Lao Wang is in his sixties and is an alcoholic. Unlike other drunkards, he never gets drunk after drinking, but finds a place to exercise.

Recently, Lao Wang died unexpectedly. After the death of the old king, the soul went to Yincao Difu. As the saying goes: Jiangshan is easy to change, and its nature is difficult to move. Even if Pharaoh reached the hell, he couldn’t change his habit of drinking.

On this day, when Pharaoh drank, he met a wine buddy. The drinker’s surname is He. He Jiuren, as his name implies, is an authentic drunkard. Jiufeng had a thousand cups of confidants, and that night, Pharaoh and He Jiu had a great drink.

When drinking alcohol, bragging is indispensable. The two chatted and talked about how they died. The old king said that one day he was drunk and died in a muddle.

He Jiu said sympathetically: “Compared to you, I’m a ghost.”

Lao Wang came to interest: “How are you dead?”

He Jiu said indignantly: “I was a truck driver before my death. That night, I drank a lot of wine, and I had to sleep a lot. I didn’t promise that the receiver would call me suddenly, saying things had changed. The next morning the goods will be delivered. No way, I can only take the luck to drive the truck on the road. At first, the road was very smooth, but when I reached a village entrance, a hanged ghost suddenly appeared in front of him, and the ghost was facing down, Feet up, under the lights of the car, it seemed very scary. I was terrified, I forgot to turn, hit the street straight, and the car was killed. ”

Suddenly, Pharaoh remembered something and was emotional. He stepped forward and grabbed He Jiu’s collar and scolded: “Wang bastard, it is you!”

He Jiuyi was confused and exclaimed, “You … what are you doing?”

Lao Wang said angrily: “What hangs the ghost? That’s when I finished drinking and practiced a handstand at the village entrance!”