Asiri West Chives Ping

The sky of Jiucaiping is a unique blue. Unlike the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it is very pure blue, which is awe-inspiring and gives you a feeling of closeness. Standing on the top of the mountain, the human heart seems to be as pure and flawless as this blue sky, and it is integrated with the mountain.

In the early morning, the sun illuminates the top of the mountain. Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up at the top of the mountain is a golden beauty, shining like a rice field with a good harvest. Corresponding to the top of the leek peak, there are thousands of acres of grassland. The morning sun has not illuminated it. It looks like a lazy cat looking up at you, leisurely, and the cows on the grassland also chew the grass leisurely. Looking up at the top of the mountain, Chiaoping Peak seems to be high enough to touch the sky.

The red cable car is not moving, like a small lantern connecting the green earth and the blue sky. Riding on the cable car rises from the ground to the sky, step by step higher and higher, the Yi songs on the cable car make the mood happy.

Ascending to the top of the peak, the thick fog has not yet dispersed, as miraculous as walking in the sky. As the sun stepped in, the field of vision also became clear, slowly illuminating the surroundings, and the grass field was clearly visible. It was difficult to describe this wonderful moment. Twenty thousand mu of grassland is a kind of rich and slightly desolate plateau color block, wind blowing grass, cattle and sheep all over, giving people the illusion that the northern grassland moved to the southern plateau. The grass is dark green, and the green is generous and open-minded, as if any horse will sway with passion. The Loeb Stone Forest has a wide area and has been weathered for hundreds of millions of years, or like a horse galloping, a million soldiers, or like a beautiful woman looking at the moon, and Guanyin, with different shapes and magnificence-the most beautiful is the long tree on the stone And entangled vines, they are like giant bonsais artificially cultivated, but they are naturally interesting and clever. The top of the mountain is filled with the smell of leek flowers. It is not as pungent as leek, but it makes people feel warm. The mountains and wild leek flowers decorate the peaks brilliantly. The leek flowers are hemispherical umbrella-shaped inflorescences, dotted with green leaves like big dandelions, swaying with the rhythm of the wind, like a sea of ​​flowers.

Hezhang Jiucaiping Scenic Area is located in Yi Township, Zhushi City, Hezhang County, Bijie City, with an average elevation of 2550 meters. The vertical well karst cave is composed of wonderful natural ten thousand acres of grassland and five parts of Yi village. The scenery is beautiful and unique, the scenery of the plateau is rich, and the small leek flat on the roof of Guizhou can enjoy the style of “seeing the small mountains at a glance” of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. Clouds sometimes steam Xia Wei, sometimes blue sky-all kinds of sights.

Jiucaiping, as the name suggests, is famous for its wild leeks that are halfway up the mountain. Most of the wild leeks here are a kind of leeks with the scientific name “multi-star leeks”. It is a kind of leeks with beautiful purple flowers. It is a typical alpine plant. It is mainly distributed in areas above 2300 meters above sea level in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. In Guizhou, it is mainly concentrated in the high-altitude Hezhang Dajiucaiping area. Dajiucaiping is the only wild leek flower reserve in the country. It has more than 1500 hectares of wild leek flower belts in the world and is mainly distributed on the grass slopes of 2,600-2,700 meters. An important plant component with spectrum.

The name of Asilisi Jiucaiping comes from a group of traditional folk songs-“Asilisi”. The song has distinct regional characteristics and cultural background, showing the extreme ideology and emotion of the Yi people’s love for life. “Means” we are good friends “in Yi language.

Asirisi, this name makes Jiucaiping kind and amiable. The Yi people here are primitive and simple, the Yi people are hardworking and simple, warm and hospitable, and the Yi culture has a long history. The Yi wine makes you intoxicated, and the beauty of the Yi girl makes you linger.