There are three commandments

“Sun Tzu’s Art of War” says that there are three precepts for those who succeed: no greed, no anger, no rush.

“Greedy is more uncle, anger is more difficult, and anxiety is more troublesome.” Means: the more greed will be lost; the anger will be more difficult; the irritability will fall.

The avenue is simple, and it is universal.

1. If you do n’t know how to restrain desire, you will be swallowed by desire

There is a colleague who once said “to make the best shoes in the industry”, but within three years, he broke his own reputation.

The team he leads is strong, and both style development and production technology are top-notch in the industry. At first, his factory took some small orders, and every pair of shoes came out as exquisite as works of art, so the factory accumulated a good number of customers.

However, after the small orders gradually grew into large orders, the boss had no original intention to be the “best” and started to cut corners to refill the second order. Later, several large customers returned goods, and the factory has since collapsed.

Many major events have been defeated by the word “greed”.

Desire is human nature, but if the desire is too much, it becomes greed, which will influence people’s judgment on the interests, and will not be alert enough in the face of crises; it will also make people walk and forget what they started for.

Little greed, greed greed. Only by being strict with oneself can one reach the peak.

A writer I like once said: Most of the people who make money are not making money. Instead, those who are serious about doing things make money by the way.

People with high goals should restrain their greed. No matter how far you go, you do n’t forget your original intentions before you can go where you want.

2. If you do n’t know how to handle emotions, you will be controlled by emotions

A boy I know doesn’t last long in every job. Every time I have a conflict with a colleague or a boss, if I feel a little unhappy, I change jobs.

He once said proudly: “No one can control me, even the boss, makes me uncomfortable. I still pat the table and walk away.”

He felt that this was freedom, but the direct result of this freedom was: always wandering at the grassroots level and doing some simple work.

People who are too moody can hardly win the trust of others. Because they are easy to be influenced by their emotions, maybe they are in a good mood today, they are more active, and tomorrow they are in a bad mood.

Adults who step into the society should be responsible for their actions and advance in self-discipline. One of the greatest signs of a person’s maturity is that they have strong enough emotional management skills.

Where does bad temper come from? It is nothing but dissatisfaction with the status quo. It is nothing more than a gap between ideal and reality, which is irreversible. People who are led by their emotions tend to lose their reason when they are manic and lose their fighting spirit when they are depressed. They can neither see the obstacles to growth nor the light of progress. The more ambitious you are, the more you need to cultivate an ordinary heart.

3. If you do n’t know how to endure for success, you must endure failure

Not long ago, a friend’s company fired an intern.

The intern came to the company less than two months ago, and made five suggestions with friends, and it was related to the general direction, such as customer choices, personnel and performance rectification, and so on.

I’m a little strange, don’t startups welcome people with ideas, why would such a positive person not be seen?

As soon as my friend explained, I understood.

It turned out that the intern did not have in-depth knowledge of the company, and the suggestions put forward were either in vain and unable to land; or it was contrary to the company’s culture and would hurt the interests of employees. Moreover, he is not interested in his own job, and even the basic process will be wrong.

He is not really positive, just eager to express himself.

Impatience is a taboo on growth. I think about doing big things all day long, and I don’t look down on the little things around me. In the end, I can only do nothing. Every big thing is made up of countless small things. Only those who can do small things superbly, it is possible to do big things perfectly. Achieving achievements is not an overnight thing. The further you go, the higher you climb, the more you must step on every step under your feet.

When our ability does not match our ambitions, the only thing we can do is to accumulate silently and wait patiently.

The Israeli government officially approved the national “blockade” measures proposed by Prime Minister Netanyahu during the Passover festival on the 7th to strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic.

According to the Israeli “Jerusalem Post” reported on the 7th, Passover is a traditional Jewish holiday, similar to the Chinese Spring Festival, Israelis will often reunite with their families, and will hold some celebrations around the place. The evening of the 8th is the time for the Passover dinner this year. Netanyahu said that gatherings are one of the key factors in the spread of the virus, and he called on Israeli families to celebrate the festival separately and only dine with members of the nuclear family. Other restrictions include: restrictions on inter-city travel, prohibition of leaving the area except for the purchase of necessities, and suspension of all public transportation including international flights.

But on the other hand, the Israeli Passover holiday has caused trouble for the Palestinian government’s epidemic prevention. On the eve of the holiday, a large number of Palestinians working in Israel returned home. Out of concern that the Israeli epidemic may spread to Palestine, the Palestinian government announced that all people returning from Israel would have to isolate themselves for 14 days.

As of the morning of the 7th, Israel had cumulatively diagnosed 9,006 cases of new coronary pneumonia. The Israeli health department said that one-third of all confirmed cases came from Jerusalem and the western city of Benebelak, most of which were concentrated in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities.