Stranger’s warmth

In late autumn, the weather is very cold, mixed with bitter cold. The distant east is suffused with fish belly white, slowly rendering to the surroundings, circle after circle.

Pedestrians on the road shrunk their necks, rubbing their hands and hurriedly rushing to the road. There was a constant stream of cars.

“Hey, Mom, I’m fine, don’t worry, okay, hang up first!” I was walking on the road, hearing the words suddenly, and then looked at the sound source.

Turning his head, he found a young man squatting against the wall, holding a mobile phone in his hand, his head drooping slightly. I think he was just talking on the phone. He seemed a little irritable, rubbing his hair from time to time, and seemed decadent, his eyes blurred, looking into the distance, as if he could penetrate everything.

“Come in and work!” Next to the man, a fat middle-aged man with shaved head leaned out half of his body and reminded him. I just noticed that this is a courier company.

The young man stood up slowly, seeming to squat for a long time, he squeezed his legs gently, leaned forward slightly, his thin shoulders gently shrugged, and entered the house.

I don’t know when the sun has risen quietly, its light is refracted everywhere, through the thick clouds, sprinkling all things in the world. At this time, there were more pedestrians on the road, well-dressed white-collar workers, taking a hurried pace, hurried away, the children who were anxious to go to school trot all the way, everything started to get busy. The young man put the goods in a brisk manner, and ran to the streets of the city on three electric wheels, and began a day of running.

As the sun sets, half of the sky is dyed red, and people who work and study for a day are striding toward home with joyful steps. As night fell, everything quieted down. Only the courier company at the street was still busy, and large and small courier packages were scattered on the ground. The people in the house did not leave work at all. Carrying the goods, or sorting the packages, their busyness has not been reduced by the nightfall.

An electric three-wheeler galloped from a distance, parked at the door of the company, and the young man who had gone out in the morning finally came back, with a tired and cold autumn on his face, with a hard day engraved on his face. How much did he go this day? How many people have traveled? How many cargo packages have been moved back and forth? He only knew that he couldn’t stop and had to deliver the package to the customer in time.

Only this time, he seems to be able to take a breath. He leaned gently against the wall and pulled a cigarette lighter out of his pocket. The sound of the lighter seemed particularly clear at night, and the smoke rose slowly from circle to circle.

“Ding Lingling …” The mobile phone rang, and he quickly twisted out his cigarette butts.

“Hello, mom, yes, it’s off work, it’s not cold, don’t worry … well, it’s okay, the work is not hard …” As he said, his mouth slightly raised, and his eyes shone with light.

The phone hung up. In the late autumn night, there were fewer and fewer people on the street, and the parcels in the company were almost sorted out. The workers left the company in twos and threes. Seeing that I was about to pass by during the evening self-study, I stopped for a while. I smiled at him when I passed, and he gently reminded me: “Slow down!” Little brother gives me the warmth. I didn’t know him for a long time, maybe it was just because there was a short intersection for the parcel. For him, I was just a stranger, but he was so kind. Express brother, everyone may be touched by their hard work, but I am touched by their kindness, their beauty, and their love for their family.

A courier company, a young courier brother, a short stay, a simple care, warmed an uneven night.