No broken weather, only broken clothes

Ibsen is a famous Norwegian dramatist. One day, he organized a party with his friends, because after the party the time would be late, they also prepared dinner. A dozen people were expected to participate, but dozens of people came that day, and the food they prepared was far from enough. Although everyone did n’t blame, Ibsen was very guilty, and his friends waved hands again and again, saying, “It ’s blamed that some people did n’t greet in advance, or there would n’t be such an accident.” Ibsen shook his head gently and did n’t speak. .

On the way back, it suddenly snowed. Ibsen stomped and said, “It’s so cold!” Then he cursed the weather deliberately. My friend listened and said, “Although the weather is bad, the main thing is that you wear too little. If you wear more, is n’t it so cold? We ca n’t change the weather, but we can prepare for the cold in advance. Yeah! ”

“This is indeed the case,” Ibsen said, “but why did you just complain that others didn’t say hello? We can’t predict the number of participants, but we can prepare in advance in many ways! The most fundamental reason for today’s situation is that We are not prepared enough. “A friend thought a little and smiled embarrassedly. Every subsequent event, because they are fully prepared, no unexpected situation has occurred.

The Norwegian has an old saying: “There is no weather break, only clothes.” When we complain about the bad weather, it is better to reflect on whether it is our own clothes. If you are fully prepared, you can easily deal with any situation.