Night light

The road ahead is very narrow and uneven. He subconsciously slowed down the car.

The headlights were like a sharp sword, thrusting into the darkness ahead.

A young man cyclist suddenly appeared in the beam of lights. He raised his wrist and looked at his watch. The hour hand was already pointing at midnight. He thinks that at this time, it has already passed the time for students to study on their own in the evening. A child who walks alone on a secluded road in the middle of the night is likely to have any wrongdoing attempts.

The sensitivity of his profession alert him.

There was no black fingers reaching out from the window. Although he couldn’t see anything clearly, he knew everything here: on both sides of the road were the ruins of the village in the city.

Somewhere in the dark, there was his home. At the time of demolition, the developer promised to hand over the house five years ago, but no construction has been started yet. Before that, he and his wife were both workers, and later laid off. Later, his wife fell ill and was forced by life. He borrowed a sum of money from East and West to buy a second-hand car, and started the business of secretly soliciting passengers. According to the official statement, it is called illegal operation. He has developed a habit for many years. After collecting the car every night, he has to avoid the road and go back to his rented house after passing this path. Not only cherish the past, but also look forward to the future.

The child was cycling in front, he followed behind, neither fast nor slow, always keeping a safe distance. He can sound his whistle to remind the child to avoid, and then overtake, but he does not intend to do that. A seemingly simple move may lead to complicated consequences: if he whistle, the child is scared and falls, he will blame, and a series of troubles are waiting for him; even at the moment he overtakes , The child will deliberately hit his car, and then fall to the ground to blackmail. It’s not that he thinks of others too badly. It’s this cold, ruthless society that made him desperate, something that he experienced in life that made him cautious.

For example, that time, when he drove a passenger to the country and passed a fork, in order to avoid an oncoming car, he hit a tricycle on the roadside. The owner of the tricycle was injured and asked if he called the police or was private. He gave the injured a large sum of money. The particularity of his profession determines that he must resolve it privately. It was not until later that when the police found him to understand the situation because of a series of frauds, did he wake up to the seemingly ordinary traffic accident. His coincidence was actually a scam and a trap set by others.

The child was walking in the front, he was following, and the tense nerves guarded against the dangers that might have occurred. He secretly turned on the camera function of the phone. In the unlikely event of an accident, the audio and video stored on the phone will be the testimony to protect him.

This road is not too long, and it soon reached the end. The end point is a wide road. A dangling heart just fell, but the child in front suddenly stopped. The child set a bicycle in the middle of the road and walked towards him.

He tightened his loose nerve again.

He also got out of the car, aimed the phone camera at the child, and pressed the “start” button.

The child stood at a distance of three or five meters from him, bent down, and bowed deeply to him. The child said, “Uncle, thank you for lighting the way for me …”

For a moment, just at that moment, his brain was formatted. He did not know when the child left, or when his eyes were filled with tears. He looked up at the sky, holding back his tears.

He saw a few stars in the sky, blinking and blinking, although faint, but warmed the entire night sky.