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Qingfin Town is not huge, but there are several residential areas of not small scale.

No matter how big the residential area is, there are not many community policemen. Taking policeman Liu Jianghai as an example, one person served the three residential quarters of Qinglongyuan, Xuanwuyuan and Lanxiyuan. Fortunately, these communities are combined together like a whole. From this point of view, there must be a main street at the junction of the community, which was originally the vacant space vacated during the development. It was a rare foresight. After it was built into a small square, the houses of the neighboring houses were used as facade houses to do business. Over time, they bought and sold, which means quite a lot of commercial streets. Limited to objective conditions, the policeman Liu Jianghai has three heads and six arms, and can’t do many of the items listed in the assessment manual. Some can be merged, such as the type of preaching popularization survey, which will be merged and saved a lot of things. Liu Jianghai later admitted that the “street” beside this community was the center of his work.

Since it is a street, it must be named. On one occasion, the district received a cultural celebrity to come to the community to visit the collection. While the celebrities were happy to talk and laugh, the town leaders asked him to name the small street. Fate and celebrity names are actually the same, frivolous, but celebrities frown, their eyes are shining, they are in deep contemplation, and they are very solemn. For a long time, carefully confided three words: Feng Shui Street. The basis is the left Qinglong community and the right Xuanwu community, which always involves Xuan Zhixuan’s Yixue. What is commendable is that the celebrity incidentally pointed out a fallacy for everyone: Zuo Qinglong is only right Baihu, before Suzaku before Xuanwu. Everyone clapped.

Liu Jianghai learned that the name of the street has come into being, “Feng Shui Street” has been widely circulated. Before that, he worked in the district bureau, and it was only a year before he transferred to the blue fin police station. In the eyes of the layman, Liu Jianghai’s downward adjustment from the main city area is somewhat intriguing. In fact, Liu Jianghai did have troubles at that time. He and his wife were having trouble at the time. The word “noise” had a very meaningful meaning, and outsiders should not have three tastes. When it was difficult to make trouble, I did not know whether to be mad at myself or my wife. Under anger, Liu Jianghai asked to lower the police station, and for this reason, he was still entangled with the leader of the branch. Soon after he was transferred to the bluefin police station, he and his wife reconciled again. Then go find the leader to plead back, and each one shakes his head like a rattle-then how can it be done, and finally heal your ill marriage, and when you are transferred back again, who will be responsible? Fortunately, the young and strong faction in the police station didn’t bother him. As soon as he came to see him at the age of fifty, he had to respect him. Secondly, after his bizarre downgrade, Nijun couldn’t help but feel guilty and let him hang up as a deputy director The title, the specific work is still the community police.

Compared with the work of the public security department of the branch bureau, Liu Jianghai sensed that the policemen’s post-generals treated him well, and at least did not need to be exposed to the sun and rain to patrol the streets. After a long time, he also found a set of tricks to concentrate on the work in Fengshui Street, showing that he was not only satisfied with the arrangement in the office, but also interested in the work of the community police. Of course, according to the common human longevity, Liu Jianghai inevitably groaned, repented and blamed himself, and even scorned her with his wife when he quarreled and raised the bar, but was often ridiculed by his wife: you are an adult, partial to the mind Fever do the gourd baby thing! Upon being hit, Liu Jianghai shouted out of nowhere and shut up instantly.

The reason Liu Jianghai felt regretful was that he was so sad and annoyed that he was naive, but he was a bit unable to face his old colleagues. In fact, no one laughed at him. He didn’t forget him. He didn’t forget him at parties, outings, and co-ops. It was almost the same as before. Sometimes he cared about him. But in Liu Jianghai’s view, they don’t seem to joke and don’t dislike on the surface, they don’t mean they don’t dislike or laugh at their hearts; the more they care, the more uncomfortable he becomes. In the end, it becomes a psychological burden, and the idea of ​​not participating in collective activities arises. I do n’t know if I have noticed any clues. In recent days, various activities have increased sharply. What day trips around the world, AA system to drink small wine, moving to live a long life, Xiaoying grab the week, one after another, one after another, one after another. I can’t hold up my colleagues, especially the aggressive methods of a few iron buddies. Whenever there are signs that I don’t want to go, they are scolded by them.

Everyone just wanted to soothe him, so that more or less the congestion in his heart could get a soft landing.

On another weekend evening, several old men gathered together, each with no family members, after a long delay, stayed up all night. I thought I had to take a rest the next day. I didn’t need to go to the office. I didn’t think I would get a notice early in the morning to rush to the street office and cooperate with the fire brigade to do a fire knowledge popularization. The location was on Fengshui Street, and Liu Jianghai did not hesitate to determine when seeking comment. That day, Zuo Guzheng arranged the booth, but several shops were clamoring with the staff. Theoretically, several panels printed with fire safety knowledge blocked their facades and affected the business. Several young fire fighters were stunned and stunned by the shopkeeper’s wife earlier. Liu Jianghai patted the shoulder of the proprietress Shuo Shuo before the sea and said, “Sister Qiao, how big is the event, the event will end immediately, and you can’t miss it.” The sister-in-law’s shopkeeper named Qiao soon saw Liu Jianghai, smiled, and stopped the renju gun on her mouth and replied: I thought this was the case, but they said they wanted to exhibit one morning. What about my business? Liu Jianghai looked around, and there was really nowhere to put the display panels on both sides of the road. Liu Jianghai and the leader of the fire brigade combined. The leader very much agreed with his approach: placing the display panel on the aluminum alloy platform stretched out of the row of facades, which did not cover the facade, but also achieved a different momentum. In the past, pedestrians would look up and glance a few times. , The effect is more obvious. As soon as the problem was solved, Qiao sisters were very happy, and they brought hot breakfast early, they had to invite guests. The fire officers and soldiers resolutely said that Liu Jianghai was not polite, and several of the shochus were caught. In the hurry of the morning, he had not eaten breakfast yet.

The fire brigade was divided into two groups to solve the doubts of residents and spread fire fighting knowledge. Liu Jianghai took the initiative to work with community staff to distribute leaflets. At the beginning, many passers-by did not plan to receive the flyers. At first glance, Liu Jianghai was sending it, and he received it joyfully. He also liked the venue to read it on the spot and joked with Liu Jianghai from time to time.

The old Liu, who was collecting scraps, stepped on the tricycle to pass by the event site. He didn’t stop and chat with Liu Jianghai as usual, but nodded with a smile, and continued to pedal. Liu Jianghai knew that old Liu didn’t want to disturb his work. This is the old man’s extraordinary: familiarity, good grasp. Liu Jianghai shouted: Wait a minute! He went over and handed over several leaflets to Liu Liu, instructing him to say: Your paper and cardboard piled up in front of your house and behind your house. You must pay more attention to fire prevention and take it back to read more. Old Liu took the pink leaflet, folded it carefully and put it in his pocket. The two turned around and were busy with their own affairs. Liu Laohan rode a dozen meters away, Liu Jianghai shouted again: Wait a minute! The old man looked back and saw Liu Jianghai trotting over, still holding a few siu mai. I am accustomed to Liu Jianghai giving some old Liu from Xiaodongxiaoxi not polite, so I feel comfortable to sell it.

Liu Jianghai said: I contacted an old electric three-wheeler and turned around to show you. Old Liu looked very excited and nodded toward Liu Jianghai. Watching the thin back of the lonely old man drifting away, Liu Jianghai felt that the old man seemed to straighten his spine suddenly.

One morning passed so unconsciously. Filling the stomach in the cafeteria, the sky rains without warning. Thinking of the elevated display panels on Fengshui Street, Liu Jianghai hurried away, moved the panels down with the help of enthusiastic stores, and found a pickup to be returned to the police station. The fire department told me to take the exhibition board tomorrow and go to other townships to preach, which is equivalent to touring.

There was a problem on the road, and when Pickup turned, he scratched a young woman who was not old.

The pickups of the transport exhibition board were not hired by the police station, they just watched Liu Jianghai’s face to help run. The driver knew that something was wrong and hurried to get off to check. The woman looked at Liu Jianghai, who was wearing a police uniform, bypassing the front of the car. She froze for a while, then lay down solemnly and hummed.

Liu Jianghai bent down to ask the woman’s condition. The woman did not answer him, only to see that her thin spine undulated violently, as if she was not badly injured. Liu Jianghai simply squatted down and looked carefully to see no abnormalities. Instead, the driver shouted without pain: getting up, pretending to be quite like. When the driver said this, Liu Jianghai knew that she might have touched the porcelain, but she was not sure. She had to whisper and asked the woman to raise her face to see if she was in Fengshui Street. If so, it’s easy to handle. But the woman kept her face sighing and sighing, and did not want to talk to Liu Jianghai. The driver looked around the car, and then looked at the person lying on the ground. The judgment in his mind was more determined. He even lit a cigarette and put his hand in his trouser pocket as a spectator. It is Liu Jianghai who is incapable of doing anything. He is not a traffic policeman, and he has never encountered the so-called touch porcelain. However, some people dared to touch the police porcelain.

Soon a circle of people gathered, and everyone braved the drizzle to watch and discuss with excitement. The woman lying on the ground did not seem to be useless, at least enriching the amateur life of the people of Fengshui Street. Liu Jianghai tried to pull the woman’s face, some people sighed: Don’t move her, otherwise you can’t tell clearly. Some people disagreed: he was a policeman, and with so many people present, she dared not come. Hearing someone say this, Liu Jianghai was excited, and asked: Who just saw what happened? Did the car touch her? The crowd looked at each other, saying they did not see clearly. Yes, no one will engrave “touch the porcelain” on his face. Who cares about the blink of an eye?

How is this good.

After picking up a cigarette, the pickup driver studied the woman lying on the ground boringly. Suddenly, he whispered to remind Liu Jianghai to pay attention: the woman was freeing a hand, tickling around the waist, and thin fingers were playing The strings linger like a string. The driver and Liu Jianghai whispered to each other, started the pickup, and backed away. A miracle appeared, and the woman stood up and came close to the front of the car. The car was slow and the car was fast. The scene suddenly became beautiful and joyous. The driver slowly reversed the car and shouted to the audience: Everyone! ——He turned off and got out of the car, and the woman was lying on the ground again, with the same shape as before. Even the position of the arm bag is almost the same.

Everyone laughed. With a smile, Liu Jianghai frowned, it was clear that the woman knew that he was a policeman, but she didn’t converge. The important thing is to see that the more lively people are gathering, the more it is not only blocking traffic, but also having a bad influence. He still has this consciousness, and he must deal with this matter as soon as possible. Liu Jiang pulled the woman’s handbag in front of the sea and asked her: What do you want? This is actually a nonsense. The woman raised her face to see him, and bore her head, obviously not wanting to talk to him. Liu Jianghai motioned to the driver to talk, and the woman decisively raised a finger: 1,000 yuan!

The driver scolded fiercely: go grab it.

The driver really has to drive away. Of course, the woman did not let go, quickly got up, spread her hands in front of the car, left the car left, right the car, like jumping an exaggerated waltz. After all, worrying about the accident, Liu Jianghai appeased the driver not to be impulsive. He had to lean against the woman with the woman and wanted to catch up with her.

After a while, several men and women with big waists flashed in the crowd, coaxing Liu Jianghai and the woman, and the people who followed were advancing like waves, quickly separating them. When Liu Jianghai was outside, he realized that people were aiming at the woman. He suddenly realized that he quickly got into the pickup to remind the driver to drive.

Not far from the car, Liu Jianghai said: Wait a minute.

He jumped out of the car and pulled the fat and handsome sister from the crowd, handed her a hundred dollars, and signaled her to take the opportunity to stuff it with the woman.

Sister Qiao looked at Liu Jianghai in amazement, slapped him away with a slap, pressed her voice and scolded: You are nervous!

Liu Jianghai said: It’s not easy for others, so now …

Sister Qiao almost laughed. She slaps on Jiang Jianghai’s back in anger and ruthlessly, and then scolds: You are nerve! Continue to cooperate with the merchants to hold the female liar and ignore him.

The next day I talked to my colleagues in the institute about touching porcelain. Everyone thinks that a woman is a fool: who does n’t touch porcelain in a big city, but goes to the backcountry and slaps a big place. When the neighborhood spit and drool, she drowned. Everyone praised the people of Fengshui Street for their interest, and could not help but give Liu Jianghai a thumbs up. Liu Jianghai was quite calm after rejoicing. Thinking now is not as good as it used to be. The flow of people is frequent, and there are people in remote areas who touch the porcelain. Maybe there are hidden dangers in public security.

Liu Jianghai ’s worries were not superfluous. Soon a burglary occurred in Lanxi Garden of Fengshui Street, which was quite bizarre. The stolen man was a small foreman who lived on the first floor. The thief must have figured it out correctly, twisting the anti-theft net of his stove, and squeezing it in. It was about the middle of the night at that time, and the foreman’s family slept dead, unaware of it. After dawn, they became more and more afraid, and even the property was too late to check and reported the case. Liu Jianghai and his colleagues came to the scene. They knew that the thief should be thin and small, and he was quite familiar with the residential structure of Lanxi Garden. As soon as everyone met, the institute’s inference about Liu Jianghai was quite positive, and he was asked to explore and explore from the periphery according to his own ideas.

After visiting for a few days, I suddenly remembered that I promised Liu Laohan’s old battery car. Liu Jianghai decided to call Liu Liuhan by the way and go to negotiate with the old battery car. Walking along Fengshui Street, on the side of Qinglongyuan and Lanxiyuan roads, an abandoned mobile workhouse is the residence of old Liu. Liu Jianghai saw the temporary goods yard in front of the house piled up with various cardboards, paper shells, plastic water bottles, and other miscellaneous goods. Things, a one-eyed earth dog was watching the pile of waste, barked a few times, and found that it was Liu Jianghai, so he wagged his tail and whined. Liu Jianghai’s fingers were pistol-shaped, and there was a “slap” in his mouth. The one-eyed dog instantly fell stiffly, making a dead-looking appearance. In the puff of the puppy, Liu Jianghai pushed open the door of Old Liu and shouted: Ruin Liu, take it away! No one answered, thinking I might go out and pick up the scrap. Tattered Liu didn’t have a cell phone, Liu Jianghai had to wait. The one-eyed dog raised a piece of paper in his mouth to please Liu Jianghai, and Yu Yuxuan swaggered his chest in front of Liu Jianghai. The proud look made Liu Jianghai laugh, and he ripped off the paper in his mouth and found It was a remittance certificate … When it was very rare, there were jingling noises outside, and Liu Jianghai stuffed the remittance certificate into the mouth of the one-eyed dog.

Seeing that it was Liu Jianghai, the old man smiled habitually, and was not in a hurry to unload the full bottle of mineral water. He pulled out two bottles of unopened mineral water from the bag of the car faucet and said slowly: Good luck today! The middle school is having a sports meeting, empty bottles everywhere, and the last few female students also gave me a few bottles of water, huh, luck. He handed in mineral water to ask Liu Jianghai to drink. Liu Jianghai took the water, looked at the old man’s burnt black face, and remembered the dog’s mouth’s remittance receipt, his throat was a little tight, but his mouth was not honest: you dead old man The coffin is enough, just want to make a fortune? The old man touched his chin tastefully and said: wherever we can get together, the road is the Long March road, and the water flows long.

The car owner looked at the strange clothes and malnourished figure brought by Liu Jianghai’s old man, and his soft heart almost gave away the used electric tricycle in vain. After the car was handed over, Mr. Liu was crazy to drive Liu Jianghai, and Liu Jianghai was very happy. After riding for a while, Liu Jianghai patted the old man’s back and said: Wait a minute. Liu Jianghai climbed into the driver ’s seat and carried Old Liu back and forth on Fengshui Street, pulling the wind very much, causing everyone to shout at Old Liu: Broken Liu, change the car, do you want to put some fireworks to celebrate celebrate?

The foreman’s theft case was unsolved, but rumors about the stolen goods spread in Qingfin Town. According to the rumors, the specific list of theft is: a laptop computer, three gold chains, a set of expensive cosmetics, thousands of thousands of dollars in cash, the only difference is the number of related items. One of the most bizarre versions also mentioned women’s underwear, and the propaganda said that the foreman wife bought a very sexy lace bikini while traveling in Xinmatai. According to this, the masters of the folk mouth gun judgement concluded that the thief must be a male, and he was a pretty lascivious and quite perverted male. The rumours made the police in the police station very faceless. In short, the police were not able to handle it. A safe side?

The police station is under great pressure. Based on the information obtained through comprehensive interviews, Liu Jianghai confidently suggested that he can go to the school to check, focusing on the second-rate students who are thin and degraded; Internet cafes should also check to see if they have always been rubbing the Internet and suddenly becoming extravagant. Open box to play games. Some people raised an objection on the spot: Losing the home’s anti-theft network is a brutally distorted one. Nowadays students eat well and dry, and they are not capable of doing anything. It is unlikely that half-old children do it. Everyone thinks this remark is not unreasonable.

The trouble is that the theft is progressing slowly, and a new situation has appeared on the other side. Two car owners from Fengshui Street reported the incident and said that the window glass of their small car parked by the road was smashed. At this point, everyone remembered that Liu Jianghai had mentioned that the monitoring should be set up in various communities. If the surveillance video is called, how much can be the starting point for solving the case. It is certainly useless to install only a few monitors to form a network utility. Furthermore, in addition to monitoring in sensitive areas such as schools, kindergartens and major intersections in urban and rural areas, there is really no precedent for installation in open communities. The scene showed that it might be a car theft, and asked the victim what they lost, they could not explain clearly, and there seemed to be no major losses. At this time, Liu Jianghai, who was following, boldly suggested that if the theft was made, could it be merged with the burglary case? He insisted that it might have been a human calf. But he admits that there is another possibility: perhaps not theft, but pure venting of anger or boredom, and pleasure in smashing the car. If it is the latter, the possibility of a half-old child is also great. They are energetic and rebellious, and the hormonal hormones are blaming. Their hands are really owed. The head-to-head analysis led to frequent nodding, and this time everyone decided to follow Liu Jianghai’s thoughts.

When the proprietress Qiao sister called earlier, Liu Jianghaizheng and several colleagues investigated in the middle school. Qiao sister said on the phone: Officer Liu, I do n’t count as an alarm, but you have to take care of this.

Liu Jianghai ridiculed: I am not your private police. You call me during work and you call the police.

Qiao sister said: Don’t be poor. If you are poor again, your broken Liu will be tied up and handed over to your police station.

Everyone may know that Liu Jianghai has some friendships with this lonely old man, and Liu Jianghai is obliged to ruin Liu.

When Liu Jianghai arrived, seeing the tattered Liu Weidun at the table that Qiao Sister had set up earlier, she was uneasy. An unfamiliar young man stood akimbo next to him, as he wore a pair of glasses and looked a little gentle. Seeing Liu Jianghai, a glimmer of light and embarrassment flashed in Liu Liuhan’s eyes. When the young people saw Liu Jianghai wearing a police uniform, he seemed relieved, and he sat down without any annoyance, a posture you looked at. Qiao Ping Ping Pong punished the whole story: the young man was a diner in her shop. When he was eating, his hand stretched out from the side of his back to grab the half bottle he placed on the table mineral water. Of course, the young people stopped, holding the water bottle with a thunderbolt and pulling it, and the young people took the upper hand and seized their private property. I never thought of pulling the mobile phone on the table to the ground due to the excessive inertia and knocked.

The one who grabbed the mineral water bottle with someone was the broken Liu.

Liu Jianghai asked the youth what they wanted to do. The young man showed him the wound where the phone bumped, and there was a gray dent on the black casing.

Liu Jianghai asked: Can it be used normally?

The youth is unambiguous, saying: Of course it works?

Liu Jianghai asked: What else do you want?

The young man was very alert to Liu Jianghai’s tone. He puzzledly opened his eyes and asked: What else can I do? I have a good and intact mobile phone, and it’s bells and whistles. What can I do?

Liu Jianghai also felt that he was talking like that. He was forced to ask questions or slapped a rake, so he calmed down and said softly: I mean, if it can be used, it means that the phone has n’t hurt its bones. The appearance, it ’s not like you rely on Face eating! Just look at it!

The young man thought hard and thought that Liu Jianghai’s words were very useful. Perhaps everyone in the circle has praised his face value. He can’t help but have a little vanity, and his face will not be human again when he is angry. He said: just …

Liu Jianghai said: It’s just stupefied, right? Do you think it is possible for him to pay you a new phone?

With a wave of his hand, Liu Jianghai pointed to the sad old man. Everyone’s eyes gathered on him, making him more at a loss. Liu Jianghai blamed him: You are the same, I guess you think mineral water is not needed, right? But you have to wait for someone to finish it, and if you do n’t finish it, it ’s not waste. I know that it is not easy for you. Whatever you do in the wind and rain is not done by others. We have never looked down upon you. You have made a great contribution to environmental protection. Your major contribution to environmental protection is to make a great contribution for everyone.

Then, Liu Jianghai patted the young man’s shoulder and said affectionately: I can’t imagine our life is full of mountainous garbage and waste!

The young man lifted the frame and wanted to say something, but he was suddenly speechless. Qiao sister took the opportunity to say: don’t say anything, in fact everyone is right, they are good at doing bad things. So, I’m here for breakfast.

The young man stood up ignorantly and went out ignorantly.

Liu Jianghai and other young people walked away before pulling up the broken Liu, and asked: Do you accept the broken or the broken?

Old Liu Liu whispered as he gestured: He sat there, with mineral water at this end, across a long distance, and said: I thought the guests at the previous table discarded it.

Liu Jianghai shook his hand to him, beckoning him to say nothing, help him organize the collected mineral water bottles and put them on the battery car, and told him to ride slowly. The moment the car started, Liu Jianghai said: Wait a minute. He opened a bottle of water in his bag, guzzled, and threw the empty bottle to the old man.

Car smashing and burglary appear to be two unrelated cases. Through investigations into schools and Internet cafes, the burglary case was really done by the boys. The school and the drop-out teamed up to commit the crime. The stolen goods and the rumored cases were inseparable. The twisted security window is also easy to explain. Among them is a very well-developed kid who once won the runner-up in the district ’s shot competition for middle school students. Liu Jianghai’s suggestion played a great role in the detection of this case. When everyone asked him about the depth of the car smashing case, it would mean asking for advice.

Liu Jianghai said: Then squat and control it.

After the glass of the fourth vehicle was smashed, the deployment plan was urgently implemented.

The effect was not obvious at first. Judging from the time and place where the four cars were smashed, it was irregular and random. Moreover, it is still impossible to know the motives of his people, because until the fourth victim, it is still not clear what was lost in the car. Liu Jianghai did not participate in the ambush actions of his colleagues. Everyone refused his request three or five times on the grounds that he could not stay up all night. Liu Jianghai always wanted to do something for the case, think about it, one day he contacted the owners, so that they must remember again what was lost in the car. In his view, the strange thing about this thing is that the car glass has become the focus, which means that everyone’s attention is focused on the appearance of the glass being smashed, and what is hidden under the appearance may be the truth of the matter. The problem is that the smashing of the car’s glass has gradually evolved into a simple event, so even if you wait for the suspect to be caught, it doesn’t make much sense-then the case becomes irresponsible, and the squatting position is close to brutal.

Fortunately, the fourth owner finally remembered something. He said: If you have lost valuables, I really haven’t. I remember clearly that I didn’t even lose half of the good smoke under the seat. Oh, remember, mineral water! There are two bottles of mineral water!

Liu Jianghai excitedly said, “Do you remember this?”

The owner said: Lao, who remembers. It was also a coincidence that I pressed an important document with mineral water that day, and later found the document under the seat, naturally remembering to lose the mineral water.

Looking at Liu Jianghai’s lonely and lonely expression, the owner asked in surprise: Is this also stolen?

For a long time, Liu Jianghai replied quietly: Maybe.

The nightlife of Fengshui Street is not rich at all. After eight o’clock in the evening, the street is empty, and in Liu Jianghai’s words, it is like sweeping with a big broom. The continuous night tour enriched his knowledge of Fengshui Street. From the perspective of night vision, he saw the new and unique Fengshui Street, which is simply a brand new street. He stood quietly at the entrance of a roadway, how hopeful he was just to watch the scenery.

First, a returning car slowly drove past, and the lamp post gave Liu Jianghai’s concealment a sense of spy warfare. After a long time, a pedestrian kicked and traversed across, he looked into the window of the roadside, and Liu Jianghai couldn’t help but the suspicious drunk man finally peeed beside the car, which made Liu Jianghai Sad and disgusted.

After a three-wheel ride, Liu Jianghai took a deep breath, as if his standing still were intense aerobic exercises. He even patted his heart part pretentiously, to show that he was somewhat psychologically stressed.

However, there is a three-wheeler coming in the opposite direction, or-it has turned back.

The people who got out of the car stumbled to the row of cars beside the road and looked around one by one. Liu Jianghai knew that among the vehicles, at least five vehicles in a row were placed with bottled mineral water in advance.

Liu Jianghai lowered his head, and the rough sound in his throat was close to whimpering-that man … The three-wheeler who had already reached through the window slit, no doubt, he wanted mineral water, no, strictly speaking, he wanted Mineral water bottles. The gap in the car window must have narrowed. The man turned around and walked around. When he grabbed a broken brick and approached the car, Liu Jianghai stepped forward and said:

please wait a while……