Good reason not to run

  I have heard stories of heart attacks when someone runs, and I do n’t want a heart attack, so I think it ’s best not to start running.
  I also heard that someone started their own company, and failed because of the unreasonably long working hours.
  Who wants this?
  Whether it ’s getting married, forming a family, or traveling abroad, we often hear that vigorous marriages end in painful divorces; well-behaved children grow into rebellious teenagers; foreign tourist attractions have been raining for three weeks in a row.
  But is this a good reason for not living well?
  But be careful about the stories you hear. Maybe they did not save you from the terrible consequences, but only prevented you from living a better life.

  Persuading friends, don’t have to say everything, as long as you understand it, you should stop it. Relatives and friends gather together, don’t drink to get drunk, as long as Tao Ran is happy, it should stop, otherwise it is alcoholism. When making an essay, don’t make the sentence too obvious, the spoof and the cautious, the fables are allegories, and the scenes are sentimental.
  For painting, the brush and ink do not have to pass the week, and cleverness is the cleverness, and emptyness is the spirit, with inexhaustible meaning outside the painting, and the realm is even more distant.
  To seven minutes, wine to mildness, intricate brushstrokes, graceful words, rudimentary simplicity, implicit implication, is the highest state of endless beauty.

  In 1971, Stephen King began publishing novels, and gradually established a foothold in the literary world.
  After receiving the royalties, Stephen King moved out of the trailer house he had lived in for many years and bought a large house for the first time. With the large study, he customized a super luxurious desk for himself. The desk is six square meters, with beautiful patterns carved on the edges, and four drawers and two table pockets inlaid below. The white desktop is very generous, with photos of my dad, mom, wife, and myself, and many books. Even so, there is still a lot of free space on the table, so coffee cups, cookies and some fruits were placed on top of it by Stephen King. In addition, there are a few small dolls that he has kept since childhood.
  Sitting at the desk, Stephen King enjoyed it and started working as usual. During his writing, he stood up from time to time to drink coffee, read photos, and eat fruit. Throughout the morning, Stephen King hardly wrote much useful things, and the original rich creative inspiration did not know where to go.
  A few days later, Stephen King put the large desk in the basement and quietly bought a new desk. Unlike last time, this desk is small and shabby. A square meter of desktop can only place a lamp, a laptop, and a few common books. Except for the board surface and four legs, the table does not have any extra thing. On this small desk, Stephen King was so inspired that he successively wrote such works as “The Miracle in the Green”, “The Ten Days of Danger” and “The Redemption of Shawshank”.
  In 2003, Stephen King won the National Book Award Lifetime Achievement Award. After the award ceremony, a young author asked him the secret of his creation. Stephen King replied mysteriously, “My secret is to write on a small desk.” Then he said seriously: “You may not believe it, but it is true.”