The higher the body temperature, the better the resistance?

In a special period of the epidemic, fever is a typical feature of infection with new coronavirus. In order to achieve early detection and early control of infected people, whether it is going out or at home, measuring body temperature has become something everyone has to do. When measuring body temperature, people often stage a thrilling inner drama, feeling that body temperature fluctuations are more stimulating than the stock market, 36.7, 36.4, 36.3, 37.2 … doubt that you have a problem? Some friends feel that the temperature results are more stimulating than the lottery. When they look at the thermometer over 37 degrees, they feel that they are infected …

Suddenly the body temperature rises and falls, is there a problem with your body?
It is normal for the body temperature to fluctuate, and it is normal for people to reflect the temperature measurement is not fixed. This is a normal phenomenon, because the body temperature does not change, and it can generally vary with gender, age, time, mood and other factors There are fluctuations up and down, but this change is often within the normal range.

According to research, compared with men, women’s body temperature will be a little higher, in addition, body temperature will rise and fall with the physiological cycle and pregnancy. In addition, the body temperature of people of different ages will also be different. Generally, the temperature of newborns is subject to changes due to external temperature, so the body temperature will be slightly higher than adults. The elderly have a lower body temperature due to lower body metabolic rate.

When people measure their body temperature, they will find that there will be deviations in the measurement results in the morning and evening. This is because people are still in the morning and the body produces less heat. However, if the person is active for a day in the afternoon, the body produces more heat, which will lead to lower body temperature in the morning High body temperature in the afternoon.

In addition, changes in human emotions and outside temperature, as well as eating, may cause body temperature fluctuations, so people find that their body temperature fluctuates like the stock market, don’t worry too much, as long as it does not exceed the normal body temperature range, there is no problem.

How much is normal body temperature, is it dangerous to exceed 37 degrees?
So, what is the normal range of human body temperature, if the body temperature exceeds 37 degrees, is it possible to be infected with the new coronavirus?

In fact, the normal body temperature standard of the human body is not a fixed temperature point that people imagine, but an approximate temperature range, as long as the human body temperature does not exceed this range, it is considered normal. It is generally represented by the common body temperature measurement of the armpit, oral cavity and rectum. The normal temperature range of the armpit is 36.0 ℃ ~ 37.0 ℃, the sublingual temperature of the oral cavity is 36.3 ℃ ~ 37.2 ℃, and the rectal temperature is 36.5 ℃ ~ 37.7 ℃. The oral cavity temperature is higher than 0.2 ℃ ~ 0.5 ℃, and the rectal body temperature is also the temperature closest to the deep part of the human body. Unlike the surface temperature of the armpit and oral cavity, it is susceptible to changes and differences due to various external factors.

As for whether the body temperature exceeds 37 degrees, whether it is infected with the new coronavirus. First of all, we must know that if the use of a thermometer to test the underarms shows more than 37 degrees Celsius, it may be a fever, but whether it is a corona infection Viruses, then it is not necessarily. Because in this special period, in addition to the new coronary pneumonia, the common cold or flu is also prone to appear, so the fever does not mean that the new coronary pneumonia.

Special emphasis: If the patient with fever has no epidemic history within 14 days, and has not contacted Hubei personnel or other pneumonia diagnosed personnel, it is recommended not to go to the hospital first, but to take medicine observation at home according to the common cold, drink plenty of water, and ventilate, And to ensure good sleep, if the body temperature slowly recedes, it should be no problem. If the patient observes at home for three days, the body temperature does not drop but rises, and gradually fatigue, dry cough and difficulty breathing, it is recommended to wear a mask to the local hospital.

The higher the body temperature, the stronger the immunity?
Although there is no direct evidence that the body temperature rises and falls, the resistance will change, but some studies have shown that people within the normal body temperature range, the higher the body temperature, the stronger the immunity. This is because when the body temperature is higher, it often helps to activate more immune cells in the body, thereby better eliminating pathogenic microorganisms invading the body and protecting the health of the body.

Therefore, when our body temperature is higher in the normal range, we do n’t have to worry about it at all, but it is a good thing to improve resistance. After all, the most useful medicine against new coronary pneumonia is human resistance.

So, in the face of lower body temperature, how do you raise it? Doing these two things often can help you do it.

The first thing is to soak the feet. People who have no leg problems can soak their feet before going to bed, which not only helps to eliminate fatigue and help sleep, but also improves the body’s basic metabolism; During isolation, you should not stay still. It is recommended to do yoga, aerobics and other aerobic exercises to increase body temperature and enhance immunity.