Still staying up late to brush your phone? Watch out for this disease

  Currently, the incidence of dry eye worldwide ranges from 5.5% to 33.7%.
  According to existing epidemiological studies in China, the incidence of dry eye in China is higher than that in the United States and Europe, about 21% to 30%. Combined with some investigations based on symptom analysis, ophthalmologists conservatively estimate that the number of people with dry eyes in our country exceeds 100 million. For young people who have been facing “video terminals” such as computers and mobile phones for a long time, the probability of having dry eyes is much higher.
  Staying up late to refresh your phone, always refreshing your phone? I don’t know how long I feel cool, and slowly feel that my eyes are dry and can’t open my eyes? Hot eyes, and a little tingling? Why, all the tears came out at once?
  Be careful, you probably have to dry your eyes!
Stay up late to watch the phone, dry eyes are easy to find the door

  Why stay up late to watch mobile phones, it is easy to get dry eyes?
  Under normal circumstances, a person blinks about 20 times a minute, but when using a mobile phone, the number of blinks per minute will be unconsciously reduced due to too much attention, resulting in uneven distribution of the tear film on the eyeball surface and dry eye surface, which is prone to “dry eyes “.
  In addition to people who watch electronic products for a long time, the following people are also easy to get dry eyes:
  1. Middle-aged and elderly people
  2. People with basic diseases such as diabetes and immune system diseases
  3. People who wear contact lenses
  for a long time 4. Some need long-term medication or eye drops patient
  5. Once the patient eye surgery
  environmental humidity greatly impact of dry eye. High altitude, windy, cold weather, or long-term expectations in air conditioning and heating environments can also easily cause dry eyes. So now is the peak period of dry eye.
  Always feel dry eyes, is it dry eyes?
  Dry eyes, red eyes, foreign body sensation, tingling sensation, burning sensation, tearing, photophobia, blurring after seeing things, feeling uncomfortable while wearing contact lenses are all common symptoms of dry eyes.
  However, conjunctivitis, keratitis, trichiasis and other diseases may also have similar symptoms. Therefore, when you have persistent discomfort, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for related examinations.
Check tips
Corresponding clinic: Ophthalmology

  The initial inspection items often carried out:
  vision, slit lamp inspection, tear film rupture time, corneal fluorescein sodium staining inspection, etc.
  The first-time doctor usually knows your symptoms and conducts a preliminary examination to determine whether you need further examination, including tear secretion test, meibomian gland and eyelid photography, eyelash microscopy, eye surface comprehensive analyzer examination, immunity Related inspections, etc.
Artificial tears can help you relieve dry eyes

  If the doctor’s diagnosis is simply dry eyes, then in addition to telling you to improve bad eye habits, artificial tears are usually prescribed for treatment. These eye drops are actually ingredients that mimic natural tears. They can help keep the eyes moist and relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. But they do not cure dry eyes.
  In addition to eye drops, you can also take the following ways to improve symptoms:
  1. The most important thing is to avoid staring at your phone or computer for a long time. It is recommended to let your eyes rest for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
  2. If you have to watch the electronic screen for a long time, you can try to remind yourself to blink often, which helps keep the eyes moist.
  3. Avoid excessive air cooling or heating, avoid sitting in a place facing the cold or hot air flow.
  4. You can use the humidifier in the bedroom and any other places where you stay for a long time.
  5. Avoid smoking and stay away from smoke-filled air.
  6. Wear goggles with good wrapping when going out in dry weather.
  7. You can insist on hot eye compresses under the guidance of a doctor.
Frequently asked questions

  1. Does prolonged artificial tears have side effects on the eyes?
  Artificial tears can be regarded as the safest of all ophthalmic medicines. For patients who need to use artificial tears for a long time, it is recommended to choose products that do not contain preservatives to minimize the effect of the drug on the ocular surface.
  For patients who are not seriously ill, after a period of medication and other treatments, dry eyes can be gradually relieved.
  Patients with severe illness need to use artificial tears and other drugs, such as hormone eye drops, under the guidance of a doctor. Very few dry eyes caused by systemic diseases require systemic treatment.
  2. Is wearing blue light glasses useful?
  At present, there is no evidence that anti-blue light glasses can reduce the problems of dry eyes or visual fatigue caused by long-term viewing of computer phones. Rather than blindly relying on these unreliable methods, it is better to improve eye habits.
  3. Can dry eyes be cured?
  Dry eyes are chronic diseases that are prone to long-term existence. Even if your conscious symptoms improve significantly, it may still exist, not to mention the possibility of its repeated appearance.
  Of course, it doesn’t have to be a burden to dry eyes. Most dry eyes do not cause more serious problems such as vision loss. For the mild patients, the main thing you can do is to avoid the environment and habits that induce dry eyes, maintain good eye surface function, and avoid dry eyes from repeatedly confusing your life. So, are you still up late to watch your phone? It’s time to let go!