Eyelid beat Tibetan crisis

Speaking of eyelid jumping, many people think of the saying “Left eye jump fortune, right eye jump for disaster”. In daily life, many people have the experience of eyelid beating, but the doctor reminds that if the eyelid is often beating but not good, you must be vigilant.

Eyelid jump, may also be sick
Sister Shi from Yunnan’s Yi ethnic group had eyelid beating a few years ago. Her family repeatedly told her to pay attention to safety when riding a bicycle. She originally thought it was not a big problem, and she didn’t care too much. The situation is becoming more and more frequent, and the eyes are constantly beating when eating and talking, and even in the worst case, the eyes cannot be opened. In this way, the eyelids jump tormented her for four years, which seriously affected her normal life and also caused a significant change in her appearance.

Sister Shi realized the seriousness of the problem and hurried to the hospital for treatment. After careful diagnosis by the doctor, this condition of her belongs to facial spasm. The doctor explained that facial muscle spasm is the abnormal excitation of the facial nerve that controls the eyelid muscles, causing part of the orbicularis oculi muscle fibers to contract and tremble in a short time. During the onset, the patient’s eyelids will continue to beat, and in severe cases, it will cause difficulty in opening the eyes, affect the patient’s appearance, and cause harm to the patient’s body and mind.

How to distinguish between physiological and pathological beating of eyelids
Not all eyelids are pathological. Occasional eyelid beating, clinically referred to as physiological eyelid beating, is mostly caused by fatigue, excessive eye use, strong light stimulation, cold, mental stimulation, emotional tension and fear, taking certain drugs, head and face compression, lack of sleep , Excessive smoking and alcohol caused by other factors. Generally, it is an occasional attack, the beating site is not fixed, and the unilateral attack is shorter. The time of an attack is usually only a few seconds to a few minutes, and the frequency of beating is also very irregular.

The degree of physiological eyelid beating is relatively slight, and can recover on its own after the beating. Generally, as long as you pay attention to rest, you can properly apply local massage or hot compress, but you must pay attention to the temperature should not be too high during hot compress to avoid injury to the eyelids.

The pathological eyelid beating is mostly caused by facial muscle spasm, which can be manifested by the continuous beating of the eyelid, which cannot be relieved on its own. The symptoms will gradually increase, and the later will drive the corner of the mouth to twitch, even causing the eyes to be difficult to open and facial paralysis. Severe facial muscle spasm can also cause local muscle dysfunction and affect the appearance. If the eye pulsation or facial convulsions cannot be relieved by themselves for a long time, and there is a tendency to gradually increase, you must go to the hospital in time.

How to stop eyelids from jumping around
Sister Shi ’s facial spasm is caused by the compression of the facial nerve, which requires microvascular decompression surgery. The operation is to separate the blood vessels and nerves that oppress the patient’s nerves and insert a special isolation pad to achieve the therapeutic effect. This treatment method has the characteristics of less trauma, high safety and low recurrence rate, and can retain normal nerve function.

The doctor reminded that if it is mild facial spasm, he can also follow the doctor’s instructions for medication and acupuncture physiotherapy, and can also be treated with botulinum toxin injection in a regular medical institution. No matter what treatment method is used, it must be evaluated by a professional doctor.