting is the land, but also growing your own dreams. Others may not see her hope, only feel that she is doing ordinary and cumbersome farm work day after day, year after year, but she is supported by the dream in her heart.
  For a while after graduation, I was confused and decadent. Because doing things without technical content and selling his own cheap labor, I feel that time is wasted from morning till night. When calling my mother, I inevitably have to complain a few words and say something frustrating. I didn’t want much comfort from my mother, I just felt that my life was hard and wanted to talk to someone.
  Mother did not think of any warm words to comfort me, but just told me the story of her childhood in simple language. In her childhood, reading was not an important thing, and helping the family was the most important thing. At that time, her dream was that someone could help her pick a basket of pigweed every day so that she could play without any worries.
  As a child, it was a dream to be able to play carefree every day. The days in the past are so bitter, but everyone still laughs and laughs because they have a dream in their hearts to live so lush and vibrant.
  When you think about it, your mother makes sense. Now, we do not know when we have lost our dreams, lost our enthusiasm, expectation and longing for life, and sink in time. There is no glare in the eyes, and there is much fatigue in the body. Taking a step and sighing step by step, the day is gradually boring, how can people not be depressed?
  Mom is an ordinary person, what she wants is simple. She can plant hope every season. Sometimes the vegetables will sell well, and she is very happy, but sometimes she ca n’t get her money back, and she is also very lonely. But because she always had a dream in her heart, she put her passion into her life, and she scented every inch of her life.
  It’s time to pick up our dreams again and plant something in your heart. Plant a little flower, plant a tree, even a little grass, in short, don’t let it barren. Just like my mother, she wants a variety of cilantro, earns more money, can buy whatever she wants, how good.
  When we plant a dream, we will find that there are many bright moments in life, and the days are full of hope and rush, all the good things are coming.