The last words

Lying here, I will continue to think

One problem: the night boy and the day girl

Where to kiss and where to separate?

A world that is visible and invisible

Where to explore each other?

Oh my face floating here

The secret garden of two worlds

Even if it is winter all year round, I am not afraid.

I spent a long and comfortable night by the burning fire,

The branches burned off-white, twinkling, like flames

Eyes growing out. The dog is napping at my feet, snore is comfortable,

It does not want to be reincarnated as a chicken or a tired carriage.

I’m reading newspapers on earth, those hypocritical characters and news

Pretending to make me laugh, and burst into tears;

Those bloody, violent and inter-ethnic killings made me sad.

What I miss most is still the old house and the former woman,

Because I love so much, I didn’t take myself seriously when I was alive.

However, I never regretted it.

I burst into tears for not regretting.

Now, the earth is my eternal bride

You drink water to eat food

I taste the sound of passing here

I can also borrow the eyes of God

Overlooking the living beings

Here, my shoulders and knees

Can swap positions at any time

How wonderful!

Since then, my skirt will never be dirty

I chose a musical instrument from Grim Reaper

Mozart helped me tune the strings

Empty Valley Foot Tone:

I have a huge black shoe

I am finally a walking miracle

I have understood and accepted the death invitation

But I cannot bury myself.

Really sorry!

Black walls are like death, white walls are like death

As soon as I leave, I have all the colors

Don’t learn the language of the dead

How can I write good poems?

Human tree raised his arms

Not trying to hug you

The tree in the world just raised its arms

This is not the case here

I am now a

Book with missing page numbers

I learned in this book

The death after death

Is the real death

So please keep quiet

Don’t disturb me for now


It’s snowing, I have a snow coat

It’s raining, I have a raincoat

The wind is blowing, I have a windbreaker

If you bother me

I will wrap myself up

I can twist my body in the dewy body

A lot of good

Only the soul that is doing nothing can be seen

The beard of the fish touched the water grass

My feet are tickling

Fish beard touches my woman

I smile endlessly

I caught up and saw the woman’s profile

Side, side, side

I lay here and saw the side of the dirt

Side, side, side

Our sides hug tightly

Brightly lit underground

The moon is better than the sun

Know more mysterious things

And death is a ticket

I am qualified after I die

The student who makes the moon

You have been humble for so long

Your humility resembles lowliness

You should be proud once

This is the last chance

You should hold the grim reaper

Towards the ideal place

You should be in the body of death

Planting baby seeds

Grim Reaper Brothers

Toss the moon dice

This ancient way

Talking about a woman like me

My brother took a fancy to me

Brother also fell in love with me

They negotiated day and night

Break your wrist in a while

Wrestling will win or lose in a while

I saw this scene on my deathbed

How lucky!

The earth is the biggest tomb

Heavy rain crying human

twenty one
I can’t remember my birthday

My death may be today

-I wish it was today

I am sleepy if I can be like

The old kid fell asleep with his eyes closed

I can become a real child

twenty two
My life is bland

I do n’t quite understand

I just spend every day without thinking

So, I never ask others to think about me

I don’t hate life, just as I don’t hate death

Death is actually a common word

A person is dead, just like this word

Speak oneself

twenty three
I have seen the beauty behind beauty

So, I am curious about the back of death

twenty four
A loved one is dead

A person who is not loved is dead

Grim Reaper gently hugs this unloved person

I love myself

I want to know what the god of death looks like

I want to choose the most handsome death