“Frightening” food at the village fish restaurant

As soon as the transportation is convenient, the city is like the besieged city described by Qian Zhongshu. When there is leisure, people want to run into the countryside. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the rural ecological environment, the village has also become a place that people in the city yearn for. As a result, there were many people coming, next to the national road and the provincial road. As long as the car could enter, all the “red lanterns hung high”, and a variety of rural “farmhouses” were established.

Therefore, going to the rural “farmhouse” on the weekend to breathe in the fresh air and eat a meal of non-polluting rural farmhouse has become a new way of leisure for people who have lived in cities for a long time.

Rural “farm music”, Leshan and Leshui, although each has its own music, more of it is still eating. Whether it is a local vegetable restaurant in the mountains or a fish and seafood restaurant by the water, watching the seasonal vegetables are freshly picked and washed, fresh chicken, duck, fish meat is freshly prepared, and the old vegetables, pickles, dried vegetables, etc. enjoyed by farmers are taken out for hospitality It makes people feel that eating is particularly reassuring and comfortable. Sometimes, you can even eat some of the rare things you usually eat in the city! For example, sturgeon!

Of course, to eat sturgeon, you have to go to the riverside reservoir area where there are sturgeon breeding! To the layman, all sturgeons look the same as the “Chinese sturgeon” seen in the picture. Everyone knows that Chinese sturgeon is China’s first-level protected wild animal. It is known as “the giant panda in the water.” It is illegal to eat it! Do n’t talk about eating, catching is not allowed! Therefore, whenever someone came to the fish and fish restaurant in the rural reservoir area to order food, the boss often asked the guest to jump when he said there was a sturgeon. He could not help but lower his tone and asked gently: “Eat sturgeon.” Not breaking the law? “As a result, the boss smiled and said that the sturgeons here are all artificially propagated and fed by hybrid sturgeons such as Russian sturgeon and Da sturgeon, which are not used to protect animals. “Although eat it with confidence. Of course, eating “Chinese sturgeon” is a crime! At the end, I was afraid that the guests would n’t believe me, and even pointed to the wall intentionally, saying that we were all certified! Who dares to get the real “Chinese sturgeon” to eat? Even if the guests have the courage to get it, we dare not do it when we open the fish restaurant! The guests were still feeling palpitations, and the boss played a loud “haha” on the side.

Sturgeon, also commonly known as sturgeon, is the largest fish in freshwater fish. It is said that adult sturgeon can be more than four meters long and weigh nearly a kilo. In the past, people on the edge of the Yangtze River often called someone a special big gain and benefit for a while. They jokingly called “catch the big fish”, which shows its weight in people’s minds. Because of its special physiological structure, the whole body has no thorns and no scales, and only a small amount of hard bones and a row of beautiful bone plates and cartilage vertebrae on the back, two sides of the body and the abdomen support the huge body, and the meat is thick and soft, and the meat and bones are edible. Not only is it delicious, but it is also not lost when you eat it, so it is very popular.

People in the countryside will never eat sturgeon like a big hotel in the city. They are always steamed and braised. They are always accustomed to using the familiar set of home-cooked dishes of farmers. Hot Pot!

Order a sturgeon of a moderate size, slaughter and remove the bone, chop the head to remove bones, and then slice. The fish is used to make home-made hot pot, and the skull is used to make light hot pot.

I do n’t know whether it ’s because people think that the sturgeon ’s fishy smell is too heavy, and they want to cover it with waxy incense, or because everyone has learned something from the good taste of bacon stewed eel. Anyway, the country ’s home-made sturgeon hot pot Most of them like to add more or less fat or lean bacon. First slice the bacon into the pan and fry the oil, and then come to the pan to fry it quickly. After the fish is fried with fat, a large spoonful of homemade tempeh is added, sprinkled with ginger, garlic, pepper, and other condiments. It is sautéed again, and the fish is turned upright, and then added with soup stew. After the soup was boiled and boiled a few times, there was a hint of waxy fragrance in the fish aroma, and the room immediately became very fragrant. Wait until the pot starts, then add a few pieces of red or green peppers and garlic coriander, yellow fish soup, white fish meat, green and red seasonings, matching each other, not only delicious, but also particularly eye-catching.

Compared with other fish, the fish meat of sturgeon is very firm, so it won’t be scattered when it is cooked in a hot pot. Even if it is trembling on the chopsticks, you don’t have to worry about it breaking, but it tastes more stewed. The thicker and thicker, the longer the stew. Regardless of the age of men, women, and children, you do n’t need to pay attention to removing bones, and you do n’t need to pay attention to spitting, you can open your belly and enjoy yourself.

The sturgeon light hot pot is made of fish head, fish tail, and fish bone. Except for the hard bone of the fish head, the rest are all cartilage, which is rich in a lot of collagen, just need to prepare Add water to the seasoning and simmer it for a long time to serve. Not only is the soup white and delicious, but the fish bone is soft and flexible. When you eat it, it is hard or hard. It makes people feel that it has a different flavor and is very chewy.

——It is said that the head and bones of this sturgeon, if simmered uncontrollably for a long time, will eventually melt into a pot of soup. Therefore, it is very important to master the stagnant hot pot of sturgeon. It is necessary to let the fish head and bone simmer in a semi-melted state, and not let it melt too hard and lose the trace of the fish bone. Only the thick soup and bones are just right!

Information shows that sturgeon is not only delicious, but also nutritious and rich in eight amino acids necessary for human body. It has a good effect on softening cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, promoting brain development, improving IQ, and preventing senile dementia. Cartilage and bone marrow contain anti-cancer factors and a large amount of collagen, and can even be eaten directly. They have anti-cancer and beauty effects. They are known as “shark fin, sturgeon bone”. Long-term consumption of sturgeon meat has a significant effect on long-lasting low back pain, stomach problems and hair loss. Even the “Compendium of Materia Medica” also records: “The liver treats scabies, its flesh is tonic and qi, bloody, its nasal flesh is used to make up for its deficiency, and its seeds are like adzuki beans, and it eats bodybuilding, kills intra-abdominal bugs. “” It can be seen that the sturgeon is full of treasure all over the body!

Take a bite of long-tasting sturgeon meat, and then drink a savory scent of sturgeon soup, the taste is to say how beautiful it is!