Best alive, best thoughts

Every time you go, you always have to get something because they are elders. That is also my mother’s natal family. When I was young, every time I took some steamed buns, wine and the like, I would n’t take steamed buns and wine anymore, and people would find it too troublesome. Value and respect. Instant noodles have been popular for a while, and every time I go, I buy two boxes of instant noodles. Later, I was able to make money, bought nutrients and other food, and gave them some money. It is completely voluntary. People in the world, who do not touch anyone’s light, who will not be good to others in white, nor is there just all kinds of intersections. Because my grandma and grandpa were gone very early, go to my mother’s house, the first one to visit, of course, uncle. He lives at the top, but every time he goes to his house, he must pass the second uncle’s house. I asked my mother, every time I go, I have to go to the second uncle’s house first, but I have to go to the first uncle’s house first. Will the second uncle have any opinions? The mother said that the uncle is big and the second uncle is small. According to the number of gifts, you must go to the uncle’s house first.

The second uncle did not have any opinion, nor could he have an opinion. Even if he is not old, at this point, the second uncle certainly has no idea. Once, I was carrying a bunch of things, and when I passed the second uncle’s yard, I happened to run into the second concubine. In our southern Taihang village, the nephews called their uncle’s daughter-in-law called concubine, and they didn’t know how this title came from. Erkuo was cooking by the fire in the yard. She was supposed to face the wall. I could just slip past. Unexpectedly, while I was speeding up to cross the second uncle’s yard, the two concubines turned around and caught me with a pair of eyes. I’m embarrassed, and I haven’t had time to say hello to the second concubine, just listen to the second concubine saying, you are here, come home. I quickly said, concubine, I will come in a while.

Go up the stone steps, through an arch, and then a few steps up, is the uncle’s house. When I first arrived in the yard, all the people were very tall and spoke softly. The grinning middle-aged man chuckled far away and said, Pingzi came, and quickly went home. I shouted a big uncle and walked quickly to him, he also reached out and helped me catch things. I think this uncle is so good, no matter who he is, it is a smile on his face. When our family was in the most difficult time, it was also the uncle who reached out and gave us much-needed money, food, and even more expensive agricultural tools. People in the world are profit-seeking, but they also value love. For the uncle, I naturally feel that this person is very reliable, and I feel close in my heart.

When I was very young, one day, my mother took me to my uncle’s house, in a deep ditch far away. It was autumn that the persimmons were not as red as their branches. The thorns and grass on the surrounding hillsides were at the critical point of prosperity. There are layers of fields between the two mountains, and the mature corn stalks are dried up in batches, lingering in the breeze. When Lao Yuan saw his mother, a man with a white towel on his head greeted him with a smile, and took me out of his mother’s back. Then he lifted me up and shook my delicate body from side to side. , This nephew, but handsome. Because of this, many years later, I insisted on seeing grandpa. The mother corrected her vigorously, saying that when you were only half a year old, your grandma and grandpa died, and the two had separated for more than 20 days. I tilted my head and wondered for a while, crying and telling my mother, everyone has grandma and grandpa, and once they are out of school, they run to grandma’s home, I have no grandma? My mother said in tears, “I blame your grandpa and grandpa for dying early, you never saw them.” From the mother ’s natural tears, I felt a kind of emotion, unparalleled, which also included a person ’s feelings and guilt for the person who was born and where the life came from.

The mother’s maiden house, which is the village where the two uncles are located, is called Beijie. Many stone houses, like huge stones, grow on a slope in a row. Behind are gradually rising mountains. Between the mountains and the mountains, the fields are gradually rising with the mountain. Among them are the graves of the Zhangjia Li family scattered, and some of them have big cypress trees in front of them, while others Thatch thorns mixed together. Further up, there is a mountain shaped like a Taishi chair. It is extremely large, with a sharp top, and a few cliffs on it, which are dark red. On both sides of this mountain, there are hills similar to the main peak. Therefore, the locals call Dazhai Mountain the big one, Dongxiaozhai the east, and Xixiaozhai the west.

Not only people rely on mountains, everything depends on mountains, but also water. This is what the villagers say. Uncle’s village, everything is given by Dazhai Mountain. During the Ming Dynasty, a monk came to see the magnificent mountain of Dazhai Mountain, and built a temple on it called Lengyan Temple. Since then, the uncle’s village has been full of prosperity, but some strange things often happen. In general, the village where Uncle’s North Street is facing is called South Street. I don’t know when it started. If someone died in Beijie Village, someone would die in South Street within a week. If the deceased died of illness, someone on South Street must die. This strange phenomenon has always been uncomfortable. In the past few years, the villagers have been digging wells in iron ore mines. Almost every year, people suddenly die because of a roof burst, sudden flooding, and gas explosion. The two villages on South and North Streets are like this.

I asked the uncle what was going on. The uncle said that it was unclear, anyway from the generation of your grandma and grandpa. The second uncle said that most of the world is mysterious, how can people make it clear? I am at a loss. I also asked other people in the village, and one of them said that there is a lot of people in the heart, and God has a will. Here, there are naturally secrets. I am speechless. Another thought, this is not our village, anyway, it is not his business. After this idea came up, I was taken aback. It can be said that from the age of thirteen, I knew that human nature was originally selfish. No matter what kind of big event, even if the mountain suddenly fell to the ground, the river walked from the roof. If you don’t care, read at most a rarity and say a few words that are universally applicable.

Like the encounter of Uncle and Second Uncle. From the mouths of my mother and my aunt, I learned that when grandma and grandpa were still alive, both the uncle and the uncle had reached the age when they should marry their wives. Regarding that kind of poverty, my mother said something unbelievable to me-when she was a child, she was hungry all day long. Grandpa is also stingy, kneading the persimmons and coarse bran into pancakes and drying them, putting them in a basket and hanging them on the beam head to prevent children from stealing. One day, the mother and the younger aunt stared at the sun, and the sisters moved the stool. The younger aunt was responsible for keeping it steady, and the mother climbed up to get it. Helpless, the two were small, the bran persimmon was not taken down, and both of them fell off their front teeth. Grandpa came back and asked about the situation, holding a stick and pumping on the sisters’ buttocks and back.

Sometimes the life and destiny of a person is not his own. Finally it was a good year. Uncle and second uncle met each other. At the same time, grandpa also married aunt with a bucket of rice. According to local customs, the boss must get married first and then the second and third. But in order to save money, my grandfather chose a good day to marry the daughter-in-law of the boss and the second son into the door. It was originally a matter of great joy, but when I woke up the next morning, the uncle said in a panic, my daughter-in-law was flat. Grandma and grandpa were shocked and were about to see it. The second uncle also ran into the house in a panic and said, “I can’t wake up if my wife is crying.”

The two brothers married on the same day, but the two daughter-in-laws both died the next day. This is too weird. The mother said that it was probably the reason for the loss of balance (rule), and there was never any family brother who married his wife on the same day. Civil affairs are sometimes inexplicable and cannot be explained. The deceased was gone, so he had to fall in the grandfather’s grave. The living must always be alive, and they must not live poorly. Subsequently, Uncle married a girl in Huanghua, my second concubine; Uncle, turned and married a widow in the neighboring village. The fate of a person’s life probably starts from a certain period. This is the case with Uncle and Second Uncle.

Uncle likes to carry his hands on his back and sit on a stone in the yard and smoke. When we see our nephews, our faces are always dark. My mother said that your second uncle was born with this temper and had also worked as a village cadre. People are not majestic and disrespectful. In our southern Taihang village, there is a saying that the niece imitates uncle. This sentence has two meanings. One is that the nephew and the uncle look alike, and the other is that the nephew also overcomes the uncle at certain times. The former may be a genetic problem, and the latter is a traditional culture. One day, I went to look in the mirror, and suddenly the second uncle’s face appeared in the mirror. I was shocked, and then look carefully, or myself. Mother said, your uncle and uncle are better, especially for you, for me. It is said that the elder brother is like a father, like a good brother, your two uncles are the best role models. But in private, I think it’s better to be uncle. A man, no matter how wronged he is in his heart, when he sees a person, he has to put out a smile, making people in front of him, as if illuminated by Buddha’s light.

After remarrying, the second uncle and the second concubine worked hard together and gave birth to four daughters and a son, which was only a little slack. The uncle did not regenerate and could only help raise the grandmother and the son of the ex-husband. Uncle sat on the door pier and watched the children of the second uncle shouting. Although they were poor, some people were not poor, and there was no talent to die. There must be no taste in him. Later, the uncle adopted a daughter. When he grew up, he also counted his duty, but he couldn’t go to school. The second uncle’s girls were married one by one, and every time, my mother took me to send. The rule in our village is that whenever a girl from a close relative’s family is married, other relatives must give it away. This rule is called “send girl”. I am young and can make jokes with my brother-in-law, ask them for sugar and money, and let go of a big meal. I am willing to do such good things.

Uncle also naturally sent. Every time with Uncle, I can see the endless smile on his face, but under the smile, I also feel the sorrow of the uncle’s crazy spread. On several occasions, my uncle hugged me in the front row in the car that sent my relatives. My mother, aunt, and aunt all spoke around him. From the expressions and details of the speech, I could perceive the three sisters Uncle’s feelings are comparable to their biological parents. Every time their siblings sat together to discuss things, even eating and meeting on the road, Lao Yuan, mother and aunt and aunt took three steps and made two steps, ran to the uncle and called brother. Uncle Uncle went to our house, and my mother turned around Uncle Uncle like serving the emperor. For ordinary people, blood relationship is burden and trouble on the one hand, and peace of mind and mutual help on the other. However, above the temple, the blood relationship may be an alliance, more likely to be suspicion and killing. Like the blood of the emperor’s family, the prince inherited the framing and killing between the brothers for the title. Every time I saw the piety and respectfulness of my mother and sisters in front of my two uncles, I shed tears. From them, I felt the beauty of relatives and the warmth of being born. But as I grow older, I am respectful and afraid of my uncle. Respect in my heart, speechless. Fear of being in the bright place, as soon as I saw my uncle and second uncle, I ran away.

So many hardships, accidents, rebellions and mischiefs are full of human growth. Since I was fourteen, I was not a peaceful person. At first, I was envious of food and drink. During school, I bought food on credit at the shop, such as biscuits and canned food. The owner is an old lady, familiar with my mother. For several months, I owed her more than two hundred dollars in debts. I always wanted to cheat some money from my mother and return it to my account, but my mother was careful every time and never gave me too much. Money. So that the account has never been repaid. Later, the old lady told her mother, who beat me up. A few days later, I gradually bought credit and bought food to become notorious. From the perspective of our rural villagers in Southern Taihang, a child would be a big deal if he took credit for food. For eating, the northerners have always been simple, always think that the food at home is enough, if you go to buy and eat, it is a loser.

My other expense is to buy books. I always ask a fellow who is good to me, opens a shop, and often goes to the city to buy goods to help me buy various extracurricular books. Such as Jin Yong’s martial arts novels and various novels, literary theories and periodicals that seem to have nothing to do with learning. He owed him nearly a thousand dollars. Compared with the old lady, he is still very kind and knows that I have no money, so he will not urge me. It was not until I was able to make money myself that I paid him the original amount. Regarding this point, my mother also knew that every time she returned home, she always reminded me to visit the folk who bought me books and tolerated me for many years on credit. I didn’t care. After I had a son, I suddenly felt that my mother taught me the quality of gratitude.

This, plus I like a female classmate in junior high school, and some “gossip” came out. The bad is the wishful thinking, and the female classmates are indifferent. In the opinion of the villagers, it is not impossible for the men and women to talk to each other. If the two parties voluntarily, then follow the steps and grow up to become a couple, which is beautiful. On the contrary, it is a shameful thing. What’s even more shameful is that the villagers said that my parents are honest farmers, and they have no money at home, and the woman’s father is a local village cadre, and his family is very good. Mendanghu’s understanding of this sentence among the people, either the assets owned by both parties are equal, or one party has the right to own the money. The above constitutes the pressure of my public opinion in the countryside. Relatives said that I was not upset. As the most authoritative parent, my uncle and uncle naturally want to correct and educate me in terms of local conditions and customs. And from the beginning, I was tired of all kinds of serious training, so that every time I saw them, I felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t even want to step into their home.

Discipline is the most failed education method, but we use it every day. Especially superiors to subordinates, parents to children. People are not admonished, but must be encouraged and stopped. For the two uncles, in fact, I admire them very much, but they can not understand me. One year, I borrowed money from the folk who bought me books. During the summer vacation, I went to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Changchun, Lanzhou and other places alone. Among them, Changchun and Lanzhou, I heard that there was Beidahuang and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, so I thought of mixing there and I do n’t want to go home again. The condemnation of parents and relatives is a trivial matter. The key is the public opinion of the villagers, which prevents me from looking up. But in the end, I still had to go back to the village I hated with mud and lice. As always, I went to school with the contempt and condemnation of everyone, and then failed the entrance examination to become a thorough peasant.

As a rural youth, once there is no opportunity to go to college, the fate of a lifetime is fixed, either going out to work or farming at home. These two items are the fate of many rural people and the curse on the heads of contemporary farmers. Unless suddenly make a fortune, become a rich party. Also, unless it runs from time to time, it has been favored by some kind of power. Otherwise, there will be no day in this life. I am also 18 years old. I have reached the age of marriage and marriage in accordance with local customs. My parents and my two uncles also care very much. However, the feedback news is that when the woman’s family heard that it was me, she shook her head directly like a rattle. In the eyes of the villagers, my life must be like this. I do n’t know how money works, I do n’t care about my things, I ’m lazy, I do n’t know how to do farm work, I do n’t have enough energy, and I do n’t want to work. All these have been criticized and taboo by the villagers. You can’t blame your parents if your family is not good, but as long as you are honest and willing to work, that’s fine. However, I do not account for everything.

One morning, I was still sleeping, my mother called me out of the window and said, “Your uncle and second uncle are here, hurry up!” I was horrified, sweating all over my body, and I was immediately caught in a dark cloud. So that when wearing clothes, suddenly wanted to run out of the roof. He dared to go to his parents’ house, and his uncle and second uncle sat on chairs. After I respectfully called my uncle and second uncle, I looked down like a captured thief and stood on their side. The second uncle spoke first, he explained the reason for coming to our house, and said sharply, what should you do? Your parents are honest, you are so big to feed you, and you are a bastard who does n’t do well. If you go on like this, you ca n’t even marry a daughter-in-law. It ’s that you ’re older now. It ’s not good to beat you. If you are in your twenties, my ear scraper will be on your face this morning! Uncle said softly that life is not easy, you can still look back now, do something well, be considerate of parents, go out to work for snacks, farm at home and earnestly, and then three years and two years later, recover With regard to reputation, maybe you can find a daughter-in-law to become a family.

In our southern Taihang village, “doing what you do” means not taking money and things seriously and squandering waste. If you don’t do it right, you just don’t have the right thing. These idioms are all specific. They are aimed at people like me who are not serious, can’t make a difference, can’t make a difference, and are particularly mischievous. In the face of the two uncles, I can only listen with my head down. If I resist, I know what the consequences are for me. Uncle is big. Uncle is not only the most authoritative relative, but also the parent of the nephews. If anyone is disobedient, uncle kills him. Of course, it is not allowed now. Before the liberation, a word from the uncle, the nephews had to obey immediately, not listen, and slapped directly on the face, and could even execute family law. I also know that my uncle came to control me, it is a kind of affection, especially for my mother. The mother is their younger sister, and they are distressed by her suffering. This kind of brother-sister relationship, for mothers, is no different from the grace of parents.

I also want to change, to be a good child and a nephew, but in our southern Taihang village, I no longer have the “foundation of public opinion”, the only way out is to go out. And how easy is it for a young farmer to come out? One year after conscripting, my mother signed up for me. I had a medical examination, passed the level, and then went to the army instead of Nantaixing. In one year and two years, in addition to changes in personal thoughts and behavior, the path of life is still the same as before, and the confused future often suffocates me. Whenever I was alone, I felt that the surroundings were dark and black, and even a hint of sunlight could not penetrate. At this time, I was still asking for money from my parents, some of them bought books, and more were eating and drinking. My mother was angry, and when she saw that I was a soldier and asked her to spend money. When others heard it, they said it to more people. When more people knew it, they all said that I did not understand the hard work of my parents. When I was a soldier, I had a monthly allowance and asked for money from home. It was not a good thing. Some people also gave an example that XX was also serving as a soldier in the XX village, and they sent home several hundred pieces every month.

This is definitely a fake. The soldiers do n’t have so many monthly allowances. Unless they are provided for the maintenance staff and the secretary, they can be a little extra. I also know that parents are always protecting their shortcomings and praise their children for being good. My mother is different. She has a direct personality. She never tells lies. She also likes to talk. It is a bit more serious. Every time I visit the house, my mother takes me to the house of my uncle and second uncle, and visits Jia to be admonished. I was also respectful in front of them, but after eating, I wanted to slip away. The third time I visited the house, I pretended to go back to the army quickly, so I didn’t visit the two uncles. Back on the third day of the army, I heard the news of the uncle’s accidental death.

It was a winter day. Uncle climbed on the roof alone, trying to clean up the dried persimmons, etc. As a result, one foot stepped on the ground and fell into the small knot in the root of the back wall. No one found it for more than an hour. When he came to him, he had lost his breath. On the phone, my mother cried and scolded me as a dog blood sprinkler, saying that I was not filial, unjust, and simply not human. I listened to her scolding in silence, and when she put down the phone, she hid in the woods and cried. When I visited home again, and in another identity, the villagers gave me a high glance. My mother did n’t forgive me, but she did n’t scold me anymore. She just said again and again that you did n’t go when you came back last time to see your uncle. As a result, your uncle was gone. I was so sad that I wanted to cry. The mother also said that before the uncle died, the second uncle stood in his yard and scolded the uncle because of the house. Uncle died, and Uncle pounced and burst into tears. A few days later, the second uncle suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. Although he was rescued in a timely manner, he was paralyzed in bed, and he gradually lost his memory.

After all, it was a handful of dust. The uncle’s goodness caused a lot of regret for people, including those in the village and surrounding areas. We relatives, weeping every time we think of our uncle. Although the second uncle was paralyzed in bed, he could be taken care of by two concubines, and all four daughters were filial, giving money and supplies, and coming back to serve every three to five. A son and daughter-in-law also tried their best to be filial, and never disliked it. After the uncle died, I went to see the concubine and gave her two hundred dollars. But soon, the concubine also became ill, and her son, who was originally in the neighboring village, took her back at night. After the death of the grandmother, she was buried with her ex-husband. Uncle, despite her husband and wife for most of her life, eventually merged with her first daughter-in-law. His adopted daughter also followed the grandmother and had a close relationship with her ex-husband’s family. Unfortunately, eight years after the death of my uncle, my eldest cousin, who was also adopted by his uncle, jumped into the ice cave of the reservoir to kill fish this winter and committed suicide.

Every time I go back, I have to see the second uncle, he can no longer say a complete sentence. I fed him for dinner, and he cried hummingly. Erkuo said, your second uncle is thinking of your uncle. I am dumb. Standing outside the house where Uncle once lived, looking at the heavy door lock, the broken window and the cobwebs all over, remembering the man who grinned widely when he saw my brother, the man looked majestic In fact, the gentle-speaking elder, his fate is so unbearable, but he was so kind during his lifetime, taking care of his brothers and sisters like a father, and never biased. So far, as soon as he mentioned the uncle, his mother and little aunt had tears in their eyes and said, “Good brother in the world, died so early.” Before, I did n’t understand their brothers and sisters ’love. When I had my own children, I knew that for civilians, the only thing that can comfort, inspire, sympathize, and motivate you is that they do n’t charge or serve any purpose. Only the blood relationship of kiss. Taiwan scholar Mr. Bai Yang said in the book “Ugly Chinese” that Chinese people use genitals to link society and interpersonal relationships, but it cannot be ignored that the most reliable person in the life of civilians may be only this Blood relatives are thicker than water. Besides, who else can treat a person who has nothing to do with him like this?

In contrast, Uncle is undoubtedly the most tragic man. He had no children and no daughters during his lifetime. Although he had his first wife sleeping in the loess after death, he also had a son who passed on during his death. At his feet, but his life is always lacking and unwilling. A man, who has worked hard for others all his life, does not end up naturally; when there is a sudden disaster, there is no one around him, and no last words can be left, why lament? My nephew, who claims to love him and respect him, now can only look at the only photo he left behind, that is, his uncle ’s ID card, and carefully look at the sad face. Tears secretly. I remember once when I was at the second uncle’s house, at noon, a blue snake suddenly emerged from the crack in the outer wall, climbed over the lintel, and fell on the threshold of the second uncle, curled up in a ball. Erkuo shoveled it gently with a shovel and sent it to the river beach outside.

In the southern Taihang countryside, people think that snakes, owls, bats, foxes, weasels, and musk deities are spiritual. They can become enemies for a long time and cannot be harmed. When they encounter them, they must hide and let them. When chatting, Erkuo said, it may be that your uncle came back to see your uncle. I am stunned. Once again, I went to the house where Uncle lived and looked at it for a long time. Then I made three deep bows to the uncle, to the mother and the brother of the aunt, to the man who had disappeared from the world for many years and still lived. The man in our hearts. In fact, I also know that this is useless, and the uncle can’t get any comfort, even though the person who loves him is always guilty.

According to his mother, after the death of his uncle, a man in Nanjie Village was also carrying Cai He on his way home, fell into a deep ditch, and died. At this point, I thought inexplicably, perhaps, the destiny of the common people echoed each other. The second uncle was paralyzed for eight years, and eventually left, which is the ultimate. At the same time, a person in Nanjie Village suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died in the field while working. The ancient laws are mysterious and unpredictable, which makes people feel the divine power in the world. This may be some coincidence, or it may be some kind of human coupling. But for small places, the probability of this coupling is too frequent, which makes people feel a strange and strange way that is difficult to describe.

Roughly all people will only feel uneasy, happy or painful about the various encounters of people with deep emotions. For the uncle, I also often think that the best life may be left to future generations. Good thoughts. Both death and life are eternal, and all people’s lives can be remembered and grateful. Perhaps this is the value of everyone’s life. I remember Borges wrote such a poem, named “Guilty for All Dead”, the whole poem is as follows: “Lost memory and lost hope, / no limit, mysterious, almost The idol of the future / The dead is not just a dead person, but death.//Like the preaching to all of them / The god of the mystic religion, / The dead who put everything out of the degree / The whole The divergence and loss of the world.//We stole all of him without leaving a touch of color and a little noise; / This is the courtyard where his eyes can no longer be seen, there is the hope he once hoped for Streets./He even thought about what we were thinking, / We are like a group of thieves, / Divided the treasure of day and night. ”

Recently, there have been doubts and accusations in the public opinion field about the “hidden reporting” of the deaths of the new crown epidemic. Some people in the West have also vigorously speculated on this topic. Wuhan has not been affected by these voices and has insisted on advancing the procedures required by the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law to conduct verification Revised, this is a decent performance with the courage to stick to the system. Adhering to the truth is the first principle, and everything else is in the back row.

It should be pointed out that there are strict digital investigations and corrections after the event, indicating that there is never real room for malicious concealment. Some people conjecture that China has “organized” the “appropriate death figures” of the new crown epidemic in an organized manner, which is completely untrue. Some of them are because they do not understand the working mechanism during the anti-epidemic period in China, while others are not open-minded. , Always think of things in the worst direction.

As we all know, in the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan, patients continued to increase, the medical system was overwhelmed, and some confusion occurred, which could easily lead to false alarms and false alarms at the grass-roots level. At that time, the ability of nucleic acid detection and admission were inadequate, and the accurate determination of the cause of death of the patient and the strict supervision of this determination, and the online statistics of the number of deaths were gradually established.

In the civil society, there has always been speculation and discussion about whether some patients died of new coronary pneumonia in the early stage of the epidemic. It should be said that there is a certain error in the number of deaths, and people are psychologically prepared and understandable.

It can also be speculated that the current number of deaths in most countries with severe epidemics in the world will not be very accurate. Because many patients with new coronary pneumonia eventually die from complications and confuse their cause of death, there will be some confusion in the statistical methods. presence.

In short, this was not originally a political issue, but the technical organization and management of anti-epidemic. It was only because some people were too focused on the number of deaths of China ’s new coronary pneumonia for political reasons, and it was politicized in advance. Constitutes a certain sensitivity.

In fact, China, as the first country to mobilize against the new coronary pneumonia, did not have many deaths that belonged to the “extraordinary” reference. The people of Wuhan suffered tremendous pain and losses during the peak of the epidemic, which requires no data to describe. After the establishment of the statistical system, concealing the death toll can hardly think of any benefits for anyone, but the political and legal risks of doing so are unbearable.

China is not a country where key data can be fabricated lawlessly. Maliciously fabricated epidemic data highly concerned by people across the country, everyone knows it is a crime. Moreover, it requires a lot of cooperation between many departments and many people. It is so easy to be pierced and assisted. It can be said that such malicious fabrications cannot be operated in China today.

The corrected new data is released, and it is hoped that its authority will make the relevant disputes settled. This incident reminds us once again that any data officially released by China may be examined by a political magnifying glass, making no mistake at all, because the technical error in it may be charged with political charges. Official institutions at all levels in China will need to be more cautious than any other institution in the world. Trying to ensure the high accuracy of numbers from the beginning is the most reliable.