Fun exams, not just fun

  The new colleague Lin Qi is very meticulous in his work and has almost no errors in his work. Soon he was promoted to raise his salary and became an assistant to the general manager. We are very strange, how could a young man in his 20s be so delicate and calm? After inquiring, I realized that Lin Qi was passionate about taking some interesting exams outside of work. Before that, he was actually Ma Daha. Exercise to become a person who pays attention to small details.
  Lin Qi studied finance and loved to drink coffee. He accidentally drank coffee made by a barista in a hotel. The taste was perfect, completely subverting his perception of coffee. Only then did he realize that there were still qualifications like a barista that could be taken, so he started studying in his spare time. The barista certification exam required 7 drinks in 16 minutes, namely Espresso espresso, drip coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate … the instructor sat in front of Lynch and watched while listening to him to make While explaining, you must have new ideas. Lin Qi likens 7 drinks to 7 different emotions and moods, and compiles touching stories. She originally thought she could get a high score and the tutor was very satisfied. But in the end, Lin Qi did not pass the exam, because the coffee on the walls of the two kinds of coffee he made had a little coffee stains. The teacher said that the food and beverage industry serves the stomach and stomach. This examination has changed him a lot. Since then, he has done things carefully, and he will do everything with his soul and heart. Later, he passed the barista exam. Today, when the work is particularly busy or important, Lin Qi will carefully make a cup of coffee for everyone, which tastes superb and the posture is super handsome!
  Lin Qi said that he usually pays attention to some interesting exams, and joins a community of fun exams online, all of whom are friends who love life and pursue progress to take various fun exams.
  There is a full-time mother named Wen Qin. In order to let her daughter learn English well, she also re-learned. I heard that I can take the translation qualification certificate and decided to try it. Taking the translation test and preparing a lot of government work reports, white papers, etc. during the review, she unexpectedly tested the advertising slogan of a famous brand in the US market, which made her suddenly realize a problem, the language is mainly for life. So is the TOEFL test not as boring as expected? After inquiries, it is true that the TOEFL test often comes into contact with a lot of weird little knowledge. So she and her daughter used a lot of interesting information and life humor to learn English and collected interesting reading knowledge to translate. For example: the probability of a man being struck by lightning is 5 times higher than that of a woman; 100 miles per hour … the more interesting the learning, the more interesting the translation. Both mother and daughter have made rapid advances in English, their daughters passed the TOEFL test with excellent grades, and Wenqin has relied on a high-quality translation level for many part-time jobs.
  Colleague Yao Yao has always liked to study furniture. After listening to Lin Qi’s introduction to the fun testing community, he immediately became interested. Is there also an exam about furniture design? Check, there is really a furniture designer exam. After a little review, I went to participate. Immediately, the rich content of the test papers came to light. From ancient and modern furniture culture and history, manufacturing technology, human body structure to various famous furniture, masterpieces of design masters, furniture texture, etc. very. Yao Yao did not pass the exam for the first time, but was fascinated by these contents and indulged in it. When she got this certificate, she had already become a furniture expert and won several prizes in several furniture design competitions. When she visited the furniture market on the weekend, she could see that the furniture she designed was moved home by customers with satisfaction. Beautiful things.
  Another colleague who pursues fashion, Mr. Nie, decided to take a sommelier test. When he finished the test, he said straightforwardly, “Sorry for the exam,” and ordered various wines “sorted by sweetness”, “sorted by acidity” and alcohol In order of high and low, those wines are ordinary domestic dry red wines bought from supermarkets, and the “examination wines” obtained by adding different amounts of alcohol to test the sensitivity of the tongue. After the exam, Mr. Nie said that he didn’t know the taste of meat for a few months, and he also summed up the philosophical saying: Behind the bright, all is the sweat of the ruthless characters. This remark has also become a famous quote for us when faced with work difficulties. Encouraging himself with this sentence, Mr. Nie obtained the sommelier certificate, and now occasionally invited to go to wineries around the world, very satisfied.
  Life needs some fun. If it is interesting and meaningful, it can also inject infinite positive energy into life, which is really a beautiful thing. Obviously, taking some legitimate fun exams is such a beautiful thing, why not do it?