Picture-in-picture to realize local monitoring of the screen

  First start Word and the Flush Flush Stocks software (at the same time switch to the stock selection window), then start OnTopReplica, and right-click in its main window, select “Select Window → Select Flush Flush Stock Selection” (Figure 1).
  After the above operation, the flush flush window will be embedded in OnTopReplica and run as a floating window. We can adjust the size of the floating window, move its position and set the transparency. Because the floating window display area is limited, we can also set the source program window to display as much as possible to watch the content, such as hiding the sidebar of the straight flush, full screen display of the content of the stock. In this way, the market window of the stock selection can be always displayed on the top of all programs, which is convenient for us to watch the market data at any time (Figure 2).
  OnTop Replica can also be set to display only a certain local area to achieve the effect of “local monitoring”. When I look at the market of a particular stock, I only need to check the time-sharing market chart in the floating window. So first set the flush display in OnTopReplica, then right-click to select “Select Range”, and then select the time-sharing market data in the OnTopReplica window (Figure 3).
  Return to the OnTop Replica window. At this time, only the time-sharing chart data is displayed. In this way, you can set to display important data in any area we care about, such as displaying only the download data of the application store software, and only showing the changes in the voting data of a certain website, etc. (Figure 4).
  In addition, if there are multiple display requirements, such as displaying Hong Kong stocks and share prices, etc., you can start the browser to display the corresponding market window in turn, and then start multiple OnTopReplica to display different windows. If you need to perform operations in the floating window, you can start “click response”, the click operation in the floating window can respond in the source program window, the author uses this method to quickly switch the stock display in the flush flush floating window.