Signature Merry

There are two kinds of people, signatures are more important to them than life, one is a star, the other is a calligrapher-

First explain the stars. Because when the stars go on the red carpet, the young lady must hand over a signature pen and let them sign on a large board. If the word is like “crab crawling”, it doesn’t fit into the beautiful outer table. There are too many occasions requiring star signatures, such as the Huabiao Award, Hundred Flowers Award, Golden Statue Award, Golden Rooster Award, and the anniversary of the establishment of a certain unit. One or two hundred celebrities swarmed together, and the signature pen was not signed. until.

What I admire most is Liu Xiang ’s signature, lap by lap, like his hurdles on the runway; and Gu Tianle ’s signature, like a spring, round by round, he must want to prove that he is resilient Zhao Liying signed the three characters, how they look like the words “Happy Birthday”, showing her unique edge calligraphy skills; how can Yang Liping’s signature check out two fence walls? Maybe she saw someone dreaming about her private villa near Lugu Lake? Deng Lun ’s signature is like a thumb; Chen Baoguo ’s signature is three words, and the more dim the back, the “Chen” can still be recognized. When the word “Bao” is chaotic, it looks like a “fixed” word, and the third The word “national” is like a “mountain”; Lu Han’s two words are treated like “Tang album”; Li Yugang’s three characters are even checked out of the left and right arms, probably like the drunken lady … Star Most of our signatures are ingenious, but they seem to have nothing to do with artistry, so they are mysterious.

What I admire most is the kind of self-confidence that Trump has for his signature. Every time he signs, he must put up a file and let the TV camera scan. In fact, his signature is like an electrocardiogram, and it can’t be better to show it to the doctor.

Many celebrities have not studied in colleges and universities, nor have they practiced calligraphy in elementary school, asking them to sign “Dao” to make it difficult. For example, Lang Ping, Na Ying, Liu Kaiwei, Wang Yang … all have self-knowledge. The signed names are quite satisfactory and honest. The signatures of Tong Lei, Wang Liqin, and Fang Zuming are also in the second and third grades of elementary school. Liu Xiaoqing read only two or three years of books, and went out early as a “Red Guard”, but her signature is not at the level of the second or third grade. It has a look and feel. The word “Qing” is also signed in traditional characters, so many strokes , She worked hard.

The signature of celebrities is beautiful. There is a trick: we occasionally see a stall specially designed to help people design signatures on the roadside, and design a two or thirty yuan. The comers need dragons and phoenixes to dance, those who want to be ridiculous, and those that can’t be understood by people can do it; if they want regular script, they need Wei Bei to be crazy, and they can also design. The urban management wanted to grasp the “designer”, but he only had a pen and a few pieces of paper on him, and he confiscated it all without committing any crime.

It is common for celebrities to design signatures on the side of the road or on the Internet, and then follow the symbols; celebrities do not practice calligraphy, but only practice names of two or three characters. This kind of thing is certainly very common. If you ask them to write one-line or five-line characters, such as “Say hello to the readers of” Shanghai Caifeng “magazine, then you have to show your feet.

It is said that since the introduction of computers in the world in the 1990s, people have been keen to type and not write large letters. In those years, those who wrote well could not afford a computer; while fathers had money to buy computers for their sons and daughters, the children’s words were a mess.

Stars such as Lao Xu, Chen Daoming, Liu Zifeng, Tang Guoqiang, and Zhang Tielin all wished the fans would ask them to sign their signatures every day. Finally, they had a place in addition to their appearance. Why didn’t they look like chicken blood? All of them have practiced calligraphy well, and the brush characters are handy.

In fact, people’s names and signatures are nothing more than symbols. They can be signed as much as they like. They can be signed like a pile of straw, they can be signed like loose shoelaces, they can be signed like ghost symbols, and you can listen. If the truth behind the story is revealed, the stars may be sad: when they go on the red carpet, the lady will hand over a signature pen, and the star will sign a signature. As soon as the party is over, do you think someone will collect the signature board? Do not. I have seen a large signature board in the back door of an advertising company. The wind and rain, mottled and mottled, who wants? The young guy of the advertising company laughed at the star: they all stepped on the board!

Let’s talk about the painter.

The calligrapher ’s characters must be good, and need not be said much, and a Chinese painter must also have good characters, and must achieve “three good”: good painting, good stamps, and good characters. Many square aunts who studied Chinese painting at Geriatrics University painted for three months, and a pretty decent Chinese painting was painted. However, when it was the aunt’s turn to raise the brush to pay off, the hairy crab immediately crawled out. So, can’t Aunt learn another three months to practice the brush characters? The problem of “promotion” is that calligraphy can’t be practiced in three months, even in three years. Aunts still have to go back to cooking and cooking, they also have to dance square dances, and they have to take grandchildren to lead grandchildren. How can there be so much time?

I suggest aunts not to paint Chinese paintings, it is better to change to oil painting. After the oil painting is finished, there is no need to sign. What kind of “He Cuihua” and what is “Sun Lingdi”? Just sign a few English letters. You can’t see that the foundation is solid or not. For example, Huang Azhong, just sign “HAZ”.

The brush characters of the older generation of Chinese painters are all exactly the same. I recently read a report letter from a painter of a certain country in a museum. Although it was to expose Liu Haisu’s “bad track”, the word was also written loudly!

The most collected signatures in Shanghai belong to Cao Zhengwen (Mi Shu). He has 4,800 signatures, and these more than 4,000 copies are all given to Cao Zhengwen by the author, and they are all placed in his Suzhou signature showroom. , It’s spectacular.

I once gave Cao Wenwen a copy of “Humor Express”, but I didn’t expect him to return my book by courier for 12 yuan, and then called to ask me to sign it. So I signed and then sent the book to him by courier. It is probably Cao Wenzheng who collected the signatures so seriously. Of course, his collection has the suspicion of “using power for personal gain” because he has been a responsible editor on the “Reading Music” section of “Xinmin Evening News”.

The painter Picasso went out to buy things, what oil, books, meat … and then tore the shopkeeper a check. The shopkeeper took the cheque and kept it as a souvenir, and no one took it to cash, because the cheque had Picasso’s signature-this saved Mr. Bi a lot of expenses.

The writer Mark Twain went to a small hotel to stay, and when he mentioned the pen to sign the passenger register, he found that someone in front of him had signed it like this: “Duke von Butford and his many servants. Mark Twain smiled dumbly, so he signed: Mark Twain and one of his boxes.

Chinese elementary school students have to find their parents ’signatures when they do their homework, proving that the parents care about their children. Sun Li’s son told Deng Chao: Dad, I’m so lucky, I have so many signatures from you and my mother!

Who feels the most about signatures and handwriting? Can you tell from a few strokes who is it? Policemen. When the police want to check your signature and handwriting, most of them are serious. A high township mayor went to the countryside to send condolences, but poor farmers said they never received it. So the police went to check the signature document, and soon found that the signatures of more than ten peasant households used the same pen, with the same color, the same thickness, and the same handwriting. The police told the County Commission for Discipline Inspection that it was the handwriting of Gao Xiangzheng alone, and all the condolences to Kim had “pushed oil”.

In order to sign, I reported a secret. Because the error was not serious, the police did not come to me: One day I went to an old bookstore to search for books, and found a collection of poems by my good friend Tian Yongchang. The title page read: Please correct me. I bought the book and sent it to Tian Yongchang. Laotian said indignantly: Counting XX is my very good friend, he even sold my book. Since then, Tian Yongchang has forged a beam with this and so-and-so-this is the first time I have sold someone. Looking back, how does it matter to me that someone sells their autographed copies? Fuss. Maybe my signature book was also thrown in an old bookstore.

After that, every time I publish a new book, I do n’t sign my name when I give it away. I once sent my new book “Shanghai Crime Scene Investigation” to essayist Zhao Lihong. He immediately called me: Menghou, why didn’t you sign the book? I said: In case you can’t see it, you can also sell it to an old bookstore for a few dollars.

According to a report by the Agence France-Presse on the 6th, the two European countries most affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Italy and Spain, have seen encouraging signs in the anti-epidemic situation. However, the economic impact of the epidemic on the two countries is far-reaching. Therefore, many EU politicians, including leaders of these two countries, called on the EU, especially Germany, to agree to the introduction of the “anti-epidemic version” Marshall Plan and the issuance of the “new crown bond” To help member countries recover their economies.

Agence France-Presse said that the Spanish government announced on the 6th that the country’s cumulative number of confirmed cases was 1,35032, but after the number of deaths reached 950 last Thursday, there have been four consecutive declines, the 5th was 637, the lowest in the past two weeks. value. In addition, the growth rate of newly diagnosed cases in the country is also slowing down, the figure on March 21 was 24.8%, and on the 5th was 3.3%. Shira, a member of the Emergency Coordination Team of the Spanish Ministry of Health, said that more than 40,000 patients have been discharged, accounting for nearly 30% of all confirmed cases. With the death toll and the number of new infections declining, the Spanish government is studying how to gradually relax the country ’s blockade measures, which were previously extended to April 25.

Some Italian data also showed a positive trend. According to Agence France-Presse, Italy had 525 deaths on the 5th, a 23% decrease from the 681 the previous day. This was also the day with the lowest number of deaths except for 427 exceptions on March 19. Italian officials said on the 5th that the number of non-severe patients with new coronary pneumonia received by Quanyi Hospital declined for the first time. The number of severe patients dropped from 3994 on the 4th to 3977 on the 5th, which was the second consecutive decline. Italian health officials said that if this trend is verified in the next few days, Italy will begin to consider relaxing domestic restrictions. Italian media said on the 5th that the country’s Prime Minister Conte is drafting a five-point plan to allow companies to resume work in stages while ensuring “social alienation”. According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 6th, Austria will take the first step of resumption after Easter (April 12), when small retailers, hardware stores and garden shops can reopen.

“Lianhe Zaobao” on the 6th quoted the data analysis of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, saying that the average number of newly diagnosed cases in Spain and other countries has shown a continuous downward trend for 5 days, which shows the previous “social alienation” “closing the city” Such strict prevention and control measures are effective. Although the number of newly confirmed cases in Italy in a single day in the last week is lower than the previous peak, Johns Hopkins University believes that the Italian epidemic situation is still in an upward trend from the overall trend. Agence France-Presse said that Italian Health Minister Speranza said on the 5th that it is too early to lift the blockade in the country. Borelli, head of the Italian Civil Protection Department and Commissioner of the New Crown Virus Emergency Committee, said on the 5th that the death toll is good news, but it cannot be taken lightly.

According to Agence France-Presse’s statistics at 19 pm (Beijing time) on the 6th, the new coronary pneumonia has caused 50215 deaths in Europe. In addition, the economic impact of New Coronary Pneumonia on EU countries will be even more profound. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez published articles in well-known newspapers in Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands in multiple languages ​​on the 5th, saying that if no strong response measures are taken, the epidemic may cause the EU to collapse. He wrote in the “Frankfurt Report” in Germany: “Now is the time for debt commonality”, calling on the European Union to issue “new crown bonds” to help member countries recover their economies. Agence France-Presse said that Prime Minister Conte had also issued a similar appeal on the German media. Some media analysts said that the two issued simultaneous appeals in the German media, mainly because German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the main opponent of the “new crown bond.” According to the German “Photo” reported on the 6th, German Foreign Minister Mas and Finance Minister Schultz expressed on Monday that they support the further development of the “European Stability Mechanism” to provide assistance to relevant countries, rather than issuing “new crown bonds.” However, AFP reported on the 6th that Merkel said that Germany was ready to contribute to the support of the European Union.

European Commission President Feng Delaine and other politicians also called for the formulation of the European version of the Marshall Plan or the issuance of “new crown bonds” to assist member countries. “Frankfurt Report” said that because Germany took the lead in opposing the “new crown bond”, there has recently been an “anti-German wave” in Spain. In a cartoon published in the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, Merkel’s knee was full of money. She patted the money with her hand and said in her mouth: “Money, you better stay at home.”