Museum networking allows traditional culture to “act”

In the spring of the Gengzi year, although museums around the country are temporarily closed, you can also enjoy the fun of visiting museums without leaving home.

Open your mobile phone, download a “5G Wisdom Museum” app, from here you can enter the Hubei Provincial Museum to visit. Take a look at the fine cultural relics, not only the skull fossil of Yunxian No.1, but also the sound of the chime, and the appreciation of the blue and white four-love plum bottle. Look at the blue and white porcelain depicting the story of the characters at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. The four begonias in the middle of the belly are illuminated, with Wang Xizhi’s Ailan, Tao Yuanming’s Aiju, Lin and Jing’ai Meihe, and Zhou Mao’s Ailian. The triangle-shaped auspicious cloud pattern, and the shoulders have phoenixes flying among the branches of peony flowers. It is a precious treasure that combines historical value, artistic value, and cultural relic value … Of course, you can also go to Zenghouyi Exhibition Hall, Chu The cultural museum is a feast for the eyes. In addition to the traditional text and picture descriptions, there are many videos, audio explanations and 3D cultural relics images in this wisdom museum.

More than 2000 online exhibitions are enough for you to browse. These exhibitions include many good exhibitions that you usually want to see but do not have time to see, such as “Looking at the Datang” in the Liaoning Provincial Museum, “The Wall on the Wall-The Art Exhibition of the Murals of the Tombs in the Northwestern Shanxi”, and the Jiangxi Provincial Museum “The Great Discovery-Nanchang Archaeological Achievement Exhibition of the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty” …… In recent years, multimedia displays have been widely used in museum exhibitions, including phantom imaging, real-time human scene synthesis, virtual, laser, 3D dynamic imaging and even High-tech technologies such as VR, AR, and holographic technology have greatly enhanced the technological content of the exhibition. These efforts have also made it possible for some fine exhibitions to be browsed online for a long time. The top ten fine art exhibitions selected by relevant departments every year are remarkable historical classrooms that are worthy of repeated study.

The interconnection between the museum and the Internet makes everything possible. As more and more physical museums are networked and remote, more clustered and virtual museums will appear. As long as there are enough cultural relics data information, it can be made into an online museum platform. The “Museum China”, which is built by the Chinese Cultural Relics Information Consultation Center and gathers more than 1,800 museums across the country, is one such attempt. This nationwide digital museum cluster focuses on the collection resources of district and county-level collection units. These small collection units generally have the practical problems of insufficient display space, low attention to the collection of cultural relics, and lack of communication in the exhibition. They can use the unique advantages of Internet information digitization to minimize cultural disturbance, lowest cost, widest spread, and all-weather, Realize open sharing of resources. Of course, the selection of more than 180,000 pieces of collection information in more than 1,800 museums and the collation of basic information in nearly 1,000 county-level museums are by no means a day. Since October 2012, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage has conducted the first national survey of movable cultural relics in more than four years, the so-called “National Treasure Survey”, covering 31 state-owned museums in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. A very precious cultural relics information library, which provides unlimited possibilities for the “activation” of information storage, research, communication, education, etc. of all cultural relics hidden in unknown corners.

The popularity of the Internet and technical support have greatly expanded the extension of the museum. It can be expected that with the weakening of the function of “museum as a warehouse”, more and more museums will gradually be transformed into a link center, resulting in “artist’s workshop” “historical storage room” and “incubation of cultural and creative products” garden”. At the social level, it continues to exert efforts in serving urban renewal, rural revitalization, and community life. For us, it will become a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and spiritual support for educating people and culture. .

People who love museums used to quote one sentence: either in the museum or on the way to the museum. But now, you can “dating a museum” at any time. The online museum that never ends, accompanies you at any time now, in the future.

The US “New York Post” reported on the 6th that attracted by high salaries, “thousands” of nurses are pouring into New York from other parts of the United States to embark on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. In order to fill the huge gap in New York City’s medical care, New York local hospitals have recruited nurses with high salaries that are two or three times higher than usual, and some American medical personnel also admitted that in addition to the professional ethics of treating illnesses and saving lives, they are also making money The real motivation for going to New York.

The New York Post said that in New York, the epidemic center of the United States, nurses can make a lot of money by coming to work in New York. In order to recruit medical staff, the local hospitals in New York, which are rich in financial resources, have greatly increased their salaries. The salary of nurses can reach up to $ 100 per hour, and their hourly wages were about $ 30. While enjoying a salary of about 2-3 times the usual salary, medical staff also enjoy free hotel accommodation, free car rental, and free meal delivery provided by many companies.

A person in charge of an American labor company claimed that he was assisting the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York University Langone Hospital, and a local hospital in New Jersey to fill 3,000 nurse positions. He told the media that the hospital’s urgent need for medical staff is very urgent, especially the care of the intensive care unit. He contacted some nurses in other parts of the United States to put out the salary of the hospital, and received a positive response from the other party: “I want to support my family, I want my child to go to college, I want to go to New York!” Some medical staff said that they want to go to New York to help patients, which is a moral requirement. “Of course, economic (treatment) is also one of the important reasons.”

The New York Post stated that the epidemic in New York continued to be severe. More than 30,000 patients were diagnosed in New York City alone, and one pneumonia patient died about every 10 minutes. Some exhausted medical staff said “the hospital is like a cruel battlefield.” Previously, some medical personnel in New York also took to the streets to protest against the shortage of medical supplies and manpower. New York State has ordered hospitals to expand their health care positions and temporarily removed restrictive measures for nurses to practice in New York. However, some analysts claim that while New York is vigorously recruiting medical staff at a high salary, it is more important to ensure the safety of these front-line personnel.