Integrity is valuable

On the eve of the Second World War, there was a very insignificant trust company in Germany called the Babina Trust Bank, which was dedicated to keeping valuables for customers. After the outbreak of war, people took away their property and fled in disarray. The boss also managed to escape, and only the employee West Asia still counted the accounts there. She cleaned up the accounts and found that a customer named Legg had not yet taken things away. It was a ruby ​​worth 500 million marks. West Asia put the gem and all the escrow documents in a small box, then took the small box and left the trust bank.

A few days later, the war razed the Babina Trust Bank to the ground, and West Asia also ran around to escape the war. But no matter where he went, West Asia always carried the trust bank account and the gem.

The war was finally over and West Asia returned to Berlin with three children. However, the boss of the Babina Trust Company had died in the war and the trust company no longer existed. But West Asia still keeps accounts and gems. Because the gem is entrusted by the customer and the customer does not take the gem away, she has to keep it for the customer and keep the trust of the trust bank.

Years have passed, and West Asia has not found a job. She has been living a very poor life with her three children. In fact, Legg, who had entrusted the trust bank to keep the gemstones, also died in the war. The precious ruby ​​has long been unclaimed. West Asia can sell it quietly and live a life of precious food.

In 1978, the local government established a war museum to collect the relics of World War II from the society. West Asia took out the trust bank account and the ruby ​​she kept. Through many efforts, the government helped West Asia find Leg ’s grandson, Doyle. Doyle got the gem and wanted to sell it in half to West Asia. West Asia declined politely, saying that he only charged storage fees for these years.

Soon, West Asia died. Several companies found her son Chris and asked to buy out West Asia ’s name to trust the company. Chris had no choice but to let several companies bid. In the end, Plato Trust acquired the naming rights of West Asia at a price of 800 million marks. Many people wonder why a name is worth so much money?

The president of Plato said that “West Asia” is no longer just a person’s name, it represents an entrepreneurial spirit, a kind of integrity that is cheaper than gemstones, it cost 800 million marks to buy this honor, value!

Integrity can create value because integrity itself is priceless. When you regard integrity as your faith and responsibility, you have won the support and trust of people, and endless wealth will also arise from it.