I always think that the details are the most touching, although sometimes it is an instant, a point, but it will inadvertently touch my heartstrings. All year round, I am always impressed by the details.

Jingzhe is the detail hidden in the spring mud. A soft spring thunder, a sticky and sweet spring rain, all poured into the spring mud, so the spring mud began to wake up, starting from a bug, struggling to open the last piece of fresh and full of soil, a little soft and faint sunlight , Flowed down naturally, from the crack of the cloud, to its eyelashes. What caught his eye? A flower of sorrel that is about to bloom? A fluffy tender grass? Or is it a dappled volute that is empty and transparent? I don’t know what a worm’s compound eyes can see, but it’s astonishing. It just fell on a stone and stared at it. It was no bigger than a thumb. It was well hidden in the lawn, but I was inadvertently glanced at-how lucky I was to hit the details of this spring mud.

The starry sky is a detail of the summer night. From Xi’an to Alxa, the summer heat and dullness seems to have not changed at all, but by night, you will be happy to discover those beautiful moments. Alashan ’s night is quiet, unlike the intense heat and irritability of the day, its night brings more peace and tranquility. The air is clear and pure, the stars are dotted in the dark blue night sky, you see, Jupiter, Big Dipper, Centauri … everything is too romantic, let summer night fade its sultry coat, leaving pure and beautiful-how I am Fortunately, stare at the details of this starry sky.

Osmanthus is a detail that blooms among autumn leaves. Yiye Zhiqiu, people are keen to pick up golden ginkgo and red maple leaves-no one sees the petite rice-like osmanthus after autumn leaves? So small, a few points, hidden in the dark green leaves, no wonder nobody looked at her a few times, but she opened herself, brewing herself a little bit, into the cool bitter air of autumn, so people breathe, maybe by themselves I didn’t feel it, but my lungs felt that the moisturizing and gentleness of the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance slowly went in-how happy I am, and appreciate the details of this autumn leaf.

Cat tracks are details that grow in winter and snow. The night before the heavy snow, I got up early and went out. On the winter snow thick as a quilt, a plum blossom bloomed, elegant and temperament. The author turned his head and glanced at me, his eyes were ice and clear blue, and the hair was white with no impurities. As soon as he lifted his eyelids, he turned around, and a long “meow” sounded, and he jumped a few steps into the unknown, which only A few plum blossoms on the snow record cat traces-how lucky I was to find the details in this winter snow.

I am greedy for the natural scenery, the breeze and the moon are floating in the greenery; I am greedy for the world, and the absurdity is funny. I long for details, and every detail shines on my heart like a little sun, making me feel that life is enveloped by that wonderful detail.

The beauty of details!

Quiet night thinking

A very normal night. Deep sky, cool night breeze.

Blocks of residential buildings were engulfed in black, and the sharp corners of the buildings were hidden in the dark night, leaving only a few lights, scattered scattered in a corner of the city. The dim light, there is a little sense of dangling. Closer to the window, a few points of faint light flashed through the TV could be seen vaguely, and the window next to him looked down like I did. There is a family of business, quietly separated by a wall.

The pen in his hand stopped and landed on the book after a few rounds of fingertips. Open the window and the refreshing summer breeze blows in. If the wind is colored, then the wind at the moment is clear blue, light and soft, blowing through the hair of the person; it is the kind of blue that is a little melancholy, but it is clear like a pool of spring water, like the eyes of a girl , Makes your heart happy, can’t help but revel in this breeze night.

Listen, the wind blows the laughter and laughter of the children downstairs, so that they can admire their comfortable life without worrying about their achievements or thinking about how to live for others. Even if you accidentally touched each other’s head during the fight, there was no need for any language explanation, and the moment was reconciled, the laughter was still there. The night was heavy, but there were not many small red fruits that were as young as a string of pearls on the branches, shining a pure and shiny heart.

This summer’s wind touched every inch of my skin. It was soft, but a little aggressive, and wrapped around me. I raised my face and looked directly at the sky, and immediately closed my eyes, so that the rich black sucked me in, the chaos in my head, all the stars. Close the window and feel lonely.

On the balcony, my shadow and I stared at the pale lonely lamp. A pot of chrysanthemums at the feet, a few golden points, reveals the chrysanthemum tea. It was the shadow that opened first, the soft voice, without any modification, not good, but inexplicably comfortable. The shadow understands me, it knows that I like to hum one or two songs at night, the song is blown into pieces, and the wind is scattered in every corner of the city.

For a moment, time was still.

The night sky became very low.

The heart sank. Quiet as if to stop beating. No, there is only beating, and there is only one firm beating between heaven and earth. I feel that life is like a wilderness, so it is open to the world, waiting for the baptism of years. The sleepless nature greeted me, spreading its huge wings, like a tolerant and kind bird, holding me in my arms.

In this way, unconsciously, it was dawn.