Changbai Mountain, encountering vastness and magnificence

Changbai Mountain, known as “the millennium snow is a year of pine, straight to the first peak of the world”, with its magnificent waterfalls, natural hot springs, quiet forests and blue waves like a mirror-like Tianchi, shows its charm and adds a bit of mystery. , Magnificent colors.

〇Hot springs and waterfalls, let the soul linger in the spring
In the spring season, we drove to the foot of Changbai Mountain and happily walked through the long birch forest belt. The sound of flowing water became clearer, and when I looked up, I saw a silvery and white waterfall cascading down from the high mountains, and the water was misty, like thick clouds of smoke. We passed through a hot spring, following the roaring and running water, and finally walked in front of it, only to see it spraying beads and spitting jade, sounded like thunder.

I looked up affectionately. This 68 meters high, like a waterfall flowing down from the sky-the source of the Songhua River, could not help thinking. Songhua River, how broad your mind is, you are flowing through the two provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang magnificently, accommodating the rivers of the Nenjiang, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, and Usuri Rivers along the way, and then pouring into the Tatar Strait of the Okhotsk Sea from Russia .

A painter in the same line said well: “The waterfall is the life of Dajiang, the source of the river, it sings life, and it is itself a tribute to life.”

At this time, drizzle suddenly floated. We left the waterfall and approached a hot spring along the gravel road. The steam in the spring was like thick fog, like light smoke. The service staff here warmly told us that it belongs to oxygen spring, the trace elements are relatively high, and the salinity is as high as 35.5 milliequivalents / liter. The waiter pointed to the red, yellow and green colors of the spring and said: “This is hydrogen sulfide. It coexists with oxygen. It is rare at home and abroad. It can treat arthritis, neuralgia, psoriasis, hypertension, diabetes, and neurasthenia. And gynecological diseases. What ’s more interesting is that the spring water can reach 82 ℃, and it can be cooked after 12 minutes of dropping the egg.

We were very lucky to have such a good hot spring, so we decided to take a dip. In the hot spring water, rub your body with your hands, as smooth as balm.

At night, there is no wind, no rain, and countless stars flash on the vast sky. I think the sky is clear and tomorrow it is time to climb the mountain and watch the big forest.

〇 Between the forest and the mountains, near the mountains and the water is a wonder
The sky was bright, and the glare of the moon shone in the clouds. The painter and I were breathing in the fresh air “greedily” and happily walking into the forests along the Baihe River.

As we looked over, the remnant clouds had disappeared, few morning stars faded away in the clear sky, the pink glow of the east appeared; the virgin forest covering the sky and the sun, thousands of trees competing, and ten thousand trees intertwined, full of rich fragrance The sweet fragrance of the trees; the vast sea of ​​forests, the canopy set against the horizon and the glow of the sun, is particularly enchanting, and it is amazing how amazing nature is.

The painters and I walked into the untouched virgin forest. The forest was dark and silent, with tall pine branches covered with green moss. Suddenly, a tall strange stone appeared in front of me, covered with green moss and a few small trees with thick fists. From a distance, it looked like an exquisite small room, and it looked like a weird beast.

Then, we followed the alpine ski lift, passed through several woods, and climbed to the top of a mountain. In the stacked mountains, the white clouds float around at the feet, Song Tao, Lin Hai, and the vast expanse, boundless. After climbing a few more mountains, he climbed the “Tiger Back” of Changbai Mountain Resort. Here “there is no sunny day, the wind never stops”, the feet are like stepping on a sponge, soft and flexible. This is much better than the green carpet, which is also inlaid with flowers of various colors.

As we were talking, the wind roared, and we were surrounded by white clouds. Looking down on the waterfall I saw yesterday, like a thin long line, I can’t see it flowing, I can’t hear it roar, only a flashing silver line, connecting the valley and the forest. Clouds drifted around, and the waterfall disappeared. This mysterious and dreamlike wonder makes people feel like they are in a fairyland. For the sake of wonder, we climbed the Black Wind. The winds are roaring all year round, and the wind force sometimes reaches level 12. At the Black Wind, suddenly a strong wind blew, and the huge clouds suddenly turned into a plume of blue smoke, and suddenly turned into white clouds, they flew and changed, and then disappeared in the distant sky. Climbing through the black wind mouth, we felt a bit difficult to breathe due to the mountain reaction. We saw the white clouds rolling, and the screaming wind was at our feet. A ray of white cloud flew over the top of my head, all kinds of peculiar peaks, now and now, seemingly illusory and true, adding a bit of deep and mysterious colors. I can’t help but sigh, it is no wonder that the emperors of all generations regarded this place as auspicious spiritual ground.

〇Tianchi and legend, the end of time is innocence
Tianchi is located at the top of Changbai Mountain and on the border between China and North Korea. We climbed to the top of the mountain, came to its side, and were surrounded by thick clouds. Many tourists held the camera and waited for Tianchi to reveal his true appearance. Suddenly, Bai Yun passed by quickly, and when the jade-like and beautiful Tianchi appeared, everyone shouted excitedly. In an instant, the shutter sounded frequently, and everyone hurriedly captured the footage of Xiatianchi. A foreign friend said excitedly in Chinese: “It’s so beautiful! I’m so lucky!”

I saw Chi Bi sparkling that day, sunny and rainy, and endless changes. There are wonders all year round. Because of its great reputation, it attracts tens of thousands of foreign tourists every year. The tour guide introduced the wonderful legend of Tianchi: a long time ago, Tianchi had a fierce fire demon, and a fire was sprayed from the ground once a year to burn down forests, birds and beasts, rural areas, and cottages. In order to surrender the fire demon and save the people, a girl named Rijina, holding a huge ice cube, plunged into the mouth of the fire demon and drilled into its abdomen. Go out. Year after year, the mountain pass where the fire demon burst into flames was filled with rain. To commemorate the girl of Gina, the pool was named Tianchi.

Listening to the story and looking at the wonder, the Tianchi in front of me is more mysterious and magnificent. I heard that watching the sunrise at Tianchi is very spectacular. Every sunny day, the east breaks the dawn, thousands of mountains and turbulent smoke rises, and 16 mountain peaks are looming in the clouds and mist, and there is nothing in the air. In a blink of an eye, the red sun rose slowly, gradually changing from pink to orange, and then bright red again. It jumped violently from the sky and the sea of ​​clouds, sprinkled with dazzling golden light, and reflected 16 magnificent peaks. The waters of Yihong Tianchi ’s water are like mirrors, and the mountains are stacked, reflecting the water, and the sky and water are just like fairyland. It is a pity that today we have no chance to see the magnificent wonders of the sunrise by Tianchi.